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What Is The Treatment For Nail Fungus

Barielle Antifungal Nail Lotion Fungus

The Best Treatment For Toenail Fungus – Get Rid Of Nail Fungus In 60 Days Or Less

No one wants to expose their nail cracks in an unclean environment!

However, there are times when you have to walk and get no other choice but to let your nails be exposed to some dirty areas of the world!

Luckily, this over-the-counter product has antifungal properties that can help in bringing back your healthy toenails.

This product provides maximum strength in treating toenail fungus.

Moreover, it is perfect for those with skin sensitivities!

Ready to see its benefits?


  • Fights against bacteria, fungi, and viruses
  • Acts as a fungicide due to the ingredient topical Tolnaftate
  • Treats all infections on the cuticle, nail bed or nail plate, and edges of the nails
  • Perfect for those sensitive skin
  • Not bubbly or foamy
  • The formula is thick which needs a few more minutes for it to dry

Formulation, Dosage, and Active Ingredients

Each bottle of this product comes in a 30 mL lotion and using it is so easy as it already comes with a dropper.

To use this product, simply put 2-3 drops of this product into your toenail every morning and evening.

Why Is The Treatment Necessary

Onychomycosis, leads to discoloration and deformation of the nails. Particular problems include thickening, which may cause pain and make basic nail cutting difficult. In patients with complicating factors, deformed nails can lead to surrounding tissue damage and once again promote secondary bacterial infection. Furthermore, a recent study has highlighted the psychological, social and occupational effects of the condition which appear to have been underestimated by health care professionals for treating the condition.

How To Get Rid Of Yellow Nails

Treatment of yellow nails will depend on the cause. Most likely, your nails have become discolored because of an infection you have or a product you used. These home remedies are based on those causes of discoloration. However, it is important to be aware that home remedies are not always effective. See your physician if home remedies arent helpful in eliminating discoloration. If you dont already have a doctor, our Healthline FindCare tool can help you connect to physicians in your area.

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How We Rank The Best Supplements For Fungal Nail Infections

Several factors come into play when were deciding how to rank the best toenail fungus supplements.

The first thing on the list is ingredients.

The more natural and transparent ingredients a supplement has, the higher it is ranked.

The second thing is Evidence and Recommendation by healthcare professionals.

Many supplements that exist on the market come off as a complete scam.

That is why the product needs to have a history of evidence and research done.

It is also vital for the product to be verified by at least one American family physician.

And the final factor is the Refund Policy. Scam companies have a slow reaction to refunding money if the client is not content with the product.

This is a marker that this business does not care about its customers.

The products that weve chosen are of high quality with a firm refund policy.

All of them have a 60-days-money-back-guarantee so that if youre not happy with the product, you can return it anytime and get your money back.

Best Ways To Treat A Nail Fungus

How To Treat Toenail Fungus With Listerine ...

Nail fungus can cause thick, discolored nails, and, for some patients, it can even be painful. An Internet search will bring up plenty of ways to treat the condition, but which ones are best? Dermatologist Dr. Christopher Hull discusses what nail fungus actually is, why its so hard to get rid of, and which treatments work best.

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Who Is Most Likely To Develop Fungal Infections

Men are at a higher risk of developing fungal infections as compared to women. The reason is their poorer immunity as compared to women as the only fighting factor that prevents fungus from occurring in the immune system and women are said to have a stronger immune system than men.

Older people have more chances of developing finger and toenail infections. This is due to their poor circulation system as our antibodies are present in blood so a poorer circulation speed will result in the rate at which antibodies reach the target site to be slowed down. Besides that, our nails also grow more slowly and thicken as we age.

People suffering from diabetes develop foot infections more often. Because the healing power of people suffering from diabetes is affected drastically due to their abnormal blood sugar level. Risen sugar levels result in poor immunity thus more prone to bacterial infections.

Moreover, if you regularly wear artificial nails or apply nail polish that is shared with several people or have a nail injury the chances of bacteria attacking and causing an infection are more likely. Also, swimming in public swimming pools, visiting swampy, high moisture places and wearing closed shoes such as boots and tennis shoes and gloves will cause fingernails and toenails to develop a fungal infection.

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How To Treat Fungal Nail Effectively

What Are Treatment Options With Nail Fungus?

Owing to the high recurrence rate of fungal nail infections, pharmacy professionals should be able to advise patients on effective treatment and preventative and appropriate self-care strategies to avoid re-infection.


