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What Do You Soak Your Feet In For Toenail Fungus

Home Remedies For Toenail Fungus

Fungus of the Toenail — 3 Treatment Tips

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Toenail fungus, also known as onychomycosis or tinea unguium, is a common nail condition affecting millions of people in the United States. Fungal nail infections can develop on the nail from various organisms such as molds, yeasts, and fungi. This usually occurs after these organisms come into contact with a cracked nail or skin surrounding the nail as the opening provides a portal of entry for these organisms.

When To See A Bethesda Md Or Springfield Va Podiatrist

If you try several of these remedies and see no results, its time to see a podiatrist. Toenail fungus is notoriously stubborn, so dont be too surprised if home remedies dont quite work. It can also take quite a long time for these home remedies to work because you have to continue doing them consistently until the new nail has fully grown out.

If youve tried the homeopathic route and arent satisfied with the results, you can always come see Bethesda, MD & Springfield, VA Podiatrist, Dr. Paul Ross! If you have moderate to severe foot fungus, it is recommended that you see a doctor anyway because there can be complications if the infection is left untreated. Call us at . We offer same day appointments if you dont want to wait.

The Podiatry Centers treat all medical and surgical foot and ankle conditions. Licensed Bethesda, MD Podiatrist, Dr. Paul Ross can help bring you foot and ankle pain relief.

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What Is Toenail Fungus

Most of us dont think of toenail fungus on a day-to-day basis. But the day you notice youre sporting yellow toenails or white toenails? Fungus will stay top of mind.

Those discolored and thickened toenails often point to onychomycosis, a toenail fungus infection. Fungi make up 50 percent of all nail problems, and fungus occurs on the toenails four to 10 times more frequently than it does on the fingernails.

Luckily, toenail fungus doesnt turn into a major health crisis, but it can be very unpleasant.

Nail fungus is hard to live with. Some patients experience pain or difficulty doing everyday activities and fitting shoes, says dermatologist Shari Lipner, MD, an associate professor of clinical dermatology at Weill Cornell Medicine in New York. There is also a stigma surrounding nail fungus, so many people are embarrassed that they have this.

Heres what you should know about toenail fungus, how foot soaks can help, and what home remedies and over-the-counter products to try.

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Mixing With Baking Soda

This is the most complex method on our list. You will need half a cup of baking soda, 1 cup of 3% hydrogen peroxide, 4 cups of warm water, one-quarter cup of vinegar, half cup salt, and 1 tub. The whole process takes about 10 minutes. You start by mixing all the ingredients together. There is no particular order just make sure you add soda, peroxide, salt, vinegar, and water into the tub. You will have to stir them together in order to create a proper mixture. Again, you will have to be very attentive regarding the substances. Most of this stuff is really strong, so you will have to watch how your skin reacts. If there is a negative impact on the skin, you should stop the treatment. In fact, the third method is perhaps the riskiest because of how many things are involved. Lastly, make sure to wipe your feet after each therapy.

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How Does The Condition Spread

Can You Use Any Mouthwash For Foot Soak?

Toenail fungus will go from one nail to another, trying to get as much space as possible for its growth. In the latest stages, there is a chance your whole toenails will start falling apart, which will be followed with lots of pain.

While the condition is not life-threatening, it can be really annoying. Some people have to deal with toenail fungus for months and even years! In some cases, traditional medication may not provide the right results.

Furthermore, oral drugs that doctors prescribe can be really dangerous, leading to various side effects.

Because of all of that, a lot of people are willing to try home remedies for nail fungus. The patients are willing to try solutions such as hydrogen peroxide for toenail fungus.

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Does Hydrogen Peroxide Kill Toenail Fungus

Toenail fungus is a really nasty condition.

Perhaps the only positive thing about it is that it’s easy to diagnose. Even you can notice the discoloration of the toenails, which may turn white, yellow, or brown. The condition is mostly visual, but if left untreated, there is a good chance that it will affect other toenails as well.

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First What Causes Toenail Fungus

Toenail fungus is caused by a fungal infection that gets beneath the surface of your nail. Its typically caused by exposure to an infected environment, but it can also be a result of athletes foot, excessive perspiration, or improper cleaning of the foot. It can last for many months if left untreated, and its often accompanied by a bacterial and/or yeast infection around the nail bed. Toenail fungus can spread to other toenails as well as fingernails or the skin.

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How To Treat Toenail Fungus

Toenail fungal infections, no matter the type, rarely go away without prescription medical treatment. over-the-counter products might help soothe symptoms, but they dont kill the fungus. That usually takes several months or up to a year to fully cure.

Generally, oral and topical antifungal medications are prescribed.

