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How To Treat Skin Fungus Naturally

Foods That Combat Fungal Infections

Natural (Skin Fungus) Tinea Versicolor Home Remedies Dr.Berg

As a general rule of thumb, foods rich in vitamin C can protect your body from fungal skin infections by strengthening your immune system. Foods high in vitamin C include potatoes, brussels sprouts, broccoli, blackcurrants, strawberries, and any citrus fruit like oranges.

Some topical natural substances for the skin can also be taken orally to improve fungal skin conditions. For example, turmeric can be beneficial when added to tea or used as a spice for meals. Adding garlic to your meals can also support your immune system. Those who consume garlic regularly are less prone to fungal skin infections. Adding ginger to your diet can also be very beneficial for lowering your risk of a fungal skin condition and improving your overall health.

Alternative And Complementary Therapies

Applying over-the-counter dandruff shampoos to the skin for about 10 minutes a day while in the shower can be a useful home remedy. Ask your doctor if this might help you.

Other home remedies sometimes suggested include honey, olive oil, and beeswax. Ask your doctor or dermatologist before trying any of them.

In one small study, an application of equal parts honey, olive oil, and beeswax helped a majority of patients. They applied the mixture three times a day for about a month.

Home Remedies For Yeast Infections

While yeast infections can be a common occurrence, they can also be an annoyance, and even worse, embarrassing for women. Although severe infections may require a trip to the doctors office and a prescription, there are over-the-counter options and several home remedies for yeast infections. Learn how to identify a yeast infection, when to go to the doctor, how to treat a yeast infection at home, and how to prevent them from recurring.

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What Does Fungus Look Like On Skin

A fungal infection usually appears as a dry area of skin that is rough, cracking and even bleeding at times. A fungal infection may appear as a somewhat circular patch of varying sizes, hence the common name ringworm.

How to treat fungal skin rash naturallyIf you have a more severe fungal ear infection, fluconazole may be prescribed by your doctor. It works just like clotrimazole. The most common side effects are a headache, nausea, dizziness, change in taste, loose stools, abdominal pain, skin rash, and elevation of liver enzymes. Fluconazole is taken in tablet form.

Skin Fungus Or Tinea Versicolor

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Tinea versicolor is also called Pityriasis versicolor. White patches on skin from fungus are also common. The condition is called tinea versicolor. It is caused by a type of fungus called Pityrosporum ovale or Malassezia furfur. . The main symptom of tinea versicolor yeast is white patches or areas of skin discoloration.

The skin fungus is common in adolescent or teenage boys who sweat a lot. The fungus thrives better due to sweat and may be more prevalent in hot humid climates. The white splotches on skin that occur from this fungal infection appear mostly on the underarms , neck, chest and upper arms. The inner thighs can also get discolored.

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Who Is At Risk Of A Skin Fungus?

You are more at risk of getting a skin fungus if you:

  • are taking steroids
  • have a weak immune system caused by HIV/AIDS or cancer
  • have had a skin infection in the past
  • suffer from high blood sugar levels or uncontrolled diabetes

Tea Tree Oil Has Potent Anti

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One of the most effective home remedies for skin fungi is tea tree oil. This essential oil has anti-fungus and antiseptic properties, which means that it will kill the microorganisms and keep the infection from spreading. Whats more, its perfect for getting rid of nail fungus.

However, tea tree oil is a strong substance and should be used carefully.

Necessary ingredients:

  • Apply the concoction to the affected spot.
  • Repeat twice a day until the problem resolves.
  • Notes: Under no circumstances, should you ingest tea tree oil because its toxic. In addition to this, even undiluted it can cause allergic reactions, so do a patch test first. Pregnant women also should avoid this home remedy for skin fungi.

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    What You Need To Know About Fungal Infections

    Fungal infections can range from mild to life-threatening. Some fungal infections are mild skin rashes, but others can be deadly, like fungal pneumonia. Because of this, its important to get treatment as soon as possible to try to avoid serious infection.

    Life-saving devices like central venous catheters can increase your risk for fungal infection. During your hospital stay you may need a central venous catheter, which is a tube placed into a vein to give medications or liquids. This can make it easier for fungi to enter your body and increase your chances of getting a fungal bloodstream infection such as candidemia.1, 2

    Disease-causing fungi can enter your body through cuts, wounds, and burns. Fungi naturally live on your skin and on healthcare workers hands. These fungi can enter your body through cuts and wounds and cause infection during a hospital stay, especially if your wounds are severe.3

    Staying in the intensive care unit . If youre in the ICU because youre critically ill or injured, youre likely to need life-saving devices or procedures that can put you at risk for fungal infections, particularly Candida and Aspergillus infections.4

    Surgery can lead to infection. If youve had surgery, its possible to get a fungal infection in in the part of the body where the surgery took place. Surgical site infections are often caused by bacteria, but can also be caused by fungi.

