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Can You Cure Toenail Fungus With Laser

Cost Of Laser Therapy For Toenail Fungus

Toenail Fungus Laser Treatment

Generally, people tend to imagine any therapy involving the use of lasers is expensive. Sure, there are laser skin care therapies with prices ranging in hundreds to thousands of dollars.

However, the cost of laser therapy for toenail fungus pretty much hovers around hundreds of dollars. Averagely, you can expect to spend around $800 on effective laser treatments for toenail fungus.

You may also spend less or more depending on a variety of factors. Like we mentioned at the beginning of this article, these factors greatly influence the cost of services like laser therapy.

Some of these factors are variable costs that add up to become the overall cost of the treatment. Conversely, some are just ordinary market factors that determine the prices of skin care services.

Seeing an expert is the best option for you if your toenail fungus keeps getting worse. Youll know this when it becomes painful and is giving off a bad odour. At this stage, the best treatment is laser therapy or in severe cases, surgery.

For laser therapy, best prepare to spend at least $1000. The cost may end up being lower than that amount or even higher. You can also check with different facilities to compare prices and see what suits your budget best.

How Long Does The Procedure Take

  • The amount of time varies on the degree of involvement of the nails. Very thick nails are mechanically reduced to a more normal thickness with specialized equipment. The laser is then applied typically taking only a few minutes. Overall, a visit for consultation and treatment will usually take about 30 minutes.

Magnetoe Nail Fungus Treatment Revolutionary Laser Device

This device is a revolutionary and straightforward product that helps treat fungus on toe and fingernails, cuticles, and nail beds. Using this device is easy and causes no pain. It is light in weight therefore, one can carry it out wherever they go and use it any time it is needed. By using the magnetoe nail fungus treatment device 7 minutes a day will produce desirable results in a week. Using this device causes no discomfort or side effects.

The device uses a combination of blue light of 470nm wavelength energy and pulse radiation of 905nm wavelength that gives desirable effects. There are no known side effects for using this device.


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How Are Nail Infections Treated

If you have any of these symptoms, make an appointment with a dermatologist. He or she will need to take a clipping of the nail to send out to the lab to be evaluated so dont trim the nail very short.

Once diagnosed with a fungal infection, youll need to apply a prescription-strength antifungal liquid, or take an oral antifungal pill. Topical over-the-counter antifungal creams usually dont penetrate deeply enough into the nail. Patience is key because nails grow slowly. It can take months to clear up these infections. If you get a nail fungal infection, you may still be able to wear nail polish, but you should not wear artificial nails because it will be hard for your doctor to monitor your improvement. Artificial nails also can create an environment that allows fungi and bacteria to grow more easily.

If youre treated for a toenail fungus, try not to wear shoes without socks. Also, buy an over-the-counter antifungal powder or spray at the drugstore to treat your shoes, so you dont re-infect yourself.

For bacterial infections, your dermatologist may need to drain the infected area and might also recommend warm soaks and an antibiotic ointment.

How Many Treatments Do I Need

Best At

The number of laser treatments you will require is determined by the number of infected nails, severity of the fungal nail infection, your age and general health. Your podiatrist will advise on the number of laser therapy appointments recommended for your treatment at the initial consultation. On average, most fungal nail infections will require between 5 7 treatments for effective eradication.

If over the counter creams and tinctures hasnt worked or if taking oral medication poses too much risk to your health, laser therapy would be an excellent choice for you to consider. Its a no fuss, pain-free and quick solution for fungal nail infections. Contact us today on 9711 7562 if you have any questions or you can easily book online for an appointment. We look forward to seeing you at The Footcare Clinic.

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Fingernail And Toenail Fungus Infection Treatment

Revive is known for its cutting edge medical technology and we now offer the newest effective FDA Cleared nail fungus treatment. Let Revive help you regain your healthy nails and feet.

Experience our fingernail and toenail fungus treatments using our FDA cleared Motus AY Laser which research shows is the most effective way to cure nail fungus. Our laser nail therapy specializes in fingernail and toenail fungus treatment. Our certified laser technicians can successfully treat your nail fungus.

Fingernail and toenail fungus infections are unsightly and embarrassing the infected nails becomes yellow, thick and hard to cut. Although nail fungus infections are very common, they can be very difficult to treat. Until recently, the most common treatment for toenail fungus was taking pills that might cause liver toxicity. But several years of research gave birth to a much safer solution: The Motus AY Laser. This safe, quick laser treatment has been researched and proven to be a very effective cure for toenail fungus and fingernail fungus infections. In one study after only 4 treatments over 4 weeks, 95% of the subjects studied had their fungus cleared at 12 months.

Fingernail and Toenail Fungus Laser Treatment

The Advantages of Our Laser Treatments

How Does Laser Fingernail and Toenail Fungus Removal Work?

