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Will Tea Tree Oil Help Toenail Fungus

How To Prepare Nails Before Applying Tea Tree Oil

How to Prevent Toenail Fungus with Tea Tree Oil–

Before you use tea tree oil on your nails, it is important to prepare the nails so that the oil can effectively treat the nail fungus. If the nails are not prepared properly, the oil will not get absorbed into the nail bed for its intended effect.

Things You Will Need

  • Fine, medium and coarse nail files
  • Cotton swabs


  • Trim all the edge area of the nail that is heavily affected by the fungus. It is important to remove as much of the infected nail as possible so that the infection does not spread to the healthy parts of the nail.
  • Since it is not easy to cut areas of the nail infected by the fungus sometimes, if there are any areas left, file them down. Use a nail file for this and remove the remaining areas by filing them away. This is done so that as much of the nail infection is removed before treating it with the tea tree oil.
  • After cutting and filing away most of the infected areas of the nail, you need to wash away any of the infection debris that may be left behind. Even if it is not visible to the naked eye, it is still important to not skip this step. To do this, wash the nails with water and a shower gel that is skin-friendly and pH balanced.
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    How To Use Hydrogen Peroxide For Nail Fungus

    Hydrogen peroxide can be used separately to kill toenail fungus or in combination with other active antifungal agents such as vinegar.

    Hydrogen peroxide foot or hand soak

    It is a fact that using hydrogen peroxide for nail fungus is quite effective but how do you go about it? Soaking the affected nail in hydrogen peroxide will increase the oxygen level around the infection which is hostile to nail fungus. This is called oxidate therapy.

    • Get hydrogen peroxide with a concentration level that is not higher than 3% to prevent skin damage
    • Dilute hydrogen peroxide with warm water in a bucket or basin
    • Soak the affected hand or foot in the hydrogen peroxide solution for about half an hour at least once a day
    • Then dry the nails thoroughly

    Prepare Nails Before Applying Tea Tree Oil

    Before you use a product with Tea Tree oil as an ingredient on your nails, it is important to first prepare your nails. Imagine trying to shampoo your hair without first having to wash it it would not work, and neither will using Tea Tree oil on your nails

    Step 1. Trim the areas of your nail which are affected by nail fungus.

    First, you need to remove the areas on your nails that are heavily affected by this fungus. That is if it can be easily removed. Think of this like trimming your nails. You should remove as much of your infected nail as is safely possible.

    Step 2. File down remaining areas of your nail which are affected by nail fungus.

    Once you have used clippers or nail scissors to remove areas of infected nail, you should now use a nail file to remove the last remaining areas which can be safely filed away. The aim is to remove as much of your nail infection as is possible before treating it with Tea Tree oil.

    This helps any treatment you apply after to have maximum effect.

    Step 3. Wash your nails thoroughly to remove affected nail fungus dust.

    Now you are done the cutting and removing infected areas of your nail, it is time to wash away any debris. You might not be able to see it, but it is almost definitely still there. Wash carefully with tepid water and a skin friendly shower gel.

    Step 4. Carefully dry your nails taking care not to irritate them by rubbing vigorously.

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    Best Ways To Treat A Nail Fungus

    Nail fungus can cause thick, discolored nails, and, for some patients, it can even be painful. An Internet search will bring up plenty of ways to treat the condition, but which ones are best? Dermatologist Dr. Christopher Hull discusses what nail fungus actually is, why its so hard to get rid of, and which treatments work best.


    Dr. Hull:

    Findings From Lab Studies

    How to use Tea Tree oil for Toenail Fungus

    A 2013 laboratory study found that tea tree oil is effective in treating the fungus Trichophyton rubrum. This particular fungus commonly affects the toenails and can cause athletes foot.

    The study showed that tea tree oil was significantly more effective at inhibiting the growth of T. rubrum than a placebo.

    However, the researchers experimented using lab-grown T. rubrum cultures and human nail clippings. It is not clear whether tea tree oil would have the same effects on infected nail tissue in humans.

    The researchers also administered the tea tree oil in a nanosuspension. A contains small particles of a drug suspended in water, which makes the drug easier to absorb. It is not clear whether widely available forms of tea tree oil would have the same effects on nail fungus.

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    Applying Tea Tree Oil To Your Nails

    Before you apply 100% tea tree oil anywhere on your body, its best to do a test. Some people have sensitive skin. While its a safe oil, its properties can prove too strong for some when its used on its own. If you have done a patch test and experienced no reaction, you should be safe.

    If you experience minor irritation or want to be safe, create a solution with the tea tree oil. You can still enjoy its benefits by diluting it with a carrier oil. Olive oil and jojoba oil are great neutral carriers. They will also help to add moisture to your nails and the surrounding skin.

