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How To Treat Dollar Spot Fungus On Lawn

Why Is Neem Oil Banned In Canada

Dollar Spot Lawn Fungus | Disease Control and Prevention

While lauded in most of the world, neem oil is currently banned in Canada due to the potential side effects of misuse. One must know how often to apply neem oil to protect plants from potential damage. It also will help protect beneficial insects from coming into contact with this natural insecticide.

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Use A Commercial Fungicide To Kill Fungus

You can use store-bought fungicide or a natural fungicide. Store-bought options come in two styles contact and systemic.

Contact fungicide is a liquid that coats the blades of grass and kills fungus on contact. Systemic fungicide typically comes in small granules that you spread across the soil.

Many fungicides are designed as all-purpose fungus killers while others are designed to target specific types of fungi. Always read the label to ensure that the product can treat your problem.

How To Treat Dollar Spot

Once an infestation sets in, Dollar Spot can be challenging to treat. We recommend approaching the fungus on two frontsspecifically, fertilization, and fungicide. Application of an approved fungicide can kill the spores and prevent further spread, while careful fertilization will help your grass out-compete the invading fungus. Of course, this should be done carefully and by a trained professional, as over-fertilization can cause the fungus to spread more aggressively! Our team of experts is here to help. To learn more about how Blades of Green can help, contact us today!And rememberwhile effective treatment options are available, preventative maintenance is your most powerful tool to protect your lawn from Dollar Spot this summer.

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Why Does My Lawn Have Brown Or Discolored Patches Of Grass

You put hours into your lawn, doing everything you were told to do to make the grass green and lush. Youve aerated, fed, watered, and mowed, and everything looked great until suddenly, it didnt. Almost overnight, there are patches of dead grass. Or maybe some spots are an unusual color, or just look off somehow. Whatever the issue, its unsightly, and it looks to be spreading.

Oftentimes, when a lawn develops problems like dead or discolored areas, the culprit is disease or lawn fungus. But before you give up and decide to just replace your lawn with artificial turf, you should know that your grass can be saved. By correctly identifying the problem, and applying the proper treatment, you can eradicate the disease and go back to enjoying a yard full of healthy grass.

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How To Identify Pythium Blight Vs Dollar Spot Fungus

Dollar Spot Fungus

Pythium blight and dollar spot both affect cool-season turfgrasses. Pythium blight is often a problem for golf courses and lawns with creeping bentgrass and annual bluegrass. Unlike the white or straw-colored silver dollar spots of the dollar spot fungus, Pythium blight causes dark, bronze, or even orange-colored spots that have a greasy sheen to them.

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Damage Symptoms: How You Can Spot It

There are two easy ways to identify dollar spot lawn disease on turf. The first is the shape and size of the damaged areas. The individual spots are usually very circular and distinct, and grow to only a few inches in diameter. Another symptom thats easy to recognize are the lesions on the individual grass blades. Dollar spot lawn disease causes an hour-glass shaped band to form across the width of the grass blade. This band is light tan and has a reddish-brown edge on the top and bottom. Being a very thorough fungus, dollar spot kills the entire grass plant. After a serious bout with dollar spot, lawn renovation or reseeding will almost always be required once the disease is brought under control.

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How To Get Rid Of Dollar Spot Fungus

There are many reasons youll find brown patches on your lawn. The dollar spot fungus is one of the easier causes to identify because it is aptly named after the silver dollar-sized patches it leaves. Youll find it in the early spring through late fall, especially when the ground is dry but the air is humid. And its common on cool and warm-season grasses and most aggressive on golf course turf.

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Why Does Your Lawn Have Dollar Spot

Depending on how you treat your lawn, dollar spot could be caused unintentionally by improper maintenance.

