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How To Treat Yellow Toenail Fungus

Nail Fungus Consumer Review

How to CURE Yellow Toenail Fungus & Toe Fungus [Remedies & Treatment]

Everyone looks forward to summer when they can finally put away their winter clothes and slip into their flip flops and lightweight shirts. However, if you have thick yellow toenails, the thought of walking around in flip flops might seem a little daunting.

Yellow toenails that are thick and slowly turn brown is quite common and affects up to 14% of the population in the US and up to 20% in Europe and Asia. But most people dont proactively seek a cure for this condition until it becomes so extreme it can be quite painful to wear shoes and walk.

Worse than it, the large majority isnt aware that thick yellow toenails can impact their overall health in a scary manner!

Lets take a look at the symptoms, causes and health implications of yellow toenails to decide if you need to worry. Then we will review the different treatment options available with a recommendation for the ones that can lead to a definite cure safely and efficiently.

Read on to gain expertise on those thick yellow toenails and how to treat them.

Thick Yellow Toenail Symptoms

Thick yellow nails are caused by a fungus that gets under, around, or on top of the nail. Like any other fungus or bacteria, it takes time to grow, so one might not notice a problem until the growth is well under way.

Some earlier signs of fungus growth might be a slight scaling beneath the nail which has been named subungual hyperkeratosis, after which white or yellowish streaks appear on top of the nail which are called lateral onychomycosis if infection is starting at the corners or edges of the nail, then you might experience a crumbling and it is called distal onychomycosis which is the most common type of nail fungus.

These will eventually grow into something more sinister and will possibly result in the loss of the infected nail. As the fungus grows over time the infected nail will become more visually unappealing.

Thickening of the nail and yellow discoloration which will turn brown if left untreated is just the start of the growth cycle. Eventually the sufferer may experience a moist sticky substance around and under the nail which is often referred to as toe jam. Sounds pretty grim, but it can get worse, leading to foul smells akin to rotting meat.

Can I Wear Nail Polish If I Have Toenail Fungus

You may feel tempted to cover up a discolored toenail with nail polish. If you are using a topical antifungal, you probably should not use polish. Some providers may tell you not to wear it in any case. Polish traps in moisture from the nailbed . Because fungi thrive in moist environments, wearing nail polish may make a fungal infection worse. However, the nail continues to grow with or without polish.

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A Pharmacist Can Help With Fungal Nail Infections

Speak to a pharmacist if the look of your nail bothers you or it’s painful.

They may suggest:

  • antifungal nail cream it can take up to 12 months to cure the infection and does not always work
  • nail-softening cream it’s used for 2 weeks to soften the nail so the infected part can be scraped off

The infection is cured when you see healthy nail growing back at the base.

What Should I Ask My Healthcare Provider About Toenail Fungus

10+ Best Home Remedies For Toenail Fungus

If you have toenail fungus, you may find it helpful to ask your provider:

  • What type of infection do I have?
  • Do you recommend I treat it? Why or why not?
  • How long will I need treatment?
  • What steps can I take to stop it from coming back?
  • Should I be aware of any potentially serious complications or treatment side effects?

A note from Cleveland Clinic

Toenail fungus is an incredibly common infection that can be difficult to treat. The condition usually isnt painful, but it may make you feel self-conscious about how your foot looks. If it bothers you, talk to your provider about your treatment options. A trained specialist can provide guidance on whats most likely to address your concerns while protecting your overall health.

Last reviewed by a Cleveland Clinic medical professional on 12/17/2020.


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How Do I Get Rid Of Black Toenail Fungus

  • The best way to get rid of black toenail fungus is to trim the toenail.
  • It is also a good idea to clean out the underlying callus underneath the toenail.
  • The key to curing black toenail fungus is to make sure the new toenail can grow back in safely without more fungus underneath it.
  • A podiatrist can help you do this, and this can greatly help remove the toenail fungus.

Home Remedies To Get Rid Of Yellow Toenails Toenail

Ad i found one fast, simple trick. Add 1 part 3% hydrogen peroxide with 2 parts baking powder to make a fine paste

6 easy ways to get rid of toenail fungus toenail fungus. 1 this could also happen if a manicure has damaged.

6 ways to clear up yellow toenails yellow toe nails toe. A nail injury can make the nail become yellow making it loose or become separated from its nail bed.the medical term for.

7 truly amazing natural remedies for toenail fungus. A traditional cure for yellow toenails is to carefully rub half a lemon on your nail.

7 ways to get rid of yellow nails at home yellow toe. Ad i found one fast, simple trick.

Cpapwithoutsleepapnea key 8067189671. Ad i found one fast, simple trick.

Forsleepapnea id2158623548 bestfootfungustreatment in. Add 1 part 3% hydrogen peroxide with 2 parts baking powder to make a fine paste

Get rid of yellow toenails for good with these 4 natural. Add several drops of the essential oils and shake to combine.