    Once you have made a solution of tea tree oil, follow these steps:

  • Pour a few drops of the oil onto the affected nail. Or, soak a cotton ball in the solution and apply to the toenails. Press enough so that the solution comes out and can get into the nail.
  • Scrub the affected nails and surrounding skin with a nail brush or toothbrush. This will ensure that the oil can penetrate the area. Always wash this brush after using, and only use it for this purpose.
  • Let your feet dry off on their own. You can also soak your feet in a tea tree oil solution after applying it. Use 4-5 drops of tea tree oil in water. Or, use a tea tree oil-based system. Whatever you decide to do, make sure to dry off your feet completely afterward.
  • Repeat the application process two times each day. Repeat the clipping/filing process at least once a week, or as needed.
  • Gently Cleanse With Soap And Water

    Cleansing removes any remaining debris that may be left over. It also kills bacteria that may interfere with the antibacterial properties of the oil breaking down the nail fungus. Clean in the area between the toes, and rinse off all traces of soap. Make sure your feet are completely dry after cleansing to stop even further fungal growth.

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    Best For Maximum Strength: Fungi Nail Nail Fungus Treatment With Tea Tree Oil

    We know from years of feedback from readers, amazon sellers, and family and friends what most people want in a convenient and appropriate treatment. The Fungi Nail Nail Fungus Treatment With Tea Tree Oil is exactly that its a simple treatment that hits all the right notes. The fungi nail nail fungus treatment with tea tree oil sheds some pounds, is great for dry nails and it is mess free. Maximum strength medicine tolnaftate 1% cures and prevents fungal infections plus aloe and tea tree oil to restore skin health. The fungi nail antifungal solution kills fungus, soothes itchiness, and repairs skin with a maximum strength anti fungal formula that is deeply penetrating.

    The treatment is very good, is ideal for daily use and it has prevented fungal infections. Above all, the fungi nail nail fungus treatment withtea tree oil is honest and it works with great results.

    Most buyers find that the treatment is the first one that has worked. Moreover, they say that the treatment is always the same thing and gross looking. Moreover, they also found that the treatment has helped reduce the fungus on fingernail.s. Overall, most buyers agree that the treatment suits them best, and no one questions it.

    Top Customer Quotes:

    • This will be heathier and free from fungus.
    • This is used for about 2 months and doesnt work.
    • This is all well and quit using the fungi nail.
    • This is good, however, for cultivating the virtue of patience.

    Tea Tree Oil And Camphor Oil

    Review of Tea Tree Oil for Treatment of Toenail Fungus by Seattle Podiatrist Dr. Larry Huppin

    The combination of tea tree oil and camphor oil is very effective in treating moderate to severe nail fungus infections. This blend shows a strong antifungal effect on the infection which helps to cure it quickly.

    • Mix 4 tablespoons of coconut oil, 3 drops of tea tree oil, and 2 drops of camphor oil.
    • Pour into bottle, close lid, shake vigorously until the ingredients incorporate well.
    • Apply the solution directly on infected finger or toe nail.
    • Repeat the application 4 times in a day. Make sure to shake the bottle before use.

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    Do You Have To Dilute Tea Tree Oil

    Tea tree oil is effective in promoting healthy skin by soothing and healing a wide range of skin issues. Use tea tree oil with a few precautions: Its important to dilute the oil with a carrier oil, such as olive oil, coconut oil, or almond oil. For every 1 to 2 drops of tea tree oil, add 12 drops of a carrier oil.

    Alternatives To Tea Tree Oil For Toenail Fungus

    Blending tea tree oil with other ingredients could be all the boost your treatment requires.

    Emoninail and Funginix are effective natural alternatives that offer a blended treatment in proper therapeutic dosage. Both make an optimal use of tea tree oil for toenail fungus by using of tea tree oil anti-fungal properties along with other ingredients that prevent skin irritation.

    EmoniNail was specifically created to penetrate the nail bed and to eliminate the fungus. This treatment contains the FDA-recognized Undecylenic Acid anti-fungal agent combined with a powerful blend of plant extracts and essential oils. It offers today one of the most effective nail fungus treatment options. Emoninail claims are backed up with a 60-day money back guarantee!

    Funginix is another effective OTC treatment that utilizes both natural antifungals such as tea tree oil and Undecylenic Acid along with additional ingredients such as essential oils, camphor, glycerin, propolis, and many more.

    So, whats the best alternative to tea tree oil for toenail fungus?

    Tea tree oil itself but blended with other ingredients and formulated in therapeutic dosage for effective topical treatment!

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    Best With Great Results: Neomen Nail Fungus Treatment With Tea Tree Oil

    Not everyone likes to purchase treatment for their daily use, but the Neomen Nail Fungus Treatment With Tea Tree Oil would be an anomoly. The neomen nail fungus treatment with tea tree oil has prime shipping and it is crafted with natural ingredients. The Manufacturer says: We value customer satisfaction above all else. In addition, it comes with warranty service, has followed instructions and it works with great results.

