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Is Laser Toenail Fungus Removal Covered By Insurance

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Nail Fungus? Zap It with New Laser Treatment!

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What Are Treatments For Toenail Fungus

Do you need to treat your nail fungus? Maybe it doesn’t hurt, and the yellow, thick nails don’t bother you.

But nail fungus doesn’t go away by itself. And if you don’t treat it, there’s a chance it could get worse. It could spread to other nails or through your body. It could cause pain when you walk.

There are a number of ways to take care of it, including:

Nonprescription options. You can buy antifungal creams, gels, and nail polish at the store and online without a prescription. You might want to try one of them first if the infection doesn’t look bad. Some people also swear by home remedies like menthol rub, tea tree oil, mouthwash, or snakeroot extract — but studies show mixed results.

Prescription polish and creams. Your foot doctor will likely trim your nail and file away its dead layers. They may also take a piece of your nail and send it to the lab to make sure itâs really a fungus and to find out what type it is.

The doctor might suggest an antifungal drug that you paint on your nails. This may work on its own, or they may suggest you take it with antifungal pills.

Prescription medications. One of several antifungal pills may help. They work, but it may take many months to do the job. They also come with side effects like nausea, vomiting, and headaches. They may cause liver damage too, so your doctor will watch you closely while you take them. Be sure to tell them about any other meds youâre taking — some antifungal pills might not work well with them.

What Is Toe Nail Fungus Laser Treatment Or Laser Genesis

The GenesisPlus is a new laser created for the safe and effective treatment of onychomycosis, or toe nail fungus. Unlike many other treatment options, Genesis targets the fungus directly at the root of the problem. This makes toe nail fungus laser treatment faster, more effective, and less frustrating for patients with long-term problems. Were proud to announce that our Jacksonville nail fungus treatment is one of the most patient-friendly options available.

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How Is Toenail Fungus Treated

Dr. Woodly and Dr. Jackson utilize a cutting edge laser treatment for toenail fungus that heals tissue ailment by injecting billions of photons of invisible laser light deep into the tissues. Human tissue naturally contains protein strands called chromophores, which have the unique ability to absorb laser light energy and transform it into chemical energy. This chemical energy is used by the body to significantly reduce pain and accelerate the healing process naturally. Laser is a safe, painless alternative to the injections in many cases.

Skin Fungus Thigh Eliminating Toenail Fungus With Vaseline And Saran Wrap

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How Is A Fungal Nail Infection Treated

It may take time to treat a nail infection. You may need to try several treatments to find one that helps. Even when a treatment works, the nail can get infected again.

Treatment often starts with antifungal medicine.

  • You can try an over-the-counter medicine that comes in a cream, lotion, or nail polish.
  • Your doctor can also prescribe a stronger antifungal medicine that you apply to your nail.
  • Antifungal pills give the best chance of curing a severe nail infection. But they may cost a lot. And they can have serious side effects. You will need to see your doctor for regular testing if you take these pills.
  • If you have a severe nail infection or the infection keeps coming back, your doctor may remove the infected nail.

If you have diabetes or a weak immune system, your doctor may suggest treating the infection, even if it doesn’t bother you.

How Do You Know If You Have Toenail Fungus

Your best bet is to get your toenails looked at by your trusty podiatrist. If you see any of the signs weve mentioned, just make an appointment for an evaluation. Since the infection will usually spread, youre better safe than sorry.

Detecting it early also improves the chances for the treatment to do its thing and keep it from moving onto other nails or your skin.

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Do I Need More Than One Toenail Fungus Treatment Laser

Depending on the thickness and severity of your toenail fungus, you may need between 1-4 sessions of laser to treat toenail fungus. One session can takes 10 minutes or so. Dr Tina usually recommends a topical products to prevent the fungus from returning, the same way you originally got the fungal nail infection. This helps the toenail fungus treatment become more effective.

Toenails grow at a rate of about 1mm per month therefore, they will not look clear right immediately. Your Podiatrist will clip off the old fungus nail as it grows out. Within 4-6 months you can usually see the clear nail growing out from the cuticle. Usually a year later-fungus free nails!

Will The Nail Fungus Return

What I’ve learned about LASER TREATMENT for TOENAIL FUNGUS.

You will need to stay on the offensive to keep fungus at bay. The same type of infection can return if your toes are exposed to a similar environment, especially any kind of damp, populated area . Medical conditions like diabetes and vascular disease can increase the risk of reinfection.

We will let you know what to watch out for, and help you keep fungus from becoming a recurring problem.

When can I apply nail polish?