Q & A

About Nail Fungus

Is There Any Medical Evidence Suggesting That Laser Treatments Actually Work For Fungal Infections In Toenails

Asked by Deb 2229 votes


Laser treatments for nail fungus have become fairly common since the procedure was approved by the Food and Drug Administration four years ago. Several kinds of laser therapies are now available, but there is limited evidence that the treatments work.

The appeal of lasers is that they selectively heat and destroy harmful fungi while sparing healthy surrounding tissue. And some small studies and lab tests suggest they can kill the fungi and cure the condition.

But in one of the best studies to date, published last year in The Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology, researchers at the University of Alabama at Birmingham found that laser treatments produced no improvements in patients with toenail fungus, even after five sessions.

The procedures are generally not covered by insurance, and a course of treatment typically involves multiple sessions, each costing hundreds of dollars, said Dr. Andrea Bershow, the director of the nail procedure clinic at the Minneapolis VA Health Care System.

I think we want it to work, but the evidence just isnt quite there yet, said Dr. Bershow, who that reviewed current research. The studies that have shown efficacy have been small, they havent been randomized controlled trials, and most of them have been funded by the actual laser companies themselves.

Dr. Bershow is frequently asked about laser treatments, but she never recommends them.

Do you have a health question? Submit your question to Ask Well.

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How Can I Be Sure I Have Toenail Fungus

Hands down, the best way to determine if you have toenail fungus is to get a nail culture done by a podiatrist. If you see any of the signs Ive mentioned, just make an appointment for an evaluation. Because the infection eventually spreads to every toe, it is better to get cracking and treat it early before bigger problems come around. With toenail fungus, its either treat it and fight it away, or dont treat it and let it get worse. Sounds simple, right? Well, the choice is up to you

Early detection also improves the chances for the treatment to work more effectively and quickly before the infection spreads. Also, this early nail culture will set a baseline so that, after treatment with the laser I often take another nail culture to determine the effectiveness of the laser. There are different components to the fungal culture, and your podiatrist is the best person to discuss the results with you. Most importantly, the laser is over 90% effective for just about every type of fungus out there.

Laser Therapy Is Effective And Fast

Toenail Fungus Specialist: Laser now used to treat toe fungus

The toenail fungus is the most effective treatment for the toenail fungus removal. It would not take much time, and the results are quite promising.

It is not a painful treatment, so you do not have to wait for weeks until the fungus dies.

The average duration to kill the fungus through medications is 4 months, bearing pain for four or more months is quite difficult, so laser treatment is the only fast way to solve this problem.

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Does Laser Toenail Fungus Removal Work A 2020 Review

There have been a number of lasers on the market varying in type and by wavelength. Over the years there have been many laser companies claiming that they have good results. Still, to date there is no actual single protocol for laser toenail fungus treatments. The treatments vary by the company and by each individual doctor. As a result, there have been no solid studies to prove that the laser can cure toenail fungus. As a matter of fact, the FDA clearance for laser machines states that it is for temporary increase of clear nail in patients with onychomycosis.

With so many types of lasers and so many different treatment protocols, there truly is no way of knowing which types of lasers have better results and which protocols are best. In addition, there are no true studies to confirm the laser treatment effectiveness. When you combine all of that with the cost of laser treatments, it is difficult to recommend laser treatments for toenail fungus at this time. As noted in the studies above, traditional treatments were as good or better than laser therapy alone. There are many other treatments available to help with this condition.

Here at Gentle Foot Care Clinic, we will wait to see if new evidence supports the use of laser. At this time, we have found that it is not in your best interest to seek laser treatment and we will continue to offer traditional treatments for toenail fungus.


How The Hyperblue Plus Laser System Helps

The FDA-cleared HyperBlue PLUS laser system works by using specific wavelengths that penetrate through your toenail to kill the fungus that lives in the nail plate and surrounding tissue.

Unlike traditional treatments, which include topical and oral antifungal medications, the HyperBlue PLUS laser targets fungus embedded in your nail beds beneath your toenail, which is hard to reach with other therapies. But you can rest easy knowing the laser doesnt affect healthy nails or the surrounding tissues.

The HyperBlue PLUS laser treatment typically involves three sessions over eight weeks, though the number of sessions depends on each patients individual needs and may be useful in preventing future infections. The process is fast and easy, taking 10-30 minutes, and doesnt cause any discomfort or side effects.

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Laser Treatment Compared To Other Options

Laser treatments are typically more effective than other ways of treating onychomycosis. This infection can be treated with topical antifungal medications or oral antifungals, and there are over-the-counter, as well as prescription options. Oral antifungals cause systemic side effects and are not totally effective for curing onychomycosis. Topical treatments tend to be safe, but are not very effective.

Research shows there’s an approximately 45% improvement of onychomycosis with topical medicine and approximately 40% to 66% improvement with oral medication.

However, there does seem to be a range in the efficacy with all of these treatments. Using them consistently while avoiding side effects can be tedious. And combining treatments may be more effective than using a single treatment approach.