Get rid of yellow toenails yellow toe nails toe nails. Allicin and ajoene, found in garlic, both have antifungal properties to help get rid of the fungus causing thickening nails.

How to get rid of toenail fungus quickly what you need to. Apply the fine paste on your stained toenails and leave it on for some minutes

How to get rid of toenail fungus quickly what you need to. Applying a small amount of melted coconut oil can help heal thick yellow toenails.

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Best Ointment: Fungi Nail Anti

  • Infused with five oils for skin healing

  • Easy-to-use brush applicator

  • Only for mild infections

  • Doesn’t heal the nail plate

Fungi Nail Antifungal Ointment uses an innovative design to address multiple forms of fungal infections one can find on their feet. Its wide-tip applicator applies the appointment on larger areas of the feet, such as the soles and in-between toes. Then the smaller applicator works to get around the nail cuticles and underneath the nail.

Once applied, the maximum-strength ointment kills the fungus with the active ingredients of zinc undecylenate and undecylenic acid to help treat toenail fungus. The ointment also soothes itching and burning that can come with an infection, all while healing the skin. For best results, apply twice a day to clean, dry feet.

The ointment also soothes itching and burning that can come with an infection, all while healing the skin. For best results, apply twice a day to clean, dry feet.

Active Ingredients: Zinc undecylenate 20% and Undecylenic acid 5% | Dose: Tube and brush applicator delivers the appropriate amount. Apply thin layer on affected area twice daily or as directed by a doctor. | Uses: Treats and prevents fungal infections fights athletes foot and ringworm

What Is The Outlook For Someone With Toenail Fungus

Have Yellow Toenail Fungus? Get Rid Of Your Nail Fungus For Good With These Treatment Options

While toenail fungus is common, its usually not harmful. Symptoms mostly affect the look of your toenail.

Toenail fungus may spread to the skin between your toes or other areas of your body. When getting dressed, put your socks on first to reduce the chance of spread.

Treating toenail fungus takes a long time, and it doesnt always work. Even then, toenail fungus often returns. Discuss the pros and cons of treating toenail fungus with your provider to determine whats best for you.

Practicing good hygiene and foot care reduces the chance toenail fungus will come back. If you have diabetes, getting regular foot exams may help you address foot problems before they get serious.

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Does Hydrogen Peroxide Kill Toenail Fungus

Toenail fungus is a really nasty condition.

Perhaps the only positive thing about it is that it’s easy to diagnose. Even you can notice the discoloration of the toenails, which may turn white, yellow, or brown. The condition is mostly visual, but if left untreated, there is a good chance that it will affect other toenails as well.

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Other Medical Conditions That May Cause Yellow Toenails

  • Psoriasis: A salmon patch that looks like a pink- or yellow-colored oil drop develops on the nail when psoriasis affects the nail bed.
  • Sarcoidosis: Yellow discoloration of the nails, often with pitting, bleeding under the nails, hyperpigmentation of the nail bed, or inflammation of the skin around the nails.
  • Diabetes: Yellowing, brittleness, and thickening of the nails due to decreased circulation.
  • Thyroid disease: Yellow nails, plus overgrowth of the nails, lifting of the nail off the nail bed, nail clubbing, and swelling of the toes and fingers.

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What Causes A Fungal Nail Infection

Yeasts, moulds, and different kinds of fungi can cause fungal nail infections. Most are caused by the same type of fungus that causes athletes foot.

Fungi grow best in warm, moist places, and they can spread from person to person. You can get a fungal nail infection from walking barefoot in public showers or pools or by sharing personal items, such as towels and nail clippers. If you have athletes foot, the fungus can spread from your skin to your nails.

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Side Effects Of Toenail Fungus Medication

Natural remedy to treat toenail fungus

One of the many benefits of using a homeopathic remedy is that there are little to no adverse side effects. Topical treatments often prescribed to treat toenail fungus can potentially burn or blister the skin. Oral medications for treating onychomycosis can cause liver or gastrointestinal damage. Be sure to read your medications list of potential side effects. Consult your pharmacist, physician, or specialist if you are concerned about side effects of prescription drugs.

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Can Toenail Fungus Be Black

Yes, certain types of black yeast and black bacterial infections can cause the toenails to turn black.

In our opinion, we see this much less frequently than dry blood underneath the toenail.

In roughly 99% of scenarios that we see: the thick fungal toenail detaches from the underlying skin, and dry blood forms underneath the toenail.

This prevents the toenail from reattaching to the skin and creates a thick black toenail that can cause pain.

Is It Possible To Prevent The Recurrence Of Nail Fungus

Tinea pedis, also known as athlete’s foot or foot fungus, can cause recurrence of fungal nails. Therefore, it is important to manage this condition. One can apply over-the-counter antifungal medicines such as clotrimazole or terbinafine cream as directed to affected skin. Keeping footwear and socks clean can be helpful. You can also use portable UV light sanitizers to disinfect shoes.