Fungal nail infection is a mycotic infection caused by fungal invasion of the nail structure and is one of the most common nail disorders, representing half of nail abnormalities in adults. Its prevalence in Europe is around 4.3% over all age groups and 15.5% of all nail dystrophies in children. OM is more commonly diagnosed in men and older people, affecting 2050% of people aged over 60 years. An increased incidence among older people may be attributed to multiple factors, including reduced peripheral circulation, diabetes, inactivity, relative immunosuppression, and reduced nail growth and quality. Toenails are affected more commonly than fingernails.

This article will cover the causes, types and treatment of OM, practical information to help guide patient consultations and when to refer to podiatry.

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Facts You Should Know About Fungal Nails

Many changes in fingernails or toenails may cause people to think they have a fungal infection of the nails, medically known as onychomycosis or tinea unguium.

Fungal infection of the nails sometimes makes the condition sound contagious or related to poor hygiene. In fact, up to 10% of all adults in Western countries have fungal infection of the nails. This percentage increases to 20% of adults who are age 60 or older. Toenail fungus is much more common than fingernail fungus.

In reality, abnormal-looking nails may be caused by a number of conditions including, but not limited to, fungal infection. There are many other reasons why your nails may look different.

Are They Truly Safe

Made from natural ingredients, all four products presented above are highly unlikely to cause side effects. This is backed by users reviews and testimonials, although minor complaints have been at times reported involving itching, redness, nausea or allergic reactions. To be on the safe side, consult your doctor prior to using them.

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How Do Dermatologists Treat A Fungal Nail Infection

Treatment usually begins with your dermatologist trimming your infected nail, cutting back each infected nail to the place where it attaches to your finger or toe. Your dermatologist may also scrape away debris under the nail. This helps get rid of some fungus.

To completely get rid of the infection, most people also need one or more of the following treatments:

Medicine you apply to the nail: If you have a mild infection, a medicine that you apply to your nails may get rid of the infection. This treatment helps keep new fungus out while the nails grow. Fingernails typically grow out in four to six months. Toenails take longer, usually takes 12 to 18 months.

Probably the most difficult part of this treatment is remembering to use it as often as prescribed. Some treatments must be applied every day. Others you apply once a week. To get the best results, its essential that you apply these medicines exactly as directed.

The US Food and Drug Administration has approved the following medicines that you apply to the nail to treat nail fungus:

  • Amorolfine

  • Efinaconazole

  • Tavaborole

Side effects from these medicines are generally mild. Possible side effects include redness and swelling, an ingrown toenail, and stinging or burning when you apply the medicine. In clinical trials, none of these side effects caused patients to stop using the treatment.

The FDA has approved the following systemic medicines to treat nail fungus:

  • Fluconazole

  • Itraconazole

  • Terbinafine

How To Get Rid Of Toenail Fungus

Effective Types of Toe Fungus Treatment

First, the bad news: Dr. Jenkins and Dr. Spielfogel both admit that toenail fungus is extremely hard to treat, especially at home.

“The most effective treatment is an oral systemic antifungal medication, such as Lamisil, once per day for 12 weeks,” says Dr. Jenkins. “It cures around 75% of patients, but 25% won’t be cured and will need repeat treatment or even a surgical treatment, like removing the toenail.”

For the most part, Dr. Jenkins says Lamisil is generally safe for use, though it canin rare casescause liver enzyme abnormalities. She adds that this side effect is almost never seen in children, and that your doctor will monitor these enzymes and perform frequent blood work during your course of treatment to ensure Lamisil is not negatively affecting your liver.

If you’re still concerned about Lamisil as a treatment option or you have an existing medical condition that prevents you from safely taking it, your doctor may prescribe a topical treatment instead…but those take a lot longer to work and only have a 25%-30% cure rate.

Finally, you can try a home remedy for toenail funguswhile most of them aren’t terribly effective, they don’t come with many side effects, either. If your toenail fungus is mild, you might be able to see results over time.

If you’re going to attempt an at-home remedy, it’s important to give your toenail some extra TLC, says Dr. Spielfogel: “Keeping the area clean and dry may help keep the infection under control.”

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Nail Fungus And Nail Polish Artificial Nails And Nail Extensions

In recent years, the cosmetic method of nail extensions has become increasingly popular. Contact with infected files, nail clippers, and nail accessories is another way to get your nails infected with fungus, and they can become ugly in shape and color. This is often the reason why we resort to nail extensions and polish our nails to hide the flaws on them.

Nail extensions should only be done on healthy nails.

What Is Nail Fungus And Who Can Get Affected By It

Nail fungus, also known as onychomycosis, is a nail infection which easily manifests itself through white, yellow or brown discoloration of the nails that also causes them to become thicker, more delicate and eventually more prone to breaks or cracks. Although for the majority of the sufferers it is typically linked to cosmetic concerns, it is a medical condition that can also induce pain and discomfort at times. A fairly ordinary disorder, it affects almost 5% of the Western countries population. While almost any adult can get it, the risk of getting affected by the condition rises significantly for the elderly and people with weakened immune systems.

