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Is Oregano Oil Good For Toe Fungus

Diluting Oregano Oil With Jojoba Oil

Is Oregano Oil Good for Toenail Fungus ? – It Kills Fungus.

Jojoba oil is also a great option as a carrier oil with oregano oil for toenail fungus.

If you feel that the skin is getting dry, and it may break off, and the fungus will travel inside the skin.

Then the jojoba oil is the best ingredient to add as a carrier oil. Add three drops of oregano oil to a tablespoon of jojoba oil to treat toenail fungus.

Alternative Of Oregano Oil For Nail Fungus

If you are taking oregano oil orally, and are tired of it, as the results are taking forever to occur, then try something different along with some topical home remedy.

The best way to treat toenail fungus fast, is with the mixture of Oregano oil with a carrier oil as a topical solution, and for the oral and internal cure you can have some supplement such as the Urgent Fungus Destroyer by Phytage labs.

It is one of the best medicine treatments for toenail fungus or any fungus like even on hair and skin.

And the suggested synergy oregano oils can take more than the Fungus Destroyer when used alone, and the Urgent Fungus Destroyer takes much less duration to treat toenail fungus. Thus, using both of these together can speed up the treatment.

Tips And Precautionary Measures:

If you are planning to use oregano oil to treat toenail fungus, practice these tips and guidelines to make your toenails fungus-free.

  • Perform a patch test on your skin to ensure therell be no untoward side effects.
  • Keep your nails short and clean before starting your nail fungus treatment.
  • Thoroughly dry your feet and toes after bathing.
  • Change your socks once they become moist and sweaty.
  • If you should wear socks, use ones made of 100% cotton that will enable your toenails to breathe.
  • Use separate clippers and nail files for infected and non-infected nails to prevent the spread of the fungus.
  • Dont wear shoes if you can help it. If you must, then wear comfortable shoes that allow your toes some room for movement. Avoid shoes that are too snug which crowd your toes together and encourage the growth of the onychomycosis-causing fungus.
  • Dust your feet with anti-fungal foot powder before wearing socks and shoes.
  • Wear comfortable flip-flops and allow your feet sometime in the sun as sunlight inhibits the growth of fungus on your toes.
  • Dont go walking barefoot in public places, particularly in dirty and moist areas.
  • Be patient, diligent, and careful when using oregano oil.

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What Causes Nail Fungus

While theres no one defining cause of nail fungus there are many risk factors including:

  • injury to the nail bed which may allow an infection to enter
  • contact with contaminated environments such as pools, spas, sauna and nail salons
  • a history of athletes foot and/or psoriasis
  • poor circulation in the legs and feet
  • an in-balance in gut bacteria
  • a compromised immune system
  • a family history.

How To Apply Tea Tree Oil On Your Nails

Natures Oregano Oil Organic 2oz Tattoo Toenails Fungus ...

Tea tree oil is an extremely active and potent ingredient. Remember to dilute the tea tree oil in a suitable carrier oil such as coconut oil, argan oil, almond oil or jojoba oil in the ratio of 5-10% tea tree oil in the rest of carrier oil.

After preparing the nails, it is time to apply the oil treatment.


  • Apply a few drops of the diluted tea tree oil onto a cotton swab. Using a cotton swab or a cotton bud will make sure that the fungus infecting your nails does not spread from your hand to your foot or vice versa.
  • Ensure that you are spot treating all the areas of the nails affected by the fungus and the skin surrounding the nail as well. Let the oil get absorbed into the nails completely. Do not use socks or shoes right after applying the oil to your toenails as it can rub off the oil.
  • Re-apply the oil at least twice or thrice a day. Consistent use will lead to consistent results. It is advised to continue this treatment for a few more days after the fungal infection is treated to prevent any relapses.
  • If you feel youâre allergic to tea tree oil, discontinue the usage
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    Oregano Oil For Nail Fungus

    With summer fast approaching, people are starting to wear flip-flops and show off their feet. However, some of us do not have this luxury due to the fact we have toenail fungus or athletes foot which makes our feet downright ugly.

    But dont worry you are not alone. There are over 3 million cases of toenail fungus in the United States and estimates show that at least 10% of the population has some form of nail fungus .

    Since summer is approaching fast, people are wanting to get their feet back to normal as quickly as possible without having to go to the doctor. One of the ways they are doing this is with at-home remedies like essential oils. One of the most popular essential oils being used for a variety of health issues is oregano oil or sometimes called oil of oregano.

    In this article, we will go over if oregano oil actually works for fungus, how to use it, and even give you our personal recommendation of products to try.

