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What Essential Oils Help Toenail Fungus

How To Prevent Fungal Infections Of The Feet

How to Prevent Toenail Fungus with Tea Tree Oil–
  • Dry your feet thoroughly after showering, bathing or swimming.
  • Wear sandals or breathable shoes as often as possible. Let shoes dry overnight before you wear them again.
  • Take your own pedicure tools when going to a salon, or visit a salon that keeps separate tools for each client.
  • Do not share nail files, clippers, or other nail care tools.
  • Wear socks inside your shoes.
  • Wear flip-flops in walking areas of water parks, pools and other wet public areas, such as locker rooms or showers.

Some Symptoms To Make You Know You Are Dealing With The Fungus

The signs and symptoms of toenail fungus are just so quite obvious and very easy to notice so much so that you can only be blind to miss it. The following will confirm the presence of a toenail fungal

  • Pain around your nails is very common
  • Nails begin to break easily as they become very soft.
  • Alternatively, experiencing very hard nails with a funny shape
  • Toenail starts to change color. A whitish-yellowish and or brownish change in color.
  • A disconnection from the nail bed
  • Normally starts at the front or side of the nail
  • Little dots of white patches on the nail surface

Majestic Pure Eucalyptus Essential Oil

This specially designed essential oil was created for the aroma therapy, and to treat skin inflammation.

It is undiluted so you have to mix it with the carrier oils.


  • Rose marries oil.

How to apply it?

You can directly apply this oil. For an increased and effective treatment, you can also use some carrier oils.

These can be olive oil, or coconut oil. The ratio should be 1:4.

Below is our recommended essential thieves oil for the treatment of toenail fungus.

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Rose Geranium Essential Oil

Rose geranium essential oil is known for its uplifting aroma and its ability to treat a range of emotional disorders but recent research indicates that it also possesses powerful anti-fungal properties.

The research which was published in 2014 examined both the antibacterial and anti-fungal effects of rose geranium essential oil and found that it was very active against all of the bacteria and fungi tested comparably with prescription medications.

Indeed when it came to its ability against candida albicans, researchers observed a complete inhibition of fungal growth and development. The abstract is available here

Eucalyptus Essential Oil For Toenail Fungus

10 Essential Oils for Toenail fungus Remedies in 2020 ...

Eucalyptus oil is often mixed with other essential oils. This is known for the treatment of nail fungus and to strengthen the immune system.

If you are feeling a slight pain or itchiness try eucalyptus essential oil to treat toenail fungus.

How to use it?

For fast results, you can apply toenail fungus directly on the nail. Add a carrier oil, apply it twice a day. Let it dry, and you are good to go.

Below is our recommended Essential oil of Eucalyptus for nail fungus.

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Tea Tree Essential Oil For Nail Fungus

Tea tree oil is effective to treat a specific kind of toenail fungus. It is the t. rubrum nail fungi infection.

If you see a yellowish thickening on the toenail, this is likely to be the t. ruburum fungi. You can consult the physician in this regard as well.

How to use tea tree essential oil?

The best part about using tea tree oil for toenail fungus is its diversity of use. It can be used by mixing it with different toenail fungus treatments.

Apply it directly by mixing with a carrier oil, mix it with a cream, or apply it with any other home remedy to increase the effectiveness.

To use the teat tree oil, you need a carrier oil. It can be any oil, but preferably olive or coconut oils. They are moisturizing and can carry the tea tree oil better than others.

Apply this mixture to the infected area for three weeks twice a day. It will be effective for the initial stage toenail fungus.

Foot soak

If you want to keep the entire foot clean, as the toenail fungus is likely to spread then try the foot soaks.

Foot soaks can take time and for the busy bees it is a bit irritating. All you have to do is soak your feet in the tea tree oil in a bucket full of water.

Repeat this thrice a week to treat toenail fungus. It is better to apply another home remedy, be it a mixture of tea tree oil for fast and effective results.

Side effects of essential tea tree oil

It has the following side effects.

So, here is the best tea tree essential oil to cure the toenail fungus.

Amazing Essential Oils For Toenail Fungus

Medically reviewed by Zemira Barnes Evidence Based

Toenail fungus is a common group of conditions in which a fungal infection attacks the tissue and the nail of the toe, causing discoloration, unusual nail growth, dry skin, inflammation, pain, and various other symptoms. Fungi that can attack the toenail come in different forms, although one of the common and most difficult to cure toenail fungal infections is onychomycosis. Onychomycosis causes discoloration, thickening, and separation from the nail bed. Fungal infections can easily spread in warm, damp places, which is why places like public pools, locker rooms, and gyms are common places to catch these infections. The other risk factors for toenail fungus include poor circulation, wounds near the toe or toenail, diabetes, poor immunity, advanced age or the use of closed-toe shoes. Things like damp socks, poor hygiene, and the use of artificial nails and nail polish can all increase your risk of developing toenail fungus. We have incorporated the list of essential oils for the toenail fungus in this article.

