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Is Listerine Good For Foot Fungus

Should You Use Listerine For Fungal Infections

Listerine for Foot & Toenail Fungus – Complete Treatment Guide.

Considering there is no conclusive evidence or scientific studies that Listerine actually works for nail fungus should say a lot about a treatment.

At Toe Fungus Journey, we advise against the use of Listerine for toenail fungus especially if your infection is more severe. Instead, you should use products designed for the treatment of onychomycosis AKA nail fungus.

How Does Epsom Salt Work For Toenail Fungus

Although there are numerous benefits to using Epsom salt foot soak, most people use it as a treatment for toenail fungus. What makes it so popular for this particular condition? Why dont you use traditional medicines?

Well, the toenail fungus drugs are usually very volatile. Side effects are commonplace. Furthermore, there is a chance that one of these medicines will have a negative impact on vital organs such as the heart and liver. In fact, the patients are forced to take a blood test before a doctor can prescribe one of these drugs. Because of that, most people are willing to try alternative medicines.

Epsom salt can work well for this particular problem due to its exfoliation properties. The fungus will start growing on top of your toenails, but also under them. Sometimes, it is really hard to notice how much fungus there is underneath your toenails. One of the best ways of treating the issue is through exfoliation and regenerations. The patient will remove the skin over and over again until there is no more fungus on it.

How To Use Anti Fungal Essentail Oil On Toenail Fungus Fungus Build Up Under Nail

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Terbinafine Treatment For Toe Fungus How To Mix Clove Essential Oil For Skin Fungus. Toenail Fungus Impossible To Cure Skin Fungus Circles On Skin Sweet Potatoes With Fungus On Skin. Clearing Nail Fungus With Tea Tree Oil Ammonium Lactate For Toenail Fungus.

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Which Mouthwash Is The Most Effective Remedy For Toenail Fungus

The most effective mouthwash to treat toenail fungus is Listerine. Listerine is commonly available in many countries and is extremely famous for its oral hygiene preserving properties.

Recently, many studies have discovered that the menthol and thymol in Listerine can help battle toenail fungus very effectively.

Many studies claim that Listerine and its product line come with a lot of antifungal and antioxidant properties.

Toenail Fungus Home Treatment:

How To Use Listerine For Toenail Fungus Effortlessly ...
  • These are our favorite products to treat toenail fungus at home.
  • It is difficult to properly diagnose any health problem such as toenail fungus with 100% certainty. So see your podiatrist and make sure you are not missing anything!
  • Also, many of these products are considered beauty products more so than health products. Just be aware that they are not always FDA evaluated or approved in any way.

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A Splash Of Listerine For Athletes Foot

Q: Upon learning that Listerine could help control athletes foot, I first thought that meant soaking your feet in Listerine. That could get quite expensive over time.

I have found a more affordable solution. After my shower, as I am drying off, I pour a partial capful of amber Listerine across my toes, using my fingers to work it between and under them. I wiggle my toes around to make sure it gets everywhere. My toes are completely dry by the time I put my socks and shoes on.

This has completely taken care of my athletes foot problem without using bottles and bottles of Listerine!

A: Readers of this column have been using old-fashioned amber Listerine to treat a variety of fungal infections including nail fungus, athletes foot and jock itch. A popular strategy for nail fungus is a 20-minute foot soak in a solution of equal parts white vinegar and Listerine. That may be needed to allow the solution to soak through to the fungus-infected nail bed. For athletes foot, which is a fungus infection of the skin, your strategy sounds cost-effective.

You can learn about inexpensive ways to treat many common ailments in our book The Peoples Pharmacy Quick & Handy Home Remedies. The book should be available in your local library. It may also be found in the books section of the store at

Q: I am hearing about elderberry syrup as an immune booster. Do you have any pros or cons?

Why Does It Work A Look At The Ingredients

In order to answer the question of why does VICKS work? we first need to take a look at the ingredients it contains.

