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Can Toe Fungus Make You Sick

What Causes Toenail Fungus

Fungal Nail Infection, Causes, Signs and Symptoms, Diagnosis and Treatment.

It is very unlikely that a few exposures to an unclean environment will cause a fungal infection. Walking barefoot once or twice in a public shower will not generally spread the infection. Similarly, it is also unlikely that a single visit to a pedicurist will cause the infection. Lengthy exposure to a contaminated environment is often required in order to contract the fungal infection although individuals may be more susceptible to fungal infections than others.

Bacterial Infection Of The Nail

The Staphylococcus aureus bacterium is a common cause of bacterial infection of the nail. Typically, the infection first takes hold in the fold of skin at the base of the nail . Without treatment, the infection can worsen, leading to inflammation and pus. It is often associated with candida infection, particularly when it becomes chronic.Activities that predispose a person to a bacterial nail infection include:

  • Having constantly wet hands
  • Overzealous attention to the cuticles
  • Severe nail biting, which can expose underlying tissues to infection
  • Eczema around the fingernails.

What Is Toenail Fungus

Toenail fungus is a widespread fungal infection that affects the toenails. Less commonly, nail fungus infects the fingernails. Nail fungus is also called onychomycosis.

Toenail fungus happens when fungi get between the toenail and the toenail bed . This usually happens through a crack or cut in your toe.

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The Danger Of Waiting To Treat The Fungus

The greatest danger of not treating the foot or toenail fungus is that it can spread to other parts of the body, such as the hands and groin.

If for some reason you cant treat your toenails or your feet right away, at least use an antifungal topical cream on the surrounding skin, Dr. Ng says. That will help keep it from spreading and keep the skin intact.

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Experiencing Nail Fungus In Its Early Stages

Fungal nail infections are becoming a common nail problem, especially if you frequent public bathrooms, gym, saunas, or spas. People often dismiss nail fungus because it generally does not give any discomfort and the first signs are often hard to detect. Brown or black spots and white streaks may signify an infection in your nail. It may later on progress to more evident changes wherein the nail thickens or have a rougher surface. Although not bothersome, leaving a fungal nail infection untreated can make it harder and more frustrating to cure in the end.Total dystrophic onychomycosis, or severe nail fungal infections, is the end-stage of this nail disease. Fungus has started to infect larger portions of the nail causing it to become deformed, brittle, and weak. More often than not, it starts to become painful and even emit some type of foul odor. There is increased possibility for permanent damage to the nail. The infection may also spread to other parts of your body and create more serious illnesses.

Diagnosis And Treatment Of Nail Problems

Any abnormal changes to your nails should be medically investigated. See your doctor for treatment or possible referral to a dermatologist. If the cause of your nail problem is not immediately apparent, your doctor may take nail clippings and scrapings from beneath the nail for laboratory analysis. Fingernail infections usually respond faster to treatment than toenail infections.Depending on the cause, treatment may include:

  • Antibiotics for bacterial infections
  • Antifungal preparations, mainly oral tablets, for fungal infections in the nails
  • Treatment for any contributing skin disease
  • Advice on appropriate nail care.

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Examples Of Fungal Infections

According to the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention , there are approximately 1.5 million different species of fungi on Earth. About 300 are known to make people sick. Fungi live outdoors in soil and on plants and trees. They may also live on indoor surfaces and on human skin. The most well-known types of fungal infections include:

  • Athletes foot
  • Ringworm

The most common types of fungi that cause serious or life threatening infections include:

  • Aspergillus, which causes aspergillosis. It most often affects people with lung disease or a weakened immune system
  • Candida, which causes candidiasis, also called thrush. If it enters the blood system, it is called invasive candidiasis.
  • Histoplasma, which causes histoplasmosis when the spores enter the lungs. The majority of people who inhale the spores will not become ill, but it can cause serious illness, especially among people with a weakened immune system.
  • Pneumocystis jirovecii, which causes pneumocystispneumonia . This fungus generally causes serious illness in people who have impaired immune systems, particularly immune system impairment caused by HIV/AIDS or corticosteroid use.

In 2012, there was an outbreak of fungal meningitis in some parts of the United States. This type of meningitis is not contagious. Contaminated steroid injections in the spine caused it.

What Can Mycosyn Pro Do

How to get rid and prevent toenail fungus?

Mycosyn Pro can reverse and prevent toenail fungus.

Mycosyn Pro can reverse toenail fungus, candida, and various other bacterial infections throughout the body.