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Wondering How This Can Be Done

All you will have to do is to undertake a foot soak with apple cider vinegar and water before you massage the affected area with the mixture of oregano oil and a carrier oil. Below are the steps to follow

  • Get a basin, or a bath and add about 5 cups of water
  • Add the same quantity of apple cider vinegar
  • Now soak both feet in the solution for about 20 mins
  • Dry feet thoroughly with a clean towel
  • Apply a mixture of 2-3 drops of oregano oil with a carrier oil as mentioned above. Massage the toenail gently so the mixture can penetrate underneath toenail for effective treatment.
  • Repeat 2-3 times a day for quick results.
  • Remember to take oregano oil internally to help boost your immune system and prevent a future outbreak.

As you prepare for a foot soak, make sure the toenails are well-trimmed and use a 100% pure and organic apple cider vinegar


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What Are The Benefits Of Going Natural

11 Science Backed Essential Oils for Toenail Fungus

There are plenty of reasons that trying a natural essential oil treatment for nail fungus makes sense:

  • Cheaper than expensive creams and washes
  • No chemical additives
  • No harmful potential side effects
  • Leaves behind a pleasant scent instead of a chemical smell
  • Can provide additional aromatherapy benefits along with improving nail health

In short, choosing the natural route makes sense and could help your feet and toes look and feel better without the need for over the counter creams, sprays, and other treatments. Of course, talking to a medical professional is always important when you notice changes to the health of your feet. But if its determined that a fungus is present and not some larger underlying condition, essential oils could be worth thinking about.

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How To Choose An Essential Oil

If you have never chosen an essential oil to treat toenail fungus before, the process of deciding which to purchase can be a bit intimidating at first. That is why we have written this guide to help you make an informed decision about which oils to include in your blend.

If you were to only purchase three oils, we would recommend: tea tree, cinnamon, and oregano or any oil from the mint family. If you are really anxious about using an essential oil to treat toenail fungus for the first time then feel free to start using only tea tree oil on its own until youre ready to incorporate other oils.

Can I Mix Essential Oils Together

Some essential oils work well together. We already stated above that its a common practice to mix lavender and tea tree oil. But, its important to know how the oils will work together.

More often than not, if youre trying to treat a specific condition, you should stick with one or two oils. Products that market themselves as oil blends may not work as well. If you mix several different oils on your own, you may experience adverse effects, too.

Before you start mixing more than two oils, learn about how they might react with one another, and how they might affect your skin. Its likely youll get better results by using just one type of oil at a time.

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Common Types Of Fungal Infection Include

  • Athletes foot
  • Onychomycosis
  • Yeast InfectionCandida Albicans

Note: Yeasts are a type of fungithey are all part of the same kingdom. So Anti-fungal oils are effective against yeasts as well.

Anti-fungal medication is available over the counter but these medications can often lead to nasty side effects.

Unsurprisingly, there is an ever-growing demand for safe, natural treatment for a number of complaints and fungal infections are no exception. Essential oils can be used safely to treat fungal infections in the knowledge that you are highly unlikely to develop any side effects and that your body will not build up any sort of immunity against them.

Cinnamon Bark Essential Oil

Pin on Nails

Cinnamon essential oil is related closely to cassia oil and possesses anti-fungal properties as well as anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and antimicrobial qualities. It is most often used to treat immune system complaints but it also has antifungal applications including the treatment of a variety of Staphylococcus strains.

Cinnamon bark essential oil should be diluted before topical application and care should be taken when diffusing it because it is a potent oil that may cause irritation to the nasal passage.

For the same reason, cinnamon bark oil should not be inhaled directly from the bottle.

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Some Concerns About Oregano Oil

As good as oregano oil can be, it is important to know oregano is not all good for every condition.

Before using oregano oil in any form it is vital to consult the advice of your doctor or a professional health practitioner about using oregano oil especially if it comes to taking the oil internally.

Also, if you are allergic to plants of the Lamiaceae plants then you must be allergic to oregano oil as it belongs to this family of plants. Some other plants under the Lamiaceae family may include sage, basil, marjoram, and mint.

