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How To Soften Hard Toenails With Fungus

Take It Slow And Steady


Thick fungal nails have a tendency to crumble, too. If you try to take off too much at once, the fragile nail might split and fracture in various ways you did not intend it to.

Clip only a small part of your nail at a time, starting at one corner and moving straight along the nail. Make sure these clips are relatively straight and uniform to try to avoid any jagged edges that could snag against socks.

Do not round your nails off at the corners, as this can increase the odds of ingrown toenails. Painful, inflamed, and potentially open skin is not something you want next to toenail fungus.

Groom And Soften Hard Fungal Toenails

To groom and soften hard fungal toenails is often very difficult. Many of the symptoms that toenail fungus causes can make this task more difficult than other people who arent infected. Toenail fungus symptoms are usually solely an aesthetic issue, which only causes a difference in how the toenail looks.

However, there are many issues that toenail fungus can cause as well. These tend to be more frustrating to deal with. Many of those with fungal infections struggle with feeling like their nails are too hard or thick to cut. Regular grooming and hygiene of the nail and toe can become severely impacted by these functional changes. The resulting overgrowth of the nail can make the nails aesthetic even worse as the nail grows excessively long.

Signs And Symptoms Of Foot Fungus

Itchy skin is an early sign of foot fungus, or scaly, peeling skin, or tiny blisters on the skin that will pop at times, says Sundling. The skin tends to break out in the shape of a moccasin, or the area of the foot that a moccasin would cover. You dont see foot fungus on the top of the foot very often. Its common to get a fungal infection between the toes as well, she adds.

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How To Cut Toenails

The best way to cut toenails

Cutting your toenails properly is an important step in preventing painful ingrown toenails a condition when nails curve and grow into the skin, which often leads to pain and sometimes to infection.

There are six main components or steps to cutting your toenails properly.

How To Soften Toenails Fast

foot talk: Athlete

There are many ways in which you can soften your toenails and make them look better. But first, you need to know what caused your toenail to be infected in the first place.

A thickened toenail can be a result of ageing, bacterial infection, improper grooming of the feet, but an injury to the toenail and toenail fungus can also be the cause of thick toenails. Once you know what causes the toenail to get thickened, now its time to find out what you can do to soften your toenails making them look attractive again.

You can start treating your toenail with an easy to apply Miracle Toenail Softening Cream. This is one of the most popular softening cream on the market today. It creates a temporary softness that allows you to easily cut off your toenails without cutting the skin which can lead to infection. With a decent rating score on Amazon, you can tell that many people have had positive results using this treatment.

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Tea Tree Essential Oil

Tea tree oil is one of the best essential oils for the cure of discolored, thick brown toenails.

How to use?

  • Add half a teaspoon of tea tree essential oil to a tablespoon each of orange oil and coconut oils to make an oil mixture
  • Massage the thick, discolored toenails for about 15-20 minutes with the oil mixture
  • Rinse your toes with lukewarm water
  • Apply the oil mixture to the toenails in every alternate hour
  • Massage your toenail cuticles with the oil mixture
  • Do this on a daily basis for the natural treatment of thick toenails

Benefits of using tea tree essential oil

The anti-inflammatory properties of the tea tree essential oil are incredibly useful for the natural cure of the different symptoms of thick yellow toenails. It can cure the inflammation, and its analgesic nature is highly beneficial for the alleviation of the pain and swelling of the affected area.

The application of diluted tea tree essential oil improves the flow of blood in the toes and inhibit the swelling and foul odor of the nails as well. The topical application of diluted tea tree essential helps in restoring color to the nails and promotes the growth of healthy nails by the inhibition of the action of the thick toenails fungus.

Tea tree essential is incredibly useful for the natural treatment of the fungal infection of the toenails.


Signs And Symptoms Of A Fungal Nail Infection

A fungal nail infection may not cause any obvious symptoms at first.

As it progresses, the infection can cause:

  • discolouration of the nail it may turn white, black, yellow or green
  • thickening and distortion of the nail it may become an unusual shape or texture and be difficult to trim
  • pain or discomfort particularly when using or placing pressure on the affected toe or finger
  • brittle or crumbly nails pieces may break off and come away completely

Sometimes the skin nearby may also become infected and be itchy and cracked or red and swollen.

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Studies To Support That Copper Socks Have Antifungal Properties

When a number of participants with toenail fungus were already on their medication, a study was conducted to check what role vaseline jelly can play to treat the fungus.

The research proved how 8 out of 10 participants had experienced smoother nail textures and moisturized nails.

They regularly applied vaseline jelly and cleaned it with a mild alcohol-based solution to avoid any residues.

Thus, it is said to be very effective and people trust vaseline for it has great anti-fungal properties too.

About Fungal Nail Infection

How To Soften Thick Toenails

Many people develop a fungal nail infection at some point in their life. It’s not usually serious, but can be unpleasant and difficult to treat.

The infection develops slowly and causes the nail to become discoloured, thickened and distorted.

Toenails are more frequently affected than the fingernails.