It has some proof of working, so what it is exactly that makes it effective?

The ingredients included in the normal VICKS VapoRub include the following:

Active Ingredients

  • Used commonly for pain relief, anti-irritant, against coughs, and yes even as an antifungal.
  • Reduces pain and swelling and increases blood flow when applied topically.
  • 2014 study published in the journal Biological Research shows it does indeed have antifungal activity, although not particularly when dealing with toenail fungus. It has been shown to inhibit growth of fungi better than other essential oils.
  • Eucalyptus oil
  • Commonly used for coughs, clearing the chest, as a disinfectant, helping control blood sugar, joint pain, against infections and more.
  • Antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.
  • 2015 study in the Journal of Foot and Ankle Research took 22 participants with toenail fungus and tested the application of eucalyptus oil. The results were that 86% saw superficial nail fungus clear up within 4 months and those with subungual and proximal subungual onychomycosis also saw decent results.
  • Menthol
  • Used to reduce inflammation, sooth cuts/burns, for respiratory problems, etc
  • Cool soothing properties that give a very relieving feeling.
  • Shown to inhibit fungal growth, as stated in Journal de Mycologie Medicale.
  • Inactive Ingredients

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    Listerine Soaks Proved Effective Against Toenail Fungus

    Q. I have had fungus on one of my toes for a long time. I have been to the dermatologist and podiatrist repeatedly and even had the nail removed. I was given strong pills, but they didnt work. The podiatrist does not understand why the infection persists.

    I started searching desperately for other things that might help and read about Listerine. This has given me the best results so far. The infection is almost gone, the nail has its nice pink color again and it is not sore. Hooray!

    A. Soaking an infected nail in amber Listerine alone or mixed 50/50 with white vinegar is a favorite remedy for toenail fungus. You will need patience, since it takes months for toenails to grow out. The good news is that this remedy is neither difficult nor expensive.

    You will find many other home remedies for nail fungus in our Guide to Hair and Nail Care.

    Does A Listerine Foot Soak Work

    Listerine Toenail Fungus Home Remedy [Doctor Treatment]

    The skin naturally sheds its outer layer over time. However, dry skin tends to get stuck, sloughing off more slowly. When this occurs, areas of the feet can become dry and cracked.

    As skin is often driest in areas where there is a lot of friction from shoes and walking, dry skin is sometimes layered on top of calluses. This can create a particularly unsightly appearance. In extreme cases, it can even make wearing shoes uncomfortable, since the shoes rub the dry skin and calluses.

    Salicylic acid is a chemical exfoliant found in many acne and anti-aging remedies. It helps the skin slough off the outer layer more quickly, thereby reducing the accumulation of dry skin and addressing concerns, such as pimples and blackheads.

    Methyl salicylate, contained in the branded mouthwash Listerine is chemically similar. As such, it has similar exfoliating properties.

    Though there has been no scientific research done on Listerine as an exfoliant, anecdotal evidence from blogs and other online sources suggests that users have good results. People report few negative side effects.

    For people struggling with chronic dry, peeling, hardened foot skin, Listerine may be a good option. It could offer a better and more effective alternative to:

    • moisturizers
    • pumice stone
    • other exfoliants

    People who can safely use Listerine in their mouths without an allergic or other reaction should also be able to use it on their feet.

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    Ingredients That Kill Fungal Spores

    Listerine is known for its ability to kill germs in the mouth but what about on the feet?

    There are many active ingredients that are known to be useful against nail fungi such as:

    • Menthol,
    • Eucalyptol
    • Thymol.

    These four active ingredients found in Listerine can be used to kill fungal spores that could be causing the discoloration of your toes.

    Which Is Better A Foot Soak Or A Foot Scrub

    For keeping feet soft and smooth, I use both a foot soak and a foot scrub. When I pamper my feet at home or give myself a pedicure, I start with the Listerine vinegar foot soak and follow with the scrub. It is cool, tingly, and so refreshing. I keep a jar of the scrub in the shower and try to use it several times a week. The more often I use it, the softer my feet stay.