  • Persistently wet grassSince dollar spot loves humidity, extended periods of wet weather can lead to the disease on susceptible grasses. While you cant control the weather, you can control your lawn watering habits. Water your lawn deeply and infrequently. Watering in the early morning hours will also prevent the grass from staying moist for too long. If you are experiencing a lengthy period of rain, let mother nature take care of the watering until it gets dry again.
  • Mowing too shortShorter lawns will hold onto moisture for longer, which makes them more susceptible to contracting dollar spot. In order to prevent this, raise your mower blade to be around 3-4 inches. As a good rule of thumb, try not to cut more than one-third of your lawns leaf blades at a time.
  • Thatch build upIf your lawn is building up with thatch, this can be a trigger for dollar spot. Thatch buildup can prevent the necessary amount of oxygen from getting into the soil.
  • Not enough lawn foodLawns that are not receiving the proper amount of fertilizer can be prone to diseases like dollar spot. Depending on your grass, make sure your lawn is being treated with the correct fertilizer and required amount.

Does Dollar Spot Go Away

Lawn Fungus Cure – Brown Patch and Dollar Spot

Dollar spot thrives under certain conditions if you remove those conditions and the weather becomes less conducive to this fungal infection, the lawn may improve of its own accord however, keep in mind that the fungus is still present. To prevent future outbreaks, youll want to take steps to control this lawn disease.

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Water Your Lawn Early In The Morning Hours

If youve been waiting until the last minute of the day to water your lawn, the soil will retain the water throughout the night. Harmful fungi tend to grow and multiply quickly in waterlogged soils. It needs moisture to survive.

The only way to ensure the soil absorbs enough water to encourage root growth and encourage photosynthesis is by watering your lawn in the early morning hours. Its during this period that the sun isnt extremely scorching.

Dollar Spot Control & Treatment

To control dollar spot disease, you can contact fungicides applications such as Propiconazole 14.3, Clearys, or Eagle 20EW. Do not use any lawn fungicide with the active ingredients azoxystrobin, as this can have an opposite effect on the disease.

While chemical treatments can be effective for many fungal grass infections, dollar spot is one that quickly develops fungicide resistance, so youll also want to employ those cultural control preventative measures we outlined above as theyll help your lawn recover more quicklyand completely. When applying fungicides, follow the label directions carefully. If youre still struggling to control dollar spot on your affected turf, you may want to rely on professional treatment.

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How To Avoid Dollar Spot

There is ways to prevent this type of fungal disease from happening to your lawn. By simply following seasonal lawn care maintenance. This will encourage a healthy lawn growth. Below is a list of regular lawn maintenance tips that is recommended before and after winter.

  • Regularly fertilising throughout the year will encourage the right nitrogen levels that your lawn requires.
  • Regular mowing helps remove thatch build up. Thatch is known for disease to grow in your lawn, especially in a humid environment.
  • A deep watering in the mornings and late afternoons.
  • Aerating your lawn will help to give your lawn some extra access to oxygen
  • Using a wetting agent.This products helps the soil to open up allowing the water to penetrate evenly throughout the soil making watering more efficient, reducing loss through run off and gives your lawn more access to water stores.

By following these regular lawn maintenance tips you will be able to control dollar spot without using a fungicide. If the issue does worsen and needs treatment, there are fungal products that can be purchased at your local Bunnings called, Mancozeb or Zaleton Systemic Fungicide. Before applying make to always read the label and follow the product instructions.

To get more advice on lawn problems or to order a new lawn call our team on . If you want to pop in and order in person, our office is located at Unit 1/243 Bradman Street, Acacia Ridge. Open Monday to Friday 7am to 5pm and Saturday 7am to 12pm.

Identify Red Thread Lawn Disease


The first time you notice a red-pink patch of grass in your lawn, it may seem as if the light is playing tricks on you. But when taking another look at this unusual phenomenon closer up and more carefully than before – theres no mistaking what causes these beautiful colors: They are caused by disease! The cause could be named red thread,” which has distinctive looking cotton candy like strands wrapped around its blade tips or protruding from them . However despite how interesting appearance might be supposed to make identification easyit isn’t always so simple because many different diseases have similar symptoms.

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Ner With A Pro For Peace Of Mind

We know that lawn disease can be a stressful topic. It can feel like youre doing everything right and yet lawn fungus can still wreak havoc. Thats why it can be so beneficial to partner with a professional.