The medical name for a fungal nail infection is onychomycosis.

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How To Soften Toenails

Many people try to cut thick toenails and end up breaking them. Instead of chipping away at them using a nail clipper, you should first soften toenails and then cut them carefully. Here is what you can do about it.

  • Start by preparing the tub. You can simply pour a gallon of warm water into the deep basin, bathtub, or dishpan. Mix about 2 ½ tablespoons of salt in it.
  • Soak your feet into the solution for half an hour. You should soak them for more than 30 minutes if your toenails are very thick.
  • Get your feet out of the tub and pat them dry using a soft towel.
  • Take a softening cream and apply it on your toenails. Cut your toenails right away.

Your toenails are likely to become soft after you soak them in the solution, but the treatment may not always work. If soaking and softening cream do not work, you may want to try the following:

Instructions To Soften Hard Fungal Nails

Fill a container with enough warm water to completely cover your feet, and soak your nails for 20-40 minutes. After soaking, try to trim them again. If the nails are still not trimmable, you can try soaking your toes again daily until theyre soft enough to cut. If your nail is particularly thick, you can try buffing off some of the nails thickness with a nail file or nail buffing tool as well.

While soaking the feet is helpful at trimming hard fungal nails, the best thing to do in this situation is to be seen by a licensed nail doctor near you. They will be able to provide effective care for the fungus, and hopefully treat the fungal infection itself once and for all. To learn more about this treatment or schedule a free consultation with a licensed podiatrist, give us a call at 1- 672-0625 or visit our website for more information.

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What Products Softens Toenails

There are creams, paint-on treatments, and ointments that can soften toenails. For home remedies, you can try tea tree oil, VapoRub, white cider vinegar, or apple cider vinegar.

You can find plenty of different options on the market when looking to soften your toenails.

Many grocery stores, department stores, and pharmacies are full of over counter options that can help make your toenails soft again.

For me, I look no further than Amazon.

, for instance, will provide you with a range of different treatment options.

These come in various types, in many different brands, and many have different types of ways to apply them.

One type is cream.

This is normally rubbed into your toenail and usually allowed to rest overnight. You can find them in containers, much like lotion, such as jars, tubes, and similar containers.

Ointments are similar, though usually come in a smaller tube.

There are also liquid treatments that are painted on, much like nail polish.

They come in a small container and will normally include a brush. This makes the application relatively easy and mess-free. Perfect for travel.

Home remedies can work, too.

Tea tree oil and VapoRub can be applied to your toenails to help soften them. White vinegar or apple cider vinegar, when put on a cotton ball, can be dabbed onto your toenails.

This can cause quick softening.

The Best Toenail Softening Cream For Really Thick Nails

How to Soften Toenails

Toenail softeners are designed to penetrate hardened nails. Some are overnight soaking solutions. Others may take up to a week before youre able to see and feel a difference.

While using a toenail softener can give you easier-to-manage toenails, not all products are created equal. Certain creams get better results than others. If you use a cream that doesnt work immediately, continue to use it until you see a noticeable difference. Dont attempt to trim your nails after one application unless they have softened significantly.

Consider these toenail softener reviews a great place to start when seeking out the best solution. First, lets look at how you can prepare your toenails and get faster results.

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Cutting An Infected Toenail

Start by softening your toenails via our instructions above.

Then, you can proceed to cutting.

But do use the right tools: Medical-grade clippers.

Make small cuts, not big ones. Clip carefully, and avoid what causes you too much pain.

Finish by filing. See a doctor if treatments dont work.

Begin by following the instructions we give on softening your toenails.

If nothing else, be sure to soak your feet for ten minutes in a warm Epsom salt bath before beginning.

This softens your nails and allows the clipper to work better.

Be sure that youre starting out with the right clipper. Even normal heavy-duty ones might not do the trick.

Try to get medical-grade clippers, which can do a better job of it.

But, if nothing else, heavy-duty clippers will work.

When cutting, aim for smaller cuts, not big ones. Take off what you can, and worry about evening it out with a file later.

Try to avoid things that cause pain or make you bleed. Dont hurt yourself.

Finally, finish off the process by filing your nails down until there are no jagged bits left.

After that, youre done!

Still, having problems?

If you cant cut your nails because of pain or cant get a fungus or other problem to go away, see your doctor about your concerns.

Are All Petroleum Jelly Products Safe

Though we cant comment on each Petroleum Jelly brands, we can say that the oldest ones are highly recommended. These brands have been researched well.

Since Vaseline is the number one petroleum jelly brand, it is the best in skin healing.

Vaseline is the safest as stated by many studies and research experts. Also, Vaseline is inexpensive yet the most effective petroleum jelly used as a treatment for Toenail Fungus.

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How Should You Apply Vaseline To Toenail Fungus

Toenail fungus needs proper care. Otherwise, the condition could become worse. It could start smelling bad and look unsightly.

Most people with this condition dont feel comfortable exposing their feet. They prefer to leave it in their shoes to avoid embarrassment.

However, toenail fungus treatment varies. Your doctor may approach an individuals toenail fungus differently from the others.