In addition, the blend of vitamins minerals and herbs have been proven to improve hair, skin, nails, digestion, and energy levels in thousands of people.

Improved digestion also leads to a better metabolism.

Each capsule is filled with portent herbs, vitamins and minerals that have been proven to destroy fungus, candida, and various other harmful bacteria.

Many of the herbs in Mycosyn Pro originate from India.

They have been used for thousands of years to prevent various fungal and bacterial infections on the toenails, feet and throughout the body.

People suffer for months, years and even decades with toenail fungus and various other fungus throughout the body.

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Nail Fungus May Spread To The Skin And Other Nails

Nail fungal infections are highly contagious, and it is possible that they may spread to other healthy nails surrounding it. Fungus does not only infect nails. It may also result to the contamination of the foots skin. This condition is more commonly known as athletes foot and it makes the skin on your feet red, itchy, and cracked. People who wear heavy footwear and sweaty socks all day are more susceptible to the spread of nail fungal infections to the other areas of the feet.

Toe Or Toenail Injury

If you stub your toe hard, you may drive the nail into the soft tissue surrounding it, which can cause it to become infected.

You can also create problems by trimming your nails too short near the edges, which can allow them to grow down into the fleshy part of your toe.

If you cut your nails so closely that you create a raw spot, this wound can also become infected.

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Fungal Nail Infection Prevention

Itâs a good idea to wash your hands and feet often. Use soap, and make sure you get between your fingers and toes.

Keep your fingernails and toenails short and trimmed straight across.

Wear socks that wick away moisture. If your feet sweat a lot, change your socks once or twice a day, or take off your shoes and let your feet cool when you have the chance.

Use antifungal powder or spray on your feet as well as in your shoes. Throw away old pairs of closed-toe shoes since fungi might be living in them.

If you get manicures at nail salons, visit only the ones that disinfect tools after each client. You can also bring your own file and clippers from home. Ask them not to cut your cuticles, since this can cause tiny breaks in the skin that let germs in.

Donât share towels if someone else in your family has nail fungus. This will pass around the infection.

Precautionary Measures For Toenail Fungus

Podiatrist in Bonita Springs, FL

Take Notice

  • Wear shoes that fit correctly. They should not be too loose or tight around the toes.
  • Clean your nail trimmer before using it.
  • If you have diabetes, follow all foot care recommendations from your healthcare provider.
  • Avoid going barefoot in communal areas such as hotel rooms, showers, public showers, locker rooms, and swimming pools. Most people pick up fungus in these situations. It helps to wear flip-flops in these public areas.
  • If you have a family member with foot fungus or nail fungus, try to use a different shower or wear flip flops in the shower.
  • Do not rush when clipping your nails.
  • Do not tear or rip your toenails on purpose.
  • Keep your feet dry. Make sure to fully dry your feet after a shower
  • Soak feet in warm water before trimming toenails
  • Trim toenails straight across
  • If you get manicures at nail salons, visit only the ones that disinfect tools after each client.

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Why You Should Never Let Toenail Fungus Go Untreated

Have you retired those adorable strappy sandals, even though theyre the perfect complement to your summery outfits? They definitely wont work with whats going on with your toenails so youve had to opt for a closed-toe option. Toenail fungus is definitely not a good look.

There are plenty of home remedies, but they dont seem to work. And nail fungus doesnt just go away on its own. Fortunately, the team at Easton Dermatology Associates can address any nail fungus issue you may have with a diverse menu of treatment options. We customize our approach to your particular infections history and severity.

What Is The Most Effective Treatment For Toenail Fungus

The most effective toenail fungus treatment for you will largely depend on your symptoms and situation. Your provider will consider several factors before recommending a treatment plan thats customized to you.

Overall, oral antifungal medications may offer the most treatment potential. Pairing oral drugs with topical antifungal medication may make treatment more effective.

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How To Fight Candidiasis

How to prevent and treat nail fungus

The best way to treat candidiasis and prevent recurring infections is to address the underlying cause.

The food you eat plays an important role in maintaining the balance of good and bad bacteria in your gut.

Refined sugars, carbs and high-lactose dairy products can encourage Candida and other bad microorganisms to grow .

Eating too many of these foods may promote infection if you have a suppressed immune system.

On the other hand, certain foods have specifically been shown to encourage good bacteria to grow and inhibit the growth of Candida.

The following foods have been shown to help fight Candida infections:

If you require medication, speak to your healthcare provider.

