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How To Stop Nail Fungus From Spreading

S To Prevent The Spread Of Toenail Fungus

How to Treat Toenail Fungus CORRECTLY | Easy Steps (2021)

Fungal toenails are a contagious infection, so when your spouse or one of your kids comes home with it, it can easily spread to you or other members of your family. No one wants to deal with a family-wide epidemic of unsightly, discolored toenails. To avoid this, you need to take steps to stop the fungus in its tracks and keep it from spreading. Fortunately, with a little effort, you can prevent the spread of fungal infections in your family.

Toenail fungus is caused by a stubborn microorganism that thrives in warm, damp environments. Sweaty feet and toes can be one of the best hosts for the pathogen, and unfortunately, it easily spreads to just about anything it touches. That includes socks, shoes, towels, the shower, your floors, and so on. In a family, that means its easy for one family member with the infection to pass it on to just about everyone else.

Fortunately, some preventative measures can help keep the fungus from getting passed around:

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Home Remedies For Toenail Fungus

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Toenail fungus, also known as onychomycosis or tinea unguium, is a common nail condition affecting millions of people in the United States. Fungal nail infections can develop on the nail from various organisms such as molds, yeasts, and fungi. This usually occurs after these organisms come into contact with a cracked nail or skin surrounding the nail as the opening provides a portal of entry for these organisms.

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How Is A Fungal Nail Infection Treated

It may take time to treat a nail infection. You may need to try several treatments to find one that helps. Even when a treatment works, the nail can get infected again.

Treatment often starts with antifungal medicine.

  • You can try an over-the-counter medicine that comes in a cream, lotion, or nail polish.
  • Your doctor can also prescribe a stronger antifungal medicine that you apply to your nail.
  • Antifungal pills give the best chance of curing a severe nail infection. But they may cost a lot. And they can have serious side effects. You will need to see your doctor for regular testing if you take these pills.
  • If you have a severe nail infection or the infection keeps coming back, your doctor may remove the infected nail.

If you have diabetes or a weak immune system, your doctor may suggest treating the infection, even if it doesn’t bother you.

Touching Your Feet Unnecessarily

Prevent the Spread of Toenail Fungus

In some rare cases, it has been noticed that the toenail fungus also reached the nails of the hands. The main cause for such an unfortunate event is constantly touching the toenails.

If you feel that you have been infected with the toenail fungus, then you should not touch the toenail again and again. It will gradually reach to your fingernails, and you can develop fungus on the fingernails as well.

You should always clean your hands with sanitizer, or wash it with soap once you have touched the toenail.

Sometimes, people think enough to clean their toenails before applying anything, it is not enough. You need to wash your hands, no matter if your toenails are clean, clean toenails does not mean that the fungus is gone. It is still there, and can spread on your other body part.

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Treating Toenail Fungus Medically

How a toenail fungal infection is treated may depend on its severity.

In white superficial onychomycosis, for example, the white patches of fungus that form on the nails can sometimes simply be filed off and an over-the-counter antifungal topical medication can be applied to the nail to kill the fungus.

For infections affecting deeper layers of the nail, over-the-counter topical medications often don’t penetrate the nail deeply enough to kill all of the fungus and prevent the infection from recurring. Repeated applications of the medication or a prescription-strength drug may be necessary.

The symptoms of more severe infections include thickened, discolored toenails that may eventually become painful. In these situations, you should see a podiatrist who can devise a treatment plan that may include these actions:

Debridement The thickened portions of the nail can be debrided, or removed, to reduce pain and allow a topical treatment to penetrate more effectively.

Topical Medication Medications that are applied like nail polish or hand cream are sometimes used to treat nail infections. However, topical medication often fails because it doesn’t move deeply enough into the nail to reach the fungus or users forget to apply it daily for almost a year, as is required.

How To Stop Toenail Fungus From Spreading

Once you discover the signs of toenail fungus, you may be concerned about giving it to people you are close to. Toenail fungus is contagious, and can easily be passed along between people. It is particularly easy for the fungus to spread between people who you often share spaces with, like family members or close friends. The fungus is not only contagious, but difficult to get rid of once caught. It is important to take steps to prevent the spread of toenail fungus immediately once discovered.

The most important thing to do to prevent the spread of toenail fungus is identify objects and areas where the fungus could easily gain access to. This includes socks, nail clippers, and other objects that come in contact with the toes. To stop toenail fungus from spreading from person to person, these objects should be kept hygienic and not shared by multiple people. When tools like nail clippers are shared between a family, the fungus can use the object as a medium to infect other nails. These measures should be taken at all times, even before signs of the fungus are noticed. This way, you can actively stop the spread of toenail fungus at all times, even before you notice your own fungus.

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What Are The Symptoms

Symptoms often develop slowly over time. A nail with a fungal infection may:

  • Turn yellow, white, or brown.
  • Get thicker.
  • Crumble or split and may separate from the skin.

A fungal nail infection usually isn’t painful. But over time, you may be uncomfortable or even have pain when you wear shoes, walk, or stand for a long time. The fungus could also spread to other nails or your skin.

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Doctor Prescribed Ways To Treat Nail Fungus

Fortunately, there several ways to get rid of nail fungus. Most treatments aim to eradicate the causative organism and restore the normal appearance of healthy nails. Treatment options range from self-care remedies, to medications recommended by a general practitioner, to ointments bought over-the-counter without a prescription.

Its important to note that repeat infections are common even with treatment. Whats more, remedies are not all equally effective with some even causing possible side effects.

With that in mind, here are some of the top ways to treat and get rid of nail fungus at home.