Due to the recent developments with oregano oils, the market is being flooded with all kinds of oregano oils from numerous brands not well known for the production of oregano oils. Always remember to go for 100% organic and therapeutic grade oregano oil with at least a 75% of carvacrol level.

Also, oregano oil is considered a hot oil which can burn very badly if not used with proper care and respect. It is always important to dilute oregano oil with a carrier oil before using externally and on the skin.

If you are dealing with diabetes it is recommended to stay away from oregano oil as oregano oil is known to lower blood sugar levels. If you are also taking anticoagulation medications, it is advised to avoid oregano oil or talk to your doctor for a reduction of your dosage. This is because oregano is known to promote the flow of blood in the body.

Home Remedies For Fungus

Dear Pharmacist: Can you recommend any home cures for athlete’s foot and toenail fungus? — J.F., Lodi, Calif.

Dear J.F.: Because I’ve asked readers to send me their home remedies over the years, I happen to have a collection of toenail fungus cures. Buy some cheap distilled white vinegar and apply it twice daily with a cotton ball.

For athlete’s foot, soak your feet in a 50-50 mix of vinegar to warm water once a day.

Another remedy for toenail fungus is to apply lemongrass oil directly to the nail, although most readers who sent me this remedy were combining the lemongrass oil with tea tree oil, then applying it with a Q-tip. The oils kill the fungus on your toenail, turning the area brown or black within a day. Reapply the concoction daily and keep trimming and buffing your nails routinely. Essential oils are sold at supermarkets carrying natural and organic products.

Then there’s Listerine mouthwash. Apply it to your toenail several times a day, or just soak your toe in it. If that doesn’t work, try Vicks VapoRub ointment. Apply it to your toenail twice a day and cover the area with a bandage to keep the ointment off your socks. Some readers suggest applying a mixture of Oil of Oregano in a teaspoonful of olive oil. Supplementing orally with Olive Leaf Extract may also help because the extract has anti-infective properties.

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Why Do People Use Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil has been used traditionally as a topical antiseptic and antifungal treatment. One study found that a dilution of tea tree oil worked as well as 5% benzoyl peroxide in controlling the symptoms of acne. It may be effective with toenail fungus and possibly athlete’s foot, but more research is needed. Studies of tea tree oil for other conditions such as gum disease, vaginal infections, and dandruff have been inconclusive.

Tea tree oil has been proposed as a topical treatment for herpes labialis , but it does not appear to be effective. Some laboratory studies have suggested that tea tree oil may be effective against MRSA , a type of staph infection that’s resistant to many antibiotics. Although these studies are promising, more research needs to be done.

What King Of Toenail Cuuter Do You Need To Get Thick Fungus Nails Best Home Treatment For Nail Fungus

Top 10 Essential oils for toenail fungus treatment

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Natural Compounds And Mechanism Of Action

The composition of an essential oil varies not only from one species to another, but also from one organ to another , and according to the season . It can contain tens to hundreds of different compounds. Three or four main compounds represent more than 60% of the mass and determine the biological properties of essential oils . The major component and its characteristics are summarized in .

Biopure Clove Essential Oil

If you want to treat toenail fungus through foot soaks, this one is a fine product to try.

It is beneficial in treating pain and inflammation.

Moreover, it will also treat foot odor. Contains several effective ingredients to fully treat the toenail fungus and other skin related issues.


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How To Get Rid Of Toenail Fungus With Oregano Oil

Are your toenails suffering from fungal or yeast infections? We all know toenail fungus can be an embarrassing and persistent problem. Have you tried topical cures or over the counter meds without success? If so, then theres hope for you. This hope lies in using oregano oil for toenail fungus.

Oregano is a natural herb derivative, which when combined with other anti-fungal cures, can effectively treat fungal and yeast infections and today considered the best toenail fungus treatment with very simple and easy steps to follow. Compared with other oils, oregano still stands out to be the best essential oil for toenail fungus.

What Are The Risks Of Taking Tea Tree Oil

How to heal toenail fungus naturally, with essential oils ...
  • Risks. Topical tea tree oil has been reported to cause allergic reactions that can be severe. Tea tree oil may also cause redness, itching, and blistering. It may aggravate burns and skin conditions like eczema. Using large quantities of tea tree oil on the skin could cause severe side effects.
  • For topical use only. Tea tree oil must never be used in the eyes or swallowed. Even in small amounts, swallowing tea tree oil could potentially cause severe reactions, including severe rash, nausea, confusion, and coma.

Given the lack of evidence about its safety, tea tree oil is not recommended for children or for women who are pregnant or breastfeeding.

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