    What Are Some Alternative Diagnoses

    5 Way to Cure Fungal Infection on Skin Naturally

    Confluent and reticulated papillomatosis is characterized by net-like hyperpigmentation of the central chest and mid back. Its cause is unknown but may be related in some cases to Malassezia colonization. Progressive macular hypomelanosis presents with hypopigmented macules and patches on the trunk and may very much resemble tinea versicolor. In this case, however, the KOH is negative and there is no response to systemic or topical antifungal medications. Pityriasis alba are pale oval areas that appear on the face and are related to eczema and other sensitive skin conditions. This is more likely to respond to topical steroid treatment than antifungal medications. It would be unlikely for vitiligo to first present on the back and shoulders, but it is possible.

    Topical econazole , ciclopirox , ketoconazole , clotrimazole , and miconazole are all effective in treating tinea versicolor when applied until there is no further itching, scaling, or redness. Topical terbinafine may be effective but may not work as well for yeast-related problems as it does for other fungal infections. Products that combine an antifungal with an exfoliating agent or with an absorptive powder would be harder to use over a large area of the back and shoulders than a cream or spray.

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    Remedies To Cure Skin Fungus

    Its very important to remember that fungal skin infections should be treated by a doctor or dermatologist. While there are some natural remedies that can alleviate your symptoms, you need medical treatment to get rid of the infection.

    Additionally, you should remember that the evidence about the safety and effectiveness of some of these remedies is limited. Consequently, they may not always work how you expect them to. Nevertheless, if youre interested in trying them, here are some options:

    What Are Risk Factors For Tinea Versicolor

    Tinea versicolor is more common in males than females. It is most common in the teens and 20s than in younger and older individuals. These risk factors likely have to do with age and hormonally related variations in the natural skin oils. There are quantitative and qualitative changes in natural skin oils with puberty that gradually subside with age. Some have noticed that the condition worsens in hot and humid environments and seasons, something seen with most yeast and fungal infections. Worldwide it is quite common in hot, humid environments and is rare in dry northern nations.

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    What Causes Fungal Skin Infections

    Fungi live all around us – in the air, soil, water and plants. Some even live naturally on our skin and in small amounts are not harmful to our health. But when too much grows it can cause a fungal skin infection. As its difficult to avoid the fungi around us, fungal infections are very common.

    Some examples of fungal skin infections include:

    • Ringworm
    • Fungal nappy rash

    How To Treat Athletes Foot

    Natural remedies to treat skin fungus at home

    Natural remedies work best for common infections. These include athletes foot, jock itch, yeast infections, and ringworm.

    If you want to treat your athletes foot at home, try the following:

    • Rub tea tree oil directly onto the infected area
    • Submerge your foot in a garlic foot soak
    • Put your foot in a warm baking soda soak
    • Make a yogurt-based probiotic topical
    • Place your foot in an apple cider vinegar soak

    To prevent athletes foot from coming back, avoid damp shoes and shower floor. Work on boosting that immune system, too!

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    E Babchi Ayurvedic Remedy

    Babchi is also known as Psoralea corylifolia. It is known to be a popular herb that has for a long time been used in traditional Ayurvedic and Chinese medicine for its magical effects to cure various skin diseases. . Heres how to use it to reduce white patches on the skin fast.

  • Soak babchi seeds in ginger extract or juice for about 2 to three days.
  • Each of those days, replace the ginger juice to keep it fresh.
  • Remove the husks on the seeds by applying pressure using palms.
  • Dry the seeds in the sun and grind them to get powder.
  • Apply the powder to the areas with white spots on skin.
  • Repeat until the pigment returns to normal.
  • Turmeric To Keep Skin Fungus At Bay

    Turmeric is an excellent herb with natural antiseptic, antifungal, and antibiotic properties. In addition, you can get quick recovery and prevent skin fungal infection from reoccurring thanks to its healing properties.

    Herbal supplements containing turmeric can be used to prevent or treat certain types of skin fungal infections. Turmeric contains a chemical compound, curcumin, which can fight 23 fungi strains.

    Besides, being an antioxidant, turmeric can protect your immune system, which makes it stronger to cope with the attacks from free radicals. Hence, it can protect your body from fungus infections.


    • Firstly, crush a raw turmeric root to take its juice. Then, apply the juice to the affected skin area. Now, leave it on your skin for 2 to 3 hours. Finally, rinse off this juice with tepid water. Repeat this method for 2 times daily until the symptoms of infection clear.
    • Another option, add 1 teaspoon of turmeric powder and 1 cup of milk in a pan and then boil this mixture. Then, add a little honey to it and drink it when it is warm. Follow this way daily to boost up your immune system as well as prevent some kinds of infection.