Good news you can apply nail polish to hide the fungus as soon as 24 hours after treatment. Simply remove it before your next session.

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When Can I Expect To See Results

You can expect to see some improvement within a few weeks, but it will be a couple of months before you really begin to see permanent results, as full nail regrowth typically happens within six to twelve months.

Following the treatment, it is best that you aim to maintain proper foot hygiene among other additional foot care practices , as this will help prevent the fungus from coming back during the healing.

What Causes Toenail Fungus

Fungus loves the moist dark area under your toenail. The fungus is an organism that tends to feed on dead organic matter, like skin cells. It enters the toenail through a small cut or break and thrives there, in the dark.

Anyone can develop this problem, but its more common as you get older because the body is less able to fight infection. Despite what you might believe, toenail fungus is not a sign of poor hygiene. Its simply a sign that youve had an injury that gave the microorganisms access.

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How Do I Pay For Laser Toenails Fungus Treatments

The Doctors currently offer this procedure on a fee for service basis only. You will have to pay for the procedure at the time of your treatment. Cash, checks, money orders, Visa and Mastercard are accepted.

We recommend an appointment with Dr. Teimouri, DPM prior to treatment to verify the fungus and the benefits of the procedure to you. She can answer all your medical questions and can be reached at with 4 locations. You may also schedule the procedure at Body Beautiful Laser Medi-Spa 12 convenient locations in the Pittsburgh area by calling Go to to see other available laser procedures.

Skin resurfacing lasers have taken the health and beauty industry by storm. Theyre everywhere, and are proving themselves capable of making skin look younger and removing hair, and even assisting in minor surgery. Non-skin medical lasers have even become commonplace in eye surgery.

Lasers produce something called coherent light. What this exactly means is that all of the light is headed in one direction, that it isnt scattered like the light coming from a lightbulb, and this coherent light packs enormous amounts of energy into a very small beam. Industrial lasers are a perfect example, as theyre being used to literally cut steel.

Treatment Covered By Insurance

Laser Nail Fungal Treatment

Toenail laser therapy is the most effective way to eliminate a fungal nail infection. Unfortunately, this procedure is currently not covered by medical insurance since it is considered aesthetic. However, there are ways you can help manage the cost of a laser therapy. Some work places offer a flex spending account as a benefit, so you can set aside money tax-free for medical expenses. You may be able to have your claim costs reimbursed through your FSA under your offices plan. Country Foot Care also offers Care Credit to qualified patients, which gives you 6 months interest-free to pay for laser treatment for fungal nail infection.

If youre tired of looking at unsightly nails, or feeling embarrassed to walk around in open-toed footwear, then let Country Foot Care help you eliminate the infection. To make an appointment with Country Foot Cares experienced and knowledgeable doctors, call our offices or submit a request online by clicking on the MAKE AN APPOINTMENT button at the top of this page.

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Can The Fungus Return Or Not Go Away

  • The fungal infection is expected to improve with just one treatment. Clinical reports to date have been encouraging with most patients noticing significant improvement. As with all medical procedures, a 100% guarantee is not possible. In addition, since fungus is present everywhere in the environment, reinfection may occur. Dr. Penn will recommend preventative strategies to reduce the chance of reinfection. Changing socks and shoes frequently is helpful, as well as controlling perspiration if present.

Is The Treatment Painful

The Lunula Laser is the newest, safest, and most effective clear nail management available for onychomycosis. This is the first and only non-thermal laser to receive FDA clearance for the clear nail management of onychomycosis. Because this is a non-thermal laser, the treatment is completely painless.

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What Are My Options

Successful treatment of fungus of the nail unit may reduce thickness, improve appearance, and make trimming easier. However, treatment is not generally considered medically necessary unless other factors are present such as diabetes, poor circulation, excessive pressure, or lack of normal sensation.

Options include:

  • Not having treatment and living with the condition

  • The use of liquid antifungals such as prescription Penlac which reports a 7% cure rate and 44% improvement rate.

  • The use of prescription oral Lamisil which reports up to a 66% success rate with need for blood tests to monitor for possible liver damage.

  • Laser treatment

Which Laser Therapy Device Is Best

Nail Laser Treatment for Fungal Toenails

We swear by our non-thermal cold laser device in treating toenail fungus in our practice. Its called Lunula Laser and its made by Erchonia. Its the first of its kind and the only non-thermal cold laser device to get FDA market clearance to treat onychomycosis.

This is likely thanks to its three successful clinical trials that ensure safety and effectiveness.