The slowness of the treatment is due to the slow growth of the nails. Toenails grow on average only 1 millimeter per month, so it takes one year for the whole nail to grow out, says Dr. Lipner.

In addition to prescription medicine therapy, there are a few toenail foot soaks you can try to soothe symptoms and promote healing.

Medications For Toenails Fungus

Use Epsom Salt For Toenail Fungus – Treatment For Toenail Fungus Dr.Berg
  • Oral antifungal medication-These medications treat the infection from the inside out. The most common medications used are Terbinafine and Iitraconazole . These medicines are often taken for 12 weeks and uninfected nail growth will slowly grow out replacing the fungus toenails. This therapy can also be combined with topical therapy and the end results wont show for four months or longer.
  • Medicated nail polish- Ciclopirox is a prescription medicated nail polish you apply daily to the affected area. Once a week the layer of built up lacquer is removed with alcohol. Result can take up to a year or longer.
  • Medicated Cream-Antifungal cream can be applied on, around, and under the affected toenails. Thinning of the nails allows better penetration and reduces the amount of fungus .
  • Medicated Foot Baths- Special compounded medical foot soaks may be prescribed which offer combinations of antifungal and antibacterial solution to help fight fungal infections.

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Is Chlorine Bleach Helpful For Toenail Fungus

The treatment for toenail fungus usually includes anti-fungal medicines. These medicines are expensive and have many side effects.

Liver failure is one of the critical side effects of this dry. People, therefore, resort towards trying other home remedies.

There is a mixture of reviews on the use of chlorine bleach for toenail fungus. Nevertheless, chlorine bleach is easily available in homes, and it is cheap.

That is why there is no harm in trying it out. People have written positive reviews about using chlorine bleach for toenail fungus.

Therefore, it is no less than a miracle if the toenail fungus resolves after treatment with chlorine bleach.

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What Toenail Fungus Infections Do To Your Toenails

Its common to have fungus living harmlessly on your skin, but sometimes it can multiply and lead to a toenail infection. The fungus can easily spread when it invades the skin beside or under the toenail.

When it comes to the types of toenail fungus, distal subungual onychomycosis is the most common subtype of onychomycosis, Dr. Lipner says.

In this condition, the fungus enters the nail bed underneath the nail, primarily affecting the big toe. The infection causes the toenails to thicken, and a yellowish-white to yellowish-brown discoloration occurs in the center of the toenail. There may be pain and mild inflammation.

Often the nail chips and becomes jagged, eventually separating from the nail bed. People with the highly contagious athletes foot are more prone to getting distal subungual onychomycosis.

It is very common for family members to get it from other household contacts, says Dr. Lipner.

Another subtype, called white superficial onychomycosis, is less common than distal. Unlike other forms of onychomycosis that affect toenails and fingernails, white superficial only affects the toenails.

In white superficial onychomycosis, the infection is on the top layers of the hard part of the nail, not deep under the nail. So it is generally easier to treat, says Dr. Lipner.

Symptoms of this type include small, white, powdery-looking patches that appear randomly on the toenail. The nail becomes soft and crumbles easily.

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Vinegar Soak For Bacteria

Patients with onychomycosis may sometimes develop a bacterial infection at the same time, which leads to a greenish discoloration of the nail, says Dr. Katta. This discoloration is usually caused by a particular bacteria called pseudomonas. For this type of infection, vinegar soaks may be helpful.

In short, vinegar could help reduce both fungus and bacteria infections.

Vinegar contains acetic acid, which can help battle the bacteria that causes the greenish discoloration.

To get the most from this soak, follow these instructions:

  • Combine one part white vinegar with four parts lukewarm water.
  • Soak for five minutes twice a day.
  • Rinse after soaking and dry the skin completely.

A word of caution: dont put your feet in this soak if you have cracks in your skin, Dr. Katta says.

Doctors Weigh Best Treatments

Pinterest Tested: Listerine Foot Soak

The best treatment for fungal nail infections is a prescription that your dermatologist can prescribe that you take every day for two-to-three months. The pill is not for everyone, since oral antifungals can interact with other medications and can affect the liver.

Fortunately if you dont want to or cant take a pill, there are topical solutions to treat nail fungus. Although topical medications are desirable because of the low risk of side effects and interaction with other medications, they have much longer treatment regimens. Generally, topical medications have a lower clearance rate compared to oral pills.

Newer topical antifungals including Efinaconazole and Tavaborole have better penetration of the nail plate and so they work better compared to older topical medications, says Dr. Ng. She says the topical medications work best if you only have partial nail involvement.

Lasers are approved by the FDA to temporarily increase the amount of clear nail. However, the cure rates are lower than oral medications and topical solutions.