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    Some Symptoms To Make You Know You Are Dealing With The Fungus

    The signs and symptoms of toenail fungus are just so quite obvious and very easy to notice so much so that you can only be blind to miss it. The following will confirm the presence of a toenail fungal

    • Pain around your nails is very common
    • Nails begin to break easily as they become very soft.
    • Alternatively, experiencing very hard nails with a funny shape
    • Toenail starts to change color. A whitish-yellowish and or brownish change in color.
    • A disconnection from the nail bed
    • Normally starts at the front or side of the nail
    • Little dots of white patches on the nail surface

    Dietary Changes As Self Care Toenail Fungus

    Oil of Oregano Review / Benefits for Colds, Acne, Candida, Sinus Infection, Toenail Fungus etc.

    Theres a clear link between a persons diet and their susceptibility to fungal infections. Nobodys diet is perfect, but these suggestions can go a long way in the prevention and treatment of onychomycosis:

    • Eat live culture yogurt and other naturally probiotic foods or take probiotic supplements
    • Eat foods high in polyunsaturated fats such as cold water fish and flaxseed oil.
    • Up your protein intake. Adequate protein is essential for overall nail health and helps prevent brittle nails.
    • Get plenty of dietary iron. This nutrient is also essential in preventing brittle nails.
    • Get plenty of calcium and vitamin D. Dairy products such as milk and yogurt are obvious choices.

    When all else fails, come in for safe effective Laser toenail treatments for fungus

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    Treating A Fungal Nail Infection

    Antifungal tablets and lacquers are available that can treat fungal nail infection. Many people find that they try a number of over-the-counter items at a high expense before attending their G.P. for stronger prescription antifungals. Unfortunately, many of these medicines have dangerous side effects.

    As An Oral Medication:

    • Dilute a few drops of oregano oil daily in water or in your favorite juice. If concentrated oregano is too strong for your taste, you can purchase the oil in soft gel capsule form.

    Using comfortable rubber flip-flops will allow the oil some time to work into the affected area without creating a mess on the floor of your house. This will also keep your socks and carpets from being stained by the oils. Whats more, the scent of oregano may be a welcome treat in the kitchen, but it will leave a strong and sharp odor on your carpet that you may find less than appealing.

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    What Are The Key Things To Look For When Buying Tea Tree Oil

    When buying tea tree oil, it is important to note the key things to look for. Firstly, we have to make sure that it is 100% pure oil, this is very important. Tea tree oil is produced from the Melaleuca alternifolia tree, a natural resource which can be found in Australia and New Zealand. It has been used for years by healers for its many healing properties and is also used in aromatherapy and personal care products. However, before buying tea tree oil, there are a few more considerations we need to make.

    When buying tea tree oil, you should note the area where the oil will be applied. The affected area must be clean and free of skin, blood or other bacteria. If the area is covered in hair or fur, the oil cannot be applied directly and will not work as effectively. Next, you should apply the oil to the affected area once or twice, massaging gently in circular movements, taking care not to get any of the oil on your skin. Tea tree oil can be very messy when applied so it is important to keep any towels or clothes away from the area to avoid any possible contamination.

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    Oregano Oil Benefits For Infections Fungus & Even The Common Cold

    Oregano Oil Clears up Toenail Fungus

    By Dr. Josh Axe, DC, DNM, CN

    Designed specifically for fighting bacterial infections, antibiotics are one of medical doctors favorite tools for treating many health issues. Theres another underutilized natural medicine that many doctors dont tell their patients about: oregano oil .

    Oregano oil has proven to be a powerful, plant-derived essential oil that may rival antibiotics when it comes to treating or preventing various infections. In fact, it contains properties that are antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal.

    In addition, oregano essential oil is unlikely to cause many of the harmful side effects that are commonly attributed to high use of antibiotics such as increased risk for antibiotic resistance, poor gut health due to destroying beneficial probiotic bacteria, reduced vitamin absorption and leaky gut syndrome due to damage of the gastrointestinal tracts lining.

    Meanwhile, oregano oil benefits extend beyond just controlling infections. What else is oregano essential oil used to treat?

    Common examples of conditions that oregano oil can help manage include:

    • Athletes foot or toenail fungus
    • Common colds
    • Digestive problems, such as heartburn and small intestine bacterial overgrowth

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    How Does Tea Tree Oil Break Down Fungus

    Toenail fungus isnt exactly attractive. Many people hide their feet in socks and sneakers instead of addressing the larger issue of the actual toenail fungus. However, with summer right around the corner, perhaps its time to try something new. Tea tree oil provides a simple and effective solution that truly works to make your feel feel and look much healthier, all without the harmful chemical additives and steroids that are often found in prescribed medications.

    Tea tree oil attacks the build up of fungus by breaking down the structure of dermatophyte, more commonly known as the fungi that causes the appearance of yellow toenails. This fungi can be accidentally picked up from walking around public pools, while changing in locker rooms, and from other similar types of activity. Dermatophyte thrives in wet, warm environments, so feet unfortunately make the perfect host. Its not uncommon, but its also not desirable.