If you require medication, speak to your healthcare provider.

  • an antifungal substance called allicin, which has been shown to act against Candida yeasts in animal and test-tube studies (

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Tight Shoes And Toenail Fungus

Wearing closed-toe shoes, especially those that are narrow in the toe box, can cause trauma to your toenails, which can weaken your nails and make them more susceptible to a toenail fungal infection, Zinkin says. When you have to wear a closed-toe shoe, choose footwear that offers plenty of room for your toes to move without being pinched. Or opt for shoes that allow your feet to breathe. “Any open-toed shoe or flip-flop will allow light and air circulation and will help prevent toenail fungus,” Zinkin says.

What Causes A Nail Fungal Infection

The infection is usually caused by exposure to a fungus. The fungus grows in wet, dark conditions. The fungus grows when your feet are in warm, sweaty environment . It enters your nail through a crack in the nail.

Nail fungal infections happen at any age. They are more common in adults older than 60 years of age. They are common in people who have diabetes or circulation problems. They also are common in people with a weakened immune system. Men are more likely than women to get fungal nail infections.

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Locker Rooms And Toenail Fungus

If you’re a swimmer, you needn’t worry about a chlorinated pool increasing your risk of toenail fungus, but the locker room is another story. Wet, humid areas are prime for breeding for toenail fungal infections. “Swimmers should always wear foot gear in the locker rooms and showers,” Zinkin says. Also, dry your feet thoroughly after swimming and showering and before slipping back into your regular shoes.

About Fungal Nail Infection

Best Toenail Fungus Treatment : Toenail Fungus Treatment, Nail Fungus ...

Many people develop a fungal nail infection at some point in their life. It’s not usually serious, but can be unpleasant and difficult to treat.

The infection develops slowly and causes the nail to become discoloured, thickened and distorted.

Toenails are more frequently affected than the fingernails.

The medical name for a fungal nail infection is onychomycosis.

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Nail Fungus Can Cause Other Forms Of Body Infections

Other body infections are a huge risk when a nail fungal infection is ignored. As mentioned, nail fungal infections may contaminate the surrounding skin. When the skin becomes cracked and open, bacteria can easily enter and create a widespread infection all over your body.

A simple fungal nail infection can lead to cellulitis. This condition produces swollen, red, tender skin and demands immediate treatment with antibiotics. Severe cellulitis can also enter the bloodstream and become life-threatening.

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Signs And Symptoms Of A Fungal Nail Infection

A fungal nail infection may not cause any obvious symptoms at first.

As it progresses, the infection can cause:

  • discolouration of the nail it may turn white, black, yellow or green
  • thickening and distortion of the nail it may become an unusual shape or texture and be difficult to trim
  • pain or discomfort particularly when using or placing pressure on the affected toe or finger
  • brittle or crumbly nails pieces may break off and come away completely

Sometimes the skin nearby may also become infected and be itchy and cracked or red and swollen.

Nail Polish And Toenail Fungus

How to Get Rid of Toenail Fungus! | Dr. Doug Willen

Nail polish may make your toes look pretty, but it can also cause toenail fungus. Heavy nail polish tends to block light, creating an environment more conducive to fungal growth, Zinkin says. So give your toenails a break from polish periodically.

If you’re treating yourself to a pedicure, take note: Toenail fungus can be transferred through nail files and clippers, so make sure the salon properly sanitizes all tools after each customer. And you may want to schedule your appointment in the morning because pedicure instruments and footbaths are typically cleanest at the beginning of the day.

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What Is The Outlook For Someone With Toenail Fungus

While toenail fungus is common, its usually not harmful. Symptoms mostly affect the look of your toenail.

Toenail fungus may spread to the skin between your toes or other areas of your body. When getting dressed, put your socks on first to reduce the chance of spread.

Treating toenail fungus takes a long time, and it doesnt always work. Even then, toenail fungus often returns. Discuss the pros and cons of treating toenail fungus with your provider to determine whats best for you.

Practicing good hygiene and foot care reduces the chance toenail fungus will come back. If you have diabetes, getting regular foot exams may help you address foot problems before they get serious.

Toenail Fungus And Other Health Conditions

Some chronic medical conditions may increase the risk of a toenail fungal infection. These include a history of poor circulation, diabetes, the human immunodeficiency virus , or any other illness that may compromise your immune system or interfere with blood flow to your toes. If you have a chronic health condition, take extra precautions to keep your feet clean and dry.

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