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How To Soften Toenails At Home

Many people try to cut their thick toenails and end up causing crumbling. It can even lead to cuts to the skin and even infection.

So its best to soften your toenails before attempting to cut them. Cutting thick toenails is easier to perform with a little softening. you can start by following these steps:

  • You can start by soaking your feet in a gallon of warm water in your tub or basin, make sure the water is enough to properly cover your feet. Mix about 2 to 3 tablespoons of salt in it.
  • Let your foot soak into the solution for about 20 to 30 minutes. You should let them soak for about 1 hour if your toenails are very thick.
  • You can now remove and pat your feet and nails completely dry with a soft towel.
  • Now you can apply Miracle Toenail Softening Cream. Then cut your toenails easily.

Athletes Foot Home Remedies That Actually Work

7 Athletes Foot Home Remedies that Actually Work

What is Athletes Foot?

Athletes foot is a fungal infection that starts between the toes of people who get sweaty feet and wear tight, enclosed shoes for long periods. Also called tinea pedis, it appears as a scaly, itchy rash that can also cause a burning sensation. People with athletes foot also tend to have raw, moist skin between the toes.

Athletes foot is easily treatable, so using the right home remedies can help you effectively eradicate it.

Here are some remedies that may work.

1. Hydrogen Peroxide

It may sound like a dangerous chemical, but hydrogen peroxide is an effective home remedy for treating athletes foot. The chemical works by killing all surface bacteria and funguses on the skin. When applied directly to the affected areas, it disinfects the area, allowing the skin to heal and form a barrier against new infections. Before treating with hydrogen peroxide, check with your podiatrist or family doctor.

2. OTC Treatments

Over-the-counter treatments like antifungal powders, sprays, and lotions can also effectively treat athletes foot. After applying them for two to three weeks, most symptoms disappear, and reinfection does not occur. However, you must complete the prescribed period of application to avoid a resurgence.

3. Tea Tree Oil

4. Rubbing Alcohol

5. Sea Salt

Keeping Your Feet Dry, Aired, and Clean

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Benefits Of Soaking Feet In Epsom Salt And Baking Soda

You have more than 72,000 nerve endings in your feet, and every one corresponds to a various area of the body. Reflexologists apply pressure to these points with their hands to achieve overall wellness of mind, body and soul, or to deal with specific symptoms and diseases. Soaking the feet works on a similar principal and is a complementary treatment to reflexology. The info in this post is not meant to replace suggestions from a doctor.

What The Experts Say

Treat Toenail Fungus Naturally & Instantly By Soaking Your Feet In This !!!

The most common presentation of toenail fungus is a white/yellow discoloration of the nail that is thick and filled with yellow/white keratin debris. The more severe the toenail fungus, the thicker the nail, and the more nails involved makes it that much harder to treat the nails even with effective therapies.Orit Markowitz, MD, founder and CEO of OptiSkin treatment center in New York City.

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How Long To See Results

Similar to other toenail fungus treatments, the answer to this question is dependent on the severity of the fungal infection. The sooner you start treating it the sooner you will get rid of it.

Remember that your toenail fungus did not happen overnight, therefore, it wont go away overnight. In order to see real results means that your toenail is going to have to grow out a new healthy nail. This can take months.

However, if you managed to catch the fungus infection when it just started you could possibly see results as quickly as a few weeks.

It can be frustrating living with toenail fungus but using ACV as we mention in this article can have you comfortable going barefoot at the beach in no time.

How Apple Cider Vinegar May Help Treat Toenail Fungus

If you notice that your toenails are starting to thicken or change color, there is a chance you may have onychomycosis. Onychomycosis is the medical term for the condition commonly known as toenail fungus. If you are in the early stages of developing toenail fungus, you may notice a white or yellow spot under the tip of your toenail. Afterward, you may notice that the fungus will travel deeper and start to discolor, thicken, or distort the edge of the nail. Nevertheless, there are items you likely have in your kitchen cabinet that can aid in fighting toenail fungus. Apple cider vinegar is a popular remedy for toenail fungus due to its antifungal properties. If you want to treat your fungus using ACV, you can soak your feet in a mixture of warm water and the vinegar for about 15 minutes, twice a day. When purchasing the ACV, you should make sure it is raw, unpasteurized, and organic. For further assistance with treating toenail fungus, please consider scheduling a consultation with a podiatrist.

If left untreated, toenail fungus may spread to other toenails, skin, or even fingernails. If you suspect you have toenail fungus it is important to seek treatment right away. For more information about treatment, contact Dr. Gordon Fosdick of Affiliated Foot Care Center. Our doctor can provide the care you need to keep you pain-free and on your feet.


  • Warped or oddly shaped nails
  • Yellowish nails

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