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    Dr Jos Prescription For Soft Smooth Feet

    I recently bought this Ebanel 40 % Urea cream + 2% salicylic acid that received high ratings on amazon. I texted Dr. Jo and asked her if it would be beneficial for feet. She responded yes IF used the best way for optimal results. In the video below, I share her easy method to get the softest feet possible.

    Surprising Uses Of Listerine Mouthwash Youve Never Heard Of

    Listerine &  Vinegar Foot Miracle Soak Recipe for Toenail ...

    Listerine is an effective antiseptic mouthwash that many people include in their daily oral health care routine. This mouthwash is known to improve oral health and has been in the market for more than 100 years.

    Scientific studies have found Listerine to be effective in reducing the development of plaque and gingivitis, thanks to its antiplaque and antigingivitis qualities.

    However, this mouthwash is not just effective for rinsing plaque away and improving your overall oral health. Due to its antiseptic, antifungal, astringent and sanitizing properties as well as its alcohol content, Listerine has certainly proven itself useful in our daily lives in many other ways. Make sure you use the original brown-colored Listerine, not the blue one.

    Here are 10 surprising uses of Listerine mouthwash youve never heard of.


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    Cures Toenail Fungus And Athletes Foot

    Whether you have a toenail fungus or athletes foot, your bottle of regular Listerine mouthwash can help treat the problem within a few days.

    Listerine contains thymol, which has antifungal properties that help kill the fungus responsible for toenail fungus. It provides fast relief from symptoms like stinging and burning sensations and excessive itching.

    Also, it acts as an antiseptic to prevent further infection.

    • For treating a mild toenail fungus, dab some Listerine mouthwash on cotton balls and place them on the affected toenails. Wrap them with a small bandage or tape to secure the cotton balls. Leave them on for about 45 minutes, then gently scrub the toenails with a soft toothbrush. Wash and pat dry thoroughly. Repeat once a day.
    • For severe athletes foot, mix equal amounts of Listerine and white vinegar. Soak your foot in the solution for 30 minutes before washing it off. Repeat 2 or 3 times a week.

    What Makes Listerine And Vinegar Good For Feet

    In my viral post about the Listerine vinegar foot soak, Dr. Jo Herzog discussed the beneficial properties of Listerine and vinegar. Thymol can kill bacteria and fungi, and acetic acid has antibacterial properties. Used together, they can soften dry skin, and can possibly eliminate mild athletes foot.

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    Why Use Listerine For Toenail Fungus

    Onychomycosis can be hard to treat. Statistics from UCLA Health show that conventional medicine used to treat toenail fungus are only successful up to 70 percent of the time.

    Furthermore, the standard prescription medications can have unpleasant side effects. Patients that have been treated with pharmaceutical drugs have experienced complications such as abdominal pain, nausea, loss of appetite, and yellowing of the skin.

    Prescription medications have also been linked with more severe side effects such as heart conditions, kidney damage, and liver disease. If you have an immunodeficiency disorder, then taking pharmaceutical drugs such as oral Lamisil is not recommended.

    As information surfaces about the bodys natural ability to heal, more people in the U.S. are turning to alternative remedies. According to the National Center for Health Statistics, approximately 38% of U.S. adults are experimenting with complementary alternative medicines.

    About 5% of Americans only use alternative treatments. This suggests people are gradually turning their back on conventional medicines.

    Vinegar And Listerine Foot Bath

    Listerine & Vinegar Foot Miracle Soak Recipe for Toenail Fungus, Dead Skin, Calluses & Cracked Heels

    The Ingredients used are vinegar, Listerine and water. Some people like to use white vinegar and some apple cider vinegar.