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Why Does My Nail Fungus Keep Coming Back

How to Prevent Toenail Fungus from Spreading to Your Family

A fungal infection starts out small enough usually a white or yellow spot appears on your toenail. All too soon, your entire nail is consumed by the fungus and your neighboring nails become infected, too. This leaves you with crumbling and unsightly toenails that youre forced to hide. These types of infections are notoriously difficult to get rid of, but not impossible, especially if you get the right treatment.

At Neuhaus Foot and Ankle, our team of foot health experts knows all too well how difficult it is to fight toenail fungus once it takes hold. Yet, with the right medical care, as well as patience on your part, we can not only prevail in your current battle against toenail fungus, we can prevent it from recurring in the future.

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Toenail Fungus Can Spread From One Person To Another

Its completely true that toenail fungus can spread from one person to another. This may happen to your family members who usually share your items. Toenail fungus is contagious via skin contact with the affected skin and objects. So, avoid touching or sharing personal items with infected people.

Sharing infected items can cause toenail fungus to spread to other people

Keep Clippers To Yourself

If you have been using a certain pair of clippers on your toes, you will very much want to disinfect or replace those as well. How best to do this?

  • Let the clippers soak in boiling water for a few minutes.
  • After removing them , scrub with dish soap and an old toothbrush to clean off any remaining dead skin cells or residues.
  • Rise, then wipe down the clippers with a paper towel soaked in rubbing alcohol.
  • Completely dry the clippers with a paper towel to avoid rusting.

You can also use Barbicide if you happen to have it around.

Now that you have a clean pair of toenail clippers, make sure to use them only on your toenails. They should be the larger kind designed for toenails, too. Sharing clippers runs another risk of fungal infection, and using the same pair of clippers on your fingernails and toenails can run the risk of transferring an infection from your feet to your hands, or vice versa.

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Signs Of Early Toenail Fungus

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Keep Your Foot Fungus From Spreading To Your Partner


In many instances, people dont even realize that they have a fungal nail problem or infection. This is because symptoms can persist for years without pain. For many people, they think that the change in their toenail color is simply a blemish and not a sign for something more serious. A podiatrist in Wesley Chapel, FL such as Drs. George and Kathy Tjamaloukas can evaluate each patient and determine the right course of treatment for their infection.

Foot Fungus Tips

Fungal nails refer to any fungal nail infections occurring on the foot. Since they are resistant and difficult to treat, sometimes multiple treatment options are used before the infection begins to improve. In the worst cases, permanent nail removal may occur. These nail infections also may be accompanied by a yeast or bacterial infection, which can lead to difficulty and/or pain while running or walking.

Perhaps the most important thing regarding fungal infections is preventing them from spreading to the ones we love. After an infection, always wash and dry the feet and apply a nonprescription antifungal cream from your podiatrist in Wesley Chapel to the entire foot before bed. Keep the feet dry at all times and wear dry cotton socks throughout the day. Apply powder to the feet after bathing.

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Protect Your Feet In Public

You can lock down your home against fungus rather easily, but the world is another matter. Fungus thrives in warm, damp, moist environments, and there are plenty of them out there with a lot of foot traffic.

If you are going to high risk areas such as gyms, locker rooms, and public pools, you need to keep your feet protected. A pair of sandals oreven bettershower shoes will provide a good amount of cover in the worst of it.

Of course, wash your feet well after your time in a shower room or pool, and make sure they are fully dry before you put socks and shoes back on.

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See A Dermatologist To Pinpoint The Problem

Foot fungus wont just go away on its own, Dr. Ng says. If you think you have foot or toenail fungus, see your dermatologist, she says. There are several tests that your dermatologist can perform to identify exactly whats going on.

Its important to be aware that there are other diseases which can cause nail changes, she says. For example, we do see things like squamous cell skin cancers in the nail beds and even melanomas, which have a brownish or blackish discoloration.

What Is Nail Fungus

Yellow Toenails

Nail Fungus is a contagious condition that affects both toenails and fingernails. It is visible by spots under the nails and left untreated usually spreads to other nails and even others. However, microscopic organism can invade the nail bed, toes and fingers and the area surrounding it.

Untreated nail can worsen, spread to other nails and skin and to others who come in contact with the fungi. The condition can lead to other health problems, especially if you are a diabetic or have a compromised immune system.

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Wearing Single Pair Of Shoes

If a person will only wear a single pair of shoes all day, both for the indoors and outdoors, then chances are that he might develop the toenail fungus. The reason for it is the exposure to the outside dirt and the already existing spores in the environment.

For example, if he went for a walk in the same shoes, and then wore those shoes for the entire day, you never know when the fungal spores in the park got stuck with his feet.

Another reason is when people take outdoor shoes inside their house, then the richness of toenail fungus increases. As many people have carpeted floors, so if any of their family members would come inside the house with the dirty shoes, then the fungal spores might stay on the carpet.

Now healthy feet will be easily exposed to the fungal spores, this way the chance of getting toenail fungus will increase.

Prevention And Treatment Of Toenail Fungus

Once its taken hold, toenail fungus can be hard to kick. Here are some techniques for the prevention and treatment of toenail fungus.

Anyone who enjoys wearing open-toed sandals in the summer knows how good it feels to have healthy-looking toenails. But good looks arent the only reason to keep your toenails in top shape. Fungal infections of the toenails also known as onychomycosis don’t go away on their own, and if left untreated, the fungus will spread and can eventually destroy the nail.

If you have comprised blood flow, theres even more reason to safeguard your toenails, since youll have trouble healing, says Ami Sheth, a doctor of podiatric medicine in Los Gatos, California, and a spokesperson for the American Podiatric Medical Association. And once you have a wound, you can get fungal skin infections, which can lead to a subsequent bacterial infection if the skin breaks down, notes Dr. Sheth.

However, because toenail fungal infections are typically painless, people are often unaware that they have a problem unless they are inspecting their feet regularly.

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