    Above all, the neomen nail fungus treatment with tea tree oil is honest, is made for easy application and it is convenient.

    Most customers quickly discovered that the treatment took a very long time to get the nails back to normal though. Further, they also found that the treatment takes a couple months, but itll get there. Moreover, a few say that the solution looks yellow on the brush, however it is clear when applied.

    Top Customer Quotes:

    • It is easy to get inside the nail, especially the toe nail.
    • This is applied directly to the nail & skin immediately surrounding it.
    • This is made with natural ingredients and it is highly recommended.
    • This can repair the nails that have been impacted by fungus.

    How Much Is Tea Tree Oil For Fungus Toenail Tea Tree Oil Foot Soak With Epsom Salt, Helps ...

    tea tree oil for fungus toenail come in a variety of designs and pricing ranges. Its difficult to predict product costs nowadays. You dont know how much something costs because the pricing range is so vast. For example, a pair of pants can range from $20 to $200 depending on where you buy them. Similarly, additional goods like as tea tree oil for fungus toenail.

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    Can You Apply Tea Tree Oil Directly To Toenails

    You probably know that tea tree oil is an incredible natural antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral substance. It also gives great benefits to the body as a natural treatment for common skin ailments like acne, eczema, psoriasis, dandruff, rashes, warts, and other similar conditions. But did you know that you can use tea tree oil on your toenails and feet? Thats right this amazing substance has been used by many people around the world as a great way to treat a whole range of fungal infections.

    Tea tree oil is extracted from the leaves and stems of the Australian tea tree, Melaleuca alternifolia. If youve ever wondered how you can apply this amazing oil directly to toenails or feet, then youre in luck. There are many different ways that you can make sure that youre getting a concentrated version of this essential oil. Most commercially produced essential oils are diluted so much that they no longer have the properties that you need. A concentrated version of this tree oil will be just the same as the oil that you would use in a salve, though it will also have all of the healing benefits that it is known for.

    Tea Tree Oil For Toenail Fungus

    Tea tree oil is unlikely to fully cure a well-established toenail fungus infection, since the infection tends to be based in the nail matrix, or root, underneath the nail fold , Krant says. But prescription drugs for toenail fungus are not always effective. Topical prescription creams and liquids work about 10 to 15 percent of the time when used over many months on true toenail fungus, says Krant.

    Tea tree oil may have a similar rate of effectiveness: A study published in the Journal of Family Practice in 1994 comparing tea tree oil with clotrimazole, a common antifungal medication, found that the two treatments were almost equally successful in treating the condition.

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    How To Cure Toenail Fungus With Tea Tree Oil

    Tea tree oil is a natural essential oil that has a promising effect on fungus. The benefits of tea tree oil are that it has antimicrobial, antifungal, and antibacterial properties.

    Tea tree oil is an option for those who are worried about side effects from traditional medicinal toenail fungus treatment. With tea tree oil usage, the most common side effects are redness, itchiness, and slight stinging where applied, but there are ways to reduce these effects.

    Using tea tree oil with a carrier oil, such as coconut oil – which also has antifungal properties – helps diminish the harshness of the highly concentrated tea tree oil.

    To apply to your toenail fungus, mix a bit of coconut oil with several drops of tea tree oil. Then, rub on your toenail fungus. It’s important not to add to the moisture of your foot, so make sure all oil has been wiped off before putting on any socks, shoes, or tights.

    After applying this mixture, you can see how your skin tolerates tea tree oil. If you seem to be tolerating it well, you can lessen the amount of carrier oil so that you have a more potent effect on your toenail fungus.

    It’s important to note that tea tree oil is not a simple solution and can take several weeks to fully treat toenail fungus. Staying consistent with your application ensures you that, down the line, you can cure toenail fungus.

    How To Apply Tea Tree Oil To Fungal Nail: The Complete Guide

    Tea Tree Oil Toenail Fungus Home Treatment [Doctor Cure!]

    The first step to applying the oil is to ensure that the affected area are well prepared, followed by administering the oil. So how do novice like you go about the preparation? Heres a quick guide that is sure to walk you through.

    You can do this by

  • Taking off all dead nails around using a nail clipper. While at it, be careful so that you dont add to the problem already on the ground. More also, trimming should be done in a well-lighted environment so that you can see through the whole cleaning process.
  • After successfully getting them cut, you can further the healing process by using a filer that has a coarse texture to file away the affected nail. By doing this, youre allowing the oil to have a more significant effect on the nails. Remember the fungus is somewhat in between your nails and the nail bed.
  • Now that youve filed them out, its now time to take those dirts away.
  • You can do this by washing your nails with mild soap alongside with water after which the oil can be administered.

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    Pro Tips:

    Do this each time you want to apply the oil on your nails if youre keen at seeing results within a few months.

    Now that youre done with the cleaning and dressing process, its now time to administer the oil

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