    Apple Cider Vinegar would be my personal recommendation, as it is a vinegar recommended by lots of others whom swear by its fungal infection curing properties.

    Simply add equal parts of Listerine and ACV to a tub of water. Now soak the affected area in the mixture for about 20 30 minutes.

    Remember to dry the soaked area well with a towel.

    Also ensure that no one else touches or uses that towel until it has been washed. By doing so, you will ensure that you dont transfer the fungal infection to someone else.

    Repeat this process until the fungal infection is gone.

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    How Does It Work How To Use It

    While Toe Fungus Journey does not advocate using Listerine as a solution for toenail fungus due to the lack of evidence of it actually working, we decided to provide instructions if you decide to pursue this as a remedy.

    If you came to this article to learn how to use a Listerine foot soak for fungus then follow the instructions below

    • Find a tub that has the depth and length to fit both of your feet. A foot spa can work as well.
    • Fill the tub with 50% Listerine and 50% warm water
    • You may add vinegar instead of water to increase the level of acidity of the soak
    • Soak your feet in the solution for 45-60 minutes
    • Use this soak every day until the fungus subsides. It can also be used as a preventative measure.
    • Dry feet properly after each soak to prevent moisture!

    If you are short on time then you can apply Listerine directly to your nails using a Q-Tip.

    Other things you can add to the soak to make it more effective:

    • Apple cider vinegar

    Can Listerine Get Rid Of Toenail Fungus

    Are you worried about having fungus on your nails? Nails are yellow and you feel ashamed in going public gatherings? Well, here in this article, we will make you introduced with a great home remedy to cure toenails fungus with Listerine. But before moving to it have a look at their cause, symptoms and how we can prevent them.

    Toenail Fungus Causes and Symptoms

  • Onychomycosis is the medical name for the nail fungus. It is the same fungus that is the reason behind the athletes foot.
  • This fungus mostly affects toenails in comparison to fingernails, because of the fungi-friendly dark, warm and moist atmosphere inside the shoes we wear.
  • How we can prevent a Nail Fungus

  • Clean your hands and feet regularly, and keep your nails dry, trimmed and short.
  • Try to wear open-toed shoes and sandals when you can, and always wear absorbent cotton socks when you desire to wear closed shoes.
  • Going barefoot in public places like swimming pools, showers, and locker rooms is not a good idea to try to avoid it. This will prevent you from picking up a nail fungus.
  • While doing dishes or cleaning by hand try to wear gloves. This will also help is preventing fungal infection.
  • Use sterilizes instruments to do manicures and pedicures.
  • No doubt, Listerine is an exceptional product for home remedies, especially for fungal infections. Most infections that you can easily cure with Listerine are athletes foot and jock itch. It is the best antiseptic, antibacterial and antifungal properties in it.

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    Does The Listerine Toenail Fungus Treatment Work

    Millions of people use natural remedies. In fact, more people than ever are interested in these measures as aggressive doctors push alarming pharmaceutical options. Society is beginning to understand and appreciate the amazing potential of the human body. However, just because home remedies like the toenail fungus Listerine option are popular doesnt mean that you shouldnt look for evidence supporting their use. Does Listerine for nail fungus work?

    The Listerine toenail fungus treatment does have some positives. People who recommend using Listerine for nail fungus often tout the following:

    Treatment is inexpensive. Product is readily available. Anecdotal stories promise results.

    Unfortunately, most people dont look much closer than that. As a discerning patient, however, its necessary to dig deeper into the claims of the toenail fungus Listerine suggestion. Urban legends are often based on minute amounts of truth. However with thorough research and a healthy dose of common sense the truth about Listerine and nail fungus isnt hard to determine:

    To conclude, Listerine looks to be a legitimate mouthwash for teeth, though you may find alcohol free mouthwashes healthier. When it comes to nail fungus, Listerine is definitely not the treatment of choice. Better options exist, including topical solutions that have proven ingredients and are safe to use.


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