How The Laser Treatment For The Toenail Fungus Works

About Toenail Fungus. Before and After Images

Lasers are an emission of high frequency lights capable of cutting and destroying tiny atoms coming its way. The laser treatment for the toe-nail fungus also works on this basic characteristic of laser.

To treat the toenail fungus, the toes are put directly under the laser nozzle, and the laser will then hit at the nail bed where there is the fungus. This interaction will destroy the microorganism, killing it, through the heat.

The laser used for the toenail fungus treatment is the CO2 laser usually, but for the treatment of some complex grown lasers doctors prefer the YAG laser, also known as yttrium-aluminum-garnet laser.

The wavelength of this laser light is quite high because this is how it is going to kill and attack each micro-organismic cell of the fungus. The regular laser for the toenail fungus treatment comes with a 900nm to 1300nm.

This is to increase the temperature of the laser and this increased temperature will make the nail-bed hot for the fungus. It will burn the fungus at the nail bed.

Another benefit of this much higher wavelength is the sterilizing effect of heat. This sterilized nailbed is now safe and no more fungal growth can happen for the next few years.

You might wonder why we cannot have the fungus destroyed in a single session.

Well, you can but it will increase the risk of tissue destruction, so, there is no point to get into a hurry. The doctors make sure that your damaged tissues, even if they get slightly damaged during the session.

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What Should I Ask My Healthcare Provider About Toenail Fungus

If you have toenail fungus, you may find it helpful to ask your provider:

  • What type of infection do I have?
  • Do you recommend I treat it? Why or why not?
  • How long will I need treatment?
  • What steps can I take to stop it from coming back?
  • Should I be aware of any potentially serious complications or treatment side effects?

A note from Cleveland Clinic

Toenail fungus is an incredibly common infection that can be difficult to treat. The condition usually isnt painful, but it may make you feel self-conscious about how your foot looks. If it bothers you, talk to your provider about your treatment options. A trained specialist can provide guidance on whats most likely to address your concerns while protecting your overall health.

Last reviewed by a Cleveland Clinic medical professional on 12/17/2020.


How Does Toenail Fungus Look Like

Diagnosing toenail fungus is not that hard. The change is visual and very obvious. To make matters even worse, the toenails will gradually deteriorate as the infestation continues. The fungus has the habit of infesting the surrounding tissue, so dont be surprised if it starts appearing on other toenails.

Toenails will hate white, yellow, or brown discoloration, and there will be some flaky debris on or under the toenail. At one point, the whole toenail may come off. The affected area will become thicker, and its texture will change. This can also be followed by a change of shape.

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Dermatologists Warn Against Skin Problems Hindering Physical Activityyour Browser Indicates If Youve Visited This Link

While experts agree that exercise is one of the most beneficial activities a person can do to improve ones overall health, dermatologists want gym-goers to be aware of the hidden dangers of exercise-bothersome skin conditions that can be painful and inhibit further physical activity if left untreated.

Skin Inc.

How Much Does It Cost

Nail Fungus Laser Treatment-May Cure Your Nail Fungus!

One PinPointe laser treatment can cost about $1,000. Meanwhile, LightPod Neo costs $395 per treatment. Cutera GenesisPlus cost depends on the number and thickness of nails treated. For all 10 toenails, one treatment is around $1,000. A follow-up is usually only $100. VARIABreeze costs $275 and up per session. In the cold laser category, one treatment is usually close to $150.

Clinics often offer package deals, so make sure you inquire. Note that laser treatment is not covered by most insurance companies.

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Effectiveness Of Laser Treatment

The PinPointe laser treatment has a cure rate is at 85%. To ensure that the laser penetrates all the way through, our doctors debride the nails before performing the laser treatment on the nails. This means that they will file down your nail if they see it is too thickened and this will allow the laser to penetrate all the way through and kill all the fungus on the nail. All of our nail doctors use the PinPointe laser because it has the highest cure rate with just one treatment.

The best course of action would be laser treatment. It has the highest cure rate compared to all other forms of treatment. Patients are treated by our nail doctors and all of their questions are answered in regards to your toenail fungus. Our nail doctors have treated people with severe toenail fungus and people who have had it for a long time and the laser treatment has worked. It is a painless procedure. Most of our patients are cured with just one laser treatment. Our nail doctors are experienced and give you the best treatment option for toenail fungus.

To schedule a consultation with a licensed podiatrist for the PinPointe laser treatment, give us a call at 1- 672-0625 or visit our website for more information.

What Causes Fungal Nail Infection

Your feet are the ideal environment for fungus to thrive in because its always warm and moist. Fungal nail infections can be caused by many different types of fungi that live in the environment. Small cracks in your nail or the surrounding skin can allow these germs to enter your nail and cause an infection. It is contagious which means it can easily spread from one toe to another, or from one person to another.

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