The condition often causes toenails to become yellowish, discolored, hardened, thick, or have in-growth.

Doctors may request you remove the in-growth via a surgical procedure in most cases. They may also administer antifungal medication. Why? The reason is simple. They want to ensure the infection doesnt make its way into your bloodstream, as that would be challenging to treat.

How should you apply Vaseline to your toenail fungus?

Firstly, remember that you can apply Vaseline on your toenails, whether they have fungus infection or not.

To apply the ointment, wash your feet and dry them. Make sure you use a clean cloth or towel.

The next step is to apply Vaseline to the affected finger. You can also apply to other fingers if you wish.

A Handy Tip: If you have a doctor handling your treatment, discuss if you can apply Vaseline on your toenail fungus. Your doctor might be against applying an ointment.

Treatment Option To Get Rid Of Fungus

Trimming of Super Thick Fungal Nails: FULL TREATMENT

Hard and thick toenails usually wont improve permanently without medical intervention. To avoid needing to soak your feet every night for the rest of your life, and improve any aesthetic damage the fungus has caused, you should seek medical attention from a licensed podiatrist. The best treatment for toenail fungus is the PinPointe laser, which is FDA-approved and only requires one session to eliminate all of the fungus! After the laser treatment, a new healthy nail should grow in behind the old damaged one. This new nail should be thin and soft enough to cut. To schedule a consultation with a licensed podiatrist for the PinPointe laser, give us a call at 1- 672-0625 or visit our website for more information.

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By Step Guide To Soften And Cut Toenails

Thickened toenails look quite unsightly, but thankfully, there are ways to make your toenails look better. To soften toenails, you first need to determine exactly what is affecting your toenails in the first place. Thickened toenails may be the result of aging, but an injury to the toenail and toenail fungus can also be the underlying cause of thick toenails. Let’s find out what you can do to soften your toenails to make them look beautiful again.

Dont Fear Asking For Help

Trimming your toenails is a fundamental part of normal hygiene, but complications such as fungal infections can make the task much more difficult. This doesnt even factor in dangers such as diabetes, infections risks, and more.

If you ever have questions about how to best trim your toenailsfungal or notwe are more than happy to offer advice and help. We can also help you take care of fungal infections, ingrown nails, and other problems at the source to avoid further problems down the road.

Contact either of our offices to connect with our staff:

  • Roselle Park 687-5757

Or, if you would like, fill out our online form to contact us electronically.

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Do Fungal Nail Infections Occur On Both Hands & Feet

Fungal nail infections tend to affect toenails far more than fingernails. This is because the feet are more often exposed to the kind of environments and surfaces where this type of infection thrives.

The infection can appear on any part of your nail but usually occurs under the nail plate on the nail bed.

How To Groom And Soften

How to remove the hard shell that forms in the feet step ...

Hard fungal nails will need to be trimmed frequently to maintain a good hygiene level. Extremely long nails from an overgrowth of the toenail can be problematic towards overall health. One problem is that overgrown toenails can harbor bacteria under them that can lead to other infections. Extremely long toenails significantly increase the risk of forming ingrown toenails.

Long toenails break very easily, and broken toenails tend to have jagged, rough edges that tear into the skin of the toe easily. Long toenails can also be personally uncomfortable and push up against the shoe as you walk and stand. Excessively long toenails will absolutely be detrimental to your toe and nail health down the line, so if you cant trim your nails because of a fungal infection you need to find alternatives like softening the nail.

Softening thickened fungal nails is definitely important to be able to trim them. Trimming fungal nails can feel impossible for people to do because of the ways toenail fungus has changed their nails. This is because the symptoms of toenail fungus can directly impact the simplicity of trimming the nails. When nails have become excessively thick, traditional home nail clippers often wont even fit around them.

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How Do Dermatologists Treat A Fungal Nail Infection

Treatment usually begins with your dermatologist trimming your infected nail, cutting back each infected nail to the place where it attaches to your finger or toe. Your dermatologist may also scrape away debris under the nail. This helps get rid of some fungus.

To completely get rid of the infection, most people also need one or more of the following treatments:

Medicine you apply to the nail: If you have a mild infection, a medicine that you apply to your nails may get rid of the infection. This treatment helps keep new fungus out while the nails grow. Fingernails typically grow out in four to six months. Toenails take longer, usually takes 12 to 18 months.

Probably the most difficult part of this treatment is remembering to use it as often as prescribed. Some treatments must be applied every day. Others you apply once a week. To get the best results, its essential that you apply these medicines exactly as directed.

The US Food and Drug Administration has approved the following medicines that you apply to the nail to treat nail fungus:

  • Amorolfine

  • Efinaconazole

  • Tavaborole

Side effects from these medicines are generally mild. Possible side effects include redness and swelling, an ingrown toenail, and stinging or burning when you apply the medicine. In clinical trials, none of these side effects caused patients to stop using the treatment.

The FDA has approved the following systemic medicines to treat nail fungus:

  • Fluconazole

  • Itraconazole

  • Terbinafine


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