    Luckily, this oil is extremely potent in its antibacterial capabilities, so dermatophyte is no match for this powerful natural treatment. Once its applied, it seeps down into the bed of the nail and starts to infiltrate the accumulated bacteria. It takes time, but you will notice a steady improvement as long as you are consistent with your applications.

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    Studies Showing How Effective Oregano Essential Oil Is In Treating Fungus

    Here are some studies showing the effectiveness of oregano essential oil in treating and curing toenail fungus:

    The anti-fungal activity of numerous essential oils including oregano, thyme and sage essential oils was compared at the Department of Plant Physiology in Belgrade. Out of all the oils tested against 13 different species of fungi, oregano essential oil was seen to show the highest and broadest fungal activity.

    The Department of Pharmacology at the University of Athens discovered that carvacrol was not only effective against six gram-negative and gram-positive bacteria but also three types of pathogenic fungi.

    A study conducted at the Department of Horticulture and National Food Safety and Toxicology center at Michigan State University found that carvacrol, the active ingredient in oregano essential oil, has potent anti-fungal properties.

    Garlic As Self Care Toenail Fungus

    Are Oregano Oil and Olive Oil Effective Against Toenail Fungus?

    This universally popular herb has been used for medicinal purposes since before recorded history. Its proven benefits include improved circulation, lowered blood pressure, and improved metabolism, just to name a few. It also has well documented antifungal and antibacterial properties. This makes garlic an obvious choice for the self-treatment of toenail fungus.

    To treat onychomycosis, apply crushed garlic to the entire affected nail once daily. Prepared garlic oil is also an effective option, not to mention that its much neater. Its recommended that the garlic be left in place for approximately 30 minutes.

    Much like olive leaf extract garlic may also be taken orally in the form of capsules. Garlic capsules vary widely in potency so be sure to follow the manufacturers recommended dosage.

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    Lemon Essential Oil For Toenail Fungus

    Lemon essential oil is also a great treatment for toenail fungus. It has citric acid.

    This will change the pH of the toenail many fungi cannot survive in an acidic environment. It will ultimately kill the toenail fungus.

    How to use it?

    You can apply the essential lemon oil to treat toenail fungus. Mix the lemon oil with a carrier oil and it is ready to be applied on the toenail fungus.

    It can be mixed with coconut oil if it is the door of the infected nail that irritates you.

    So, here is the best essential oil of Lemon to kill toenail fungus.

    Help Treat Toenail Fungus Naturally With Oregano Oil And Olive Oil

    Luckily, there are a variety of natural treatment options that can cure most cases of toenail fungus. These natural remedies are effective, affordable, and easy to do at home.

    One of the most effective natural remedies is a combination of oregano oil and olive oil. Oregano oil is an incredibly powerful oil that contains fungicidal properties. This means that it can eliminate fungal infections when used properly.

    Oregano oil is powerful enough that it should not be applied directly to the skin. It can cause skin irritation, redness, and burning, as well as other bad reactions. You should never apply pure oregano oil to your skin. To use oregano oil safely, it needs to be diluted with a carrier oil. By mixing oregano oil with another type of oil, you can use its fungicidal properties in a way that wont irritate or hurt your skin.

    Some people try to dilute oregano oil, as well as other essential oils, into water, but this does not work. Since oil and water separate from each other, oregano oil will not mix in with water.

    Olive oil is a perfect carrier oil to dilute oregano oil. Olive oil is affordable. It is also commonly used in skincare, as it can hydrate and soften skin. This makes it a great, non-irritating option to use on your toenails and skin in combination with oregano oil.

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    Can Oregano Oil Get Rid Of Toenail Fungus

    Different studies are showing that oregano oil has successfully killed nail fungal infection due to carvacrol and its strong antifungal and antivirus properties.

    After many experiments, department of pharmacology at the university of athens concluded that carvacrol is effective to get rid of different kinds of fungi, bacteria and viruses that are found in human body.

    Study at georgetown university found that only few drops of oregano oil are required to clear the nail. They put candida albicans in a dish and added oil inside.

    It was also found by department of horticulture and national food safety and toxicology center at michigan state that carvacrol has strong antifungal properties that are able to kill fungus.

    The department of plant physiology in belgrade experimented with different essential oils to identify oils that could heal toenail fungus.

    Repeatedly, it was found that oregano oil could kill many types of fungi more than tea tree oil. That is how it was called the best oil for nail health. Above studies confirm that this oil has strong antiviral and antifungal properties that are able to kill different types of fungi.

    Among other essential oils, oregano oil has proven to have broadest and most effective fungicidal action due to carvacrol and can be used to disinfect the shoes by just spraying inside the shoes.

    Carvacrol is an effective remedy of candida and yeast infections.


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