Apart from the elderly, athletes can also be very susceptible to nail fungus due to poor hygiene standards that pools, showers, locker rooms etc. are usually associated with. Owing to the fungus being able to spread through tiny small cracks in the nails or the surrounding them, its no wonder that the chances of contracting it skyrocket in these places. Whats more, tight athletic apparel and sneakers pose an additional hazard when it comes to picking up the infection. Therefore, if you abide by the prevention is better than cure motto, you should avoid wearing shoes that make your feet hot and sweaty, refrain from walking around public showers barefoot while making sure you keep your feet nice and dry as much as possible.


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What Is Nail Fungus

A nail fungus is the regular fungus infection often seen as a redness or brittleness of the nail. It disfigures the nail and can eventually eat it completely.

The nail fungus can occur due to several reasons, the worst part is you will never know the underlying reason for nail fungus unless you witness the destruction of your nail.

The most common part where you can observe fungus is your toenail and then, you can also observe the fungus on your fingernails too.

Reasons for toenail fungus

The following are some common reasons for the emerging of nail fungus.

  • Unclean and poor hygiene of foot.
  • Wearing extremely tight socks, people often do it in winters.
  • Any chronic disease that is infecting your immunity.
  • Having a foot circulatory issue, it is common in people with low blood pressure.
  • Going to unprofessional saloons for poor pedicure services.
  • Wearing tight shoes.
  • Walking bear feet on the floor/grass.

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Symptoms of toenail fungus

Identifying if you are suffering with nail fungus or is it something else is very easy. The symptoms of the nail fungus are very common, and you can easily find out that it is time to find the best treatment for nail fungus.

  • Your nails will have blue/purple/green spots on them.
  • The nails will become brittle.
  • The toenails will develop a rough surface.
  • Nails will come off without cutting.
  • Redness around the nails.
  • Pain under or around the nails.
  • Sometimes bruises and a burning sensation.

How Is The Diagnosis Of Onychomycosis Confirmed

Fungal Nail Treatment Options Chart

Clippings should be taken from crumbling tissue at the end of the infected nail. The discoloured surface of the nails can be scraped off. The debris can be scooped out from under the nail. The clippings and scrapings are sent to a mycology laboratory for microscopy and culture.

Previous treatment can reduce the chance of growing the fungus successfully in a culture, so it is best to take the clippings before any treatment is commenced:

  • To confirm the diagnosis antifungal treatment will not be successful if there is another explanation for the nail condition
  • To identify the responsible organism. Moulds and yeasts may require different treatment from dermatophyte fungi
  • Treatment may be required for a prolonged period and is expensive. Partially treated infection may be impossible to prove for many months as antifungal drugs can be detected even a year later.

A nail biopsy may also reveal characteristic histopathological features of onychomycosis.

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Which Laser Therapy Device Is Best

We swear by our non-thermal cold laser device in treating toenail fungus in our practice. Its called Lunula Laser and its made by Erchonia. Its the first of its kind and the only non-thermal cold laser device to get FDA market clearance to treat onychomycosis.

This is likely thanks to its three successful clinical trials that ensure safety and effectiveness.

Whats so special about this laser? Besides the fact that its safe and effective, we love that it uses a low-level laser wavelength. Thanks to this type of cold laser, theres no discomfort or searing heat pain during treatment like with some of the other laser devices. The treatment also encompasses your entire foot. It requires no operator, so man-made errors are eliminated unlike with other lasers on the market.

The laser doesnt emit smoke fumes and 89% of patients have a positive response to the treatment.

Also, we love that this device is made in the United States.

How Does Laser Therapy Work

In simplified terms, the laser therapy device shines a laser light into the toenail, penetrating down on, in, and through the nail to reach the fungus. It vaporizes the fungus. It also leaves the skin and tissue around the fungus alone.

Essentially, the laser device is set at a certain wavelength that only the fungus will absorb. When it penetrates the fungus, it destroys it.

If we want to get a little more technical, there are a few ways it can destroy fungus depending on the laser. Most lasers use photothermolysis that causes photomechanical or photothermal damage. We like the non-thermal laser therapy as it is pain-free since it doesnt use heat. It is still absorbed by the fungus only and damages the structure of the fungus.

But what you need to know is that laser therapy has been proven effective in clinical trials and because of this, the FDA began clearing laser devices.

As with all the treatments, you wont see the results right away. You have to wait until your nice fungus-free nail grows in. This will take months. But youll start to see the difference as the new nail comes in.

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