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What Causes Toenails To Turn Yellow

Yellow toenails that are not due to aging or nail polish residue can sometimes be a sign of a fungal infection. Fungal nail infections, or onychomycosis, are commonly caused by dermatophytes which eat the keratin in nails. This can make the nail turn yellow or black, or develop white patches or yellow spots. Athletes, or people with diabetes, peripheral vascular disease and poor blood circulation are more likely to develop toenail fungus. You can help prevent toenail fungus by keeping your toenails clean, dry, and trimmed straight across, wearing clean socks and shoes that fit properly, and airing out shoes after use. Toenail fungus is usually treatable with anti-fungal medicine. If you notice any change in the color, texture or thickness of your toenails, contact a podiatrist.

If left untreated, toenail fungus may spread to other toenails, skin, or even fingernails. If you suspect you have toenail fungus it is important to seek treatment right away. For more information about treatment, contact Dr. Steven Sheridan of Ankle & Foot Specialty Clinics. Our doctor can provide the care you need to keep you pain-free and on your feet.


  • Warped or oddly shaped nails
  • Yellowish nails

Tips For Prevention Of Fungal Nails

How I Cured Yellow Toenail Fungus in 2 Months!

Nail fungus causes only 50% of abnormal-appearing nails. It can be hard to tell the difference between the different causes of discolored nails . Onychomycosis is often not treated. Reasons to receive treatment include

  • diabetes,

    No one knows where a specific person catches the fungus, as it is everywhere. However, since the fungus does thrive in warm moist areas , there are certain areas one should avoid or use with caution. Shower floors, locker rooms, and swimming pools are suspected of being sources of the fungus, although there are no studies proving this fact. Nail polish and acrylic nails also make the nail less “breathable” and make the nail more susceptible to fungal infection. Fungi are everywhere — in the air, the dust, and the soil. Hygienic measures such as spraying socks and footgear sound sensible, and perhaps these measures can even help a little bit. However, avoiding tight, nonbreathing shoes or steering clear of athletic facility floors may very well be the best prevention available. Daily washing of the feet and drying between the toes can help to prevent nail fungus. The fungi carried on the coats of pets, like cats and dogs, don’t often cause nail fungus. Wearing white socks does not help.

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    What Is Toenail Fungus

    Toenail fungus is a widespread fungal infection that affects the toenails. Less commonly, nail fungus infects the fingernails. Nail fungus is also called onychomycosis.

    Toenail fungus happens when fungi get between the toenail and the toenail bed . This usually happens through a crack or cut in your toe.

    What Is Black Toenail Fungus

    If you have a dark, thick toenail, it could be toenail fungus, which is usually caused by a type of fungus called dermatophytes. It affects the toenail and the area beneath the nail and causes color changes, thickening, and abnormally shaped nails.

    Its fairly common, with at least 12% of American adults diagnosed with it, according to Seminars in Cutaneous Medicine and Surgery. Older adults and people with diabetes, circulation problems, or a weakened immune system are more likely to have toenail fungus.

    This infection doesnt usually go away on its own, and it can take a year or more to treat it with prescription medications. These are applied to the nail or taken in pill form.

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    Early Treatment Is Key

    When it comes to treating toenail infections, early diagnosis and proper treatment is key to eradicating the fungus as quickly as possible. Once one toenail is impacted, the infection can spread to your other toenails, making treatment more challenging. Even worse, untreated nail fungus easily spreads to other people.

    At Family Foot & Ankle Center of South Jersey, we often begin treatment by cutting back the infected nail to where it attaches to the toe. We may scrape the area to help get rid of some of the fungus and prescribe an oral antifungal medication. Taken over the course of 6-12 week, this medication allows a new, fungus-free nail to grow and replace the infected nail. Because of the slow growth of toenails, it can take up to four months for the infection to be truly eradicated.

    For those with minor cases, an antifungal topical treatment may be enough to fight the infection. Depending on each individual case, antifungal nail polish or cream may be recommended. These topical treatment approaches are effective, but they work slower than oral antifungal medications and can take as long as 12-18 months to totally do away with your fungal infection.

    Toenail fungal infections can be stubborn, but when you stick with your treatment method and use them exactly as your doctor recommends, youll be ready for summer and sandal season before you know it!

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    If I Apply Vaseline Regularly Will My Toenail Fungus Be Cured

    No, Vaseline cant cure it. There are no scientific pieces of evidence to back this solution, but it definitely helps with the treatment or relieves the symptoms.

    You can try this treatment alongside your medicines or consider it a home remedy.

    Miracles do happen but you must consider the fact that vaseline is just an ointment. If the fungus has already entered your bloodstream, you may need to take medicines only.

    In such cases, vaseline can only heal the upper layer of the skin.

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