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    Types Of Fungal Skin Rash

    There are many types of fungal rash like tinea, Candida, Athletes foot and jock itch. The type and name of fungal infection depends on the part of the body in which the fungus causes infection. Many people dont know that fungi live on our body most of the time and it starts infecting us only when our immune system gets weakened.

    Home Remedies For Skin Fungus Apple Cider Vinegar

    Natural remedies to treat skin fungus at home

    This vinegar has many medicinal properties that are excellent for the skin regeneration & repair. Apple cider vinegar also is good for healing many bacterial & fungal infections. It helps penetrate deeply into the skin as well as exert its pressure onto the affected skin.

    In addition, apple cider vinegar also contains antimicrobial properties that help to fight the fungus causing the skin infections. Also, its mild acidic in nature aids in preventing the skin infection from spreading and promoting quick recovery.

    • This vinegar is very strong, so you have to dilute it by using the adequate water to protect the skin from burning.
    • Then you apply the diluted apple cider vinegar per day onto the skin fungus about 3 to 4 times/day till the fungus is eliminated completely.
    • Another option, you can also combine apple cider vinegar of about 2 tablespoons in 1 cup of warm water. Then, drink it slowly for 2 times daily.

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    Oregano Oil For Skin Fungus

    Oregano oil is very effective in killing fungus causing fungal infections on the skin.

    Another way in the list of top natural home remedies for skin fungus on legs and other parts is oregano oil. As you know, the skin fungal infections are caused by the fungi developing on the damp environments. And the antifungal properties present in this oil can help you to kill the fungi effectively. In addition, it also contains an antimicrobial property that aids in preventing skin fungal infections significantly.


    • You take oregano oil and virgin olive oil at the ratio of 1:1. Then, mix them together in a bowl and apply this oil mixture to the affected area. Now, leave it on your skin for at least a few hours. Finally, rinse this area with clean water.
    • Another option, you can also take 3 drops of oregano oil and add it to a small glass of clean water and then drink it after stirring them well. You should have this water for 2 times daily.
    • Or, you can take 1 or 2 capsules of oregano oil for 2 times a day after having your meals.

    You should follow any of these home remedies for skin fungus on legs and other parts with oregano oil regularly until you get rid of your skin problem completely.

    Note: Always use oregano oil that is free from alcohol.

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    Is Tinea Versicolor Contagious

    Yes and no. The yeast that causes tinea versicolor is a normal human organism that lives on everyone’s skin. It is believed to be acquired when a new mother first holds her baby in her arms. Even though everyone has the yeast, not everyone exhibits signs and symptoms of tinea versicolor. One gets tinea versicolor symptoms and signs because of one’s own Malassezia furfur population rather than “catching” it from someone else. The only way to avoid recolonization for a “cure” after a treatment course would be to move after treatment into a sterile bubble with no human contact forever.

    When To See A Doctor

    Home remedies for fungal infection

    If symptoms do not clear up within 2 weeks of using home remedies, then it may be necessary to see a doctor.

    A doctor may recommend using an over-the-counter topical lotion that contains clotrimazole or terbinafine. These products must be applied twice daily. In some cases, the doctor may prescribe stronger antifungal medications.

    Those who are likely to spread ringworm to others through their job or lifestyle such as teachers and athletes should see their doctor promptly.

    Preventing ringworm is easier than treating an established infection. However, ringworm is highly contagious , so it is necessary to be diligent about preventative techniques.

    • keeping skin clean and dry
    • never walking barefoot in communal showers or changing areas
    • wearing open-toed or loose shoes whenever possible to allow air to circulate around the feet
    • changing socks and underwear daily
    • keeping fingernails and toenails clipped and clean
    • avoiding sharing clothing, towels, or bed linen with a person who has a ringworm infection
    • washing hands with soap and water regularly especially after contact with animals, which can be carriers of ringworm
    • taking infected pets to a veterinarian for immediate treatment
    • taking a shower immediately after games or practice sessions
    • washing sports gear regularly

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    Most Common Risk Factors For Developing Fungal Infections:

  • Living in hot and humid climates, sweating too much, or wearing damp clothes can result in the development of fungal infections.
  • A compromised immunity due to underlying diseases like diabetes, HIV, cancer etc. can cause fungal infections.
  • Living in an unclean environment and not maintaining personal hygiene can cause fungal infections.
  • Wearing dirty clothes like unclean socks and innerwear can lead to fungal infections.
  • Wearing clothes that are too tight can cause sweating, providing the necessary moisture for the accelerated growth of fungi.
  • Obesity can lead to fungal infections. Moisture can be retained in skin folds, further giving a breeding ground to fungus.
  • Stress can compromise our immunity further leading to fungal infections.
  • Hormonal changes in pregnancy can lead to vaginal infections.

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