Whats so special about this laser? Besides the fact that its safe and effective, we love that it uses a low-level laser wavelength. Thanks to this type of cold laser, theres no discomfort or searing heat pain during treatment like with some of the other laser devices. The treatment also encompasses your entire foot. It requires no operator, so man-made errors are eliminated unlike with other lasers on the market.

The laser doesnt emit smoke fumes and 89% of patients have a positive response to the treatment.

Also, we love that this device is made in the United States.

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What Toenail Fungus Treatment Is Available

So youre wondering how to treat toenail fungus. Until relatively recently, toenail fungus treatment has been limited to topical anti-fungal creams/nail lacquer and oral medication. Theyve had some success but come with many downsides.

The antifungal cream/lacquer has the lowest success rate. Unless you have mild toenail fungus, it will likely not be able to reach the infection in or under the nail. Prescribed oral medications work better but have medical risks and react with other prescription drugs.

Side effects may include elevated liver enzymes that can lead to liver failure, headaches, stomach discomfort, loss of taste, and lupus-like symptoms.

Both topicals and oral meds require long-term applications and topicals can get quite expensive. Topical antifungals can take up to a year to show results. With oral medication, you may need to take up to a four-month course.

Another treatment option is to have your entire nail surgically removed. This, however, hasnt proven to be successful.

Since these treatments are lacking, people began looking for toenail fungus alternative treatments. Enter laser therapy. Studies show its success in clearing fungal infection and so it was FDA cleared and began to be a top-pick in treating toenail fungus.

What Are The Types Of Laser Treatment For Fungal Nail Infections

Two types of lasers using different types of laser energy are used for the treatment:-

Thermal laser treatment:

  • The laser device emits pulses that easily and effectively penetrate the nail, generating heat at the site of infection beneath the nail plate.
  • CO2 lasers or pinpoint foot laser which uses YAG lasers with a wavelength of 870 nm, 930 nm, or 1320 nm are used to increase the localized temperature.
  • Due to heat, the infected tissue is gasified and decomposed, destroying the fungus causing the infection.
  • The heat from the lasers also has a sterilizing effect, which inhibits fungal growth.
  • The treatment is usually painless, and only a warm sensation is felt at your nail.

Cold laser fungal nail treatment:

  • It uses two low-level light beams produced by a lunula laser, directed simultaneously on the nail to damage the living fungus and help your body clear the infection.
  • The frequency of laser beams does not generate any heat, hence called cold lasers.
  • This treatment is safe, pain-free, and without any side effects.
  • Laser nail treatment has several advantages over topical and oral anti-fungal.

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Laser Treatment For Nail Fungus Did Not Prove Effective

Becker and Bershow reviewed the scientific studies of laser therapy for toenail fungus and found no effective results in randomized, controlled, clinical trials. In addition, the therapy was not painless and recurrence of fungal infection was high.

However, the authors of the literature review acknowledged that reinfection is so common with nail fungus that it is possible that reinfection, not recurrence of the original infection, was responsible for the unpersuasive results.

Another study, published in the Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology, noted that laser treatment did not produce a cure when tested on humans with toenail fungus. The researchers noted that only one kind of laser light was tested. Nevertheless, they stated about their results: In vivo treatment did not result in onychomycosis cure meaning that the testing of laser treatment on human patients did not produce a toenail fungus cure.

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Quick Painless Affordable Safe

Beaver Valley Foot Clinic uses the latest technology, and we are right in your backyard! For Toenails Fungus Treatments Laser and

Treatment of Fungal Nails Pittsburgh, Onychomycosis, chronic pain, plantar warts.

Toenail fungus can be very embarrassing. Fortunately, there is laser treatment available for this condition. Laser treatments for toenail fungus removal were first approved by the Food and Drug Administration back in 2010. Health care professionals at Beaver Valley Foot Clinic can use several types of lasers to remove the toenail fungus. Laser treatments are popular for toenail fungus removal because they destroy and heat the harmful fungi, but they keep the healthy tissue intact.

However, the fungus will die, and the results of this procedure will become more apparent when the new nail grows out. In many cases, people only need to get one treatment before they get the results they want. Some people have to return to Beaver Valley Foot Clinic for a follow-up treatment in order to ensure the fungus is gone.

Laser treatments for toenail fungus removal can typically completed within 15 minutes. There is no drugs or anesthesia required for this treatment. Laser treatment is also painless. Additionally, laser treatment is very safe.

Laser treatment is considered a cosmetic procedure. That is why it is not covered by most health insurance plans. The cost of laser treatment can vary greatly.


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