Not only should a professional be on the lookout for early signs of a lawn disease but theyll also be able to take proactive measures to help prevent some of these problems in the first place.

At Master Lawn, we value having a partnership with our clients. As weve said, we welcome clients reaching out to us in between lawn care visits at the first sign of trouble. The last thing that we ever want is for homeowners to lose their lawn to a disease. Were here to help make sure that doesnt happen.

Ready to have a lush green lawn, free from disease, at your Memphis, TN home? Talk to a lawn care expert, choose from 3 program options, and become the master of your lawn.

What Can I Do To Control And Prevent Dollar Spot Lawn Disease

Preventing Dollar Spot outbreaks can be much more effective than fighting the disease once it appears in your yard. For effective lawn disease control of Dollar Spot:

Water deeply, but infrequently. During times when the climate conditions promote the growth of Dollar Spot, be sure to water intermittently, but leave the sprinkler on for at least a couple of hours to simulate a deep, drenching rainfall.

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How To Treat Snow Mold Disease

Rake the damaged spots gently to aerate the grass blades and help dry them out. Remove any thatch layer that is more than 1/2 inch thick. This should not be done until the lawn has dried out somewhat and has been mowed two or three times, as mechanical dethatching machines can badly damage new grass shoots in the spring. Mow the lawn at a shorter than normal length until the mold is no longer actively growing. Taller grass will hold more moisture, which fosters fungal growth. Especially in the fall, mow to a short height to minimize the moisture that might be trapped under the first snowfall of the season. Bagging up all grass clippings for the last few mowing’s in the fall will also help.

Best Times To Apply Fungicide

How to Treat Red Thread Fungus in the Lawn | Dollar Spot Disease | Lawn Disease

The best time to apply fungicide will depend on whether youre using a contact fungicide or a systemic fungicide.

It is usually early in the morning before bees are foraging and more than 24 hours before rain is expected.

The spray must be able to dry, but avoid spraying when its windy or conditions are otherwise likely to encourage spray drift onto fruit and vegetable gardens.

It might be necessary to spray more than once if conditions favourable to disease persist, but dont use the same product each time.

Alternate between contact and systemic fungicides as well as using fungicides from different modes of action groups to avoid the development of resistance which can make chemicals less effective.

Always read the product label and follow its instructions for application and safety precautions. Some fungicides registered for turf diseases are not permitted for use in the home garden.

Some fungicides are less toxic than others, but you should always wear gloves, eye protection, boots and avoid skin contact when applying any chemicals to your lawn or garden.

Keep children and pets off your lawn for at least 24 hours after application.

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How To Prevent Dollar Spot Disease

Your lawn care maintenance program should include regular mowing at the recommended height for your lawn type, aeration and thatch removal, application of fertiliser and deep, infrequent watering in the morning.

If youre doing all these things and Dollar Spot still appears, it might pay to start a preventative fungicide program using liquid copper.

An organic fungicide that can be used on your lawn, as well as in your fruit and vegetable garden, liquid copper is available from most hardware and garden centres.

It should be sprayed two weeks before problems usually start and can be repeated every seven to 10 days if needed.

Or you could choose a systemic fungicide containing the active ingredient propiconazole.

Systemic fungicides work from the inside out and will attack and kill the fungus on infected plants, whether symptoms are visible or not.

Theyre not washed off by rain and can keep working for longer than a contact fungicide up to 25 days or more. You can read our guide to turf maintenance and lawn care.

Theres also a guide to preventing and managing Dollar Spot and a range of other common lawn diseases.

Continue To Monitor For Fungal Diseases

After treating the problem, continue to monitor your turf for signs of fungal infections. Some fungal diseases are seasonal and may return the following year, requiring you to repeat the treatment. In the meantime, maintain correct mowing techniques.

If possible, collect grass clippings as you mow. Collecting clippings minimises the spread of fungal diseases, as most types of fungi are easily distributed throughout a lawn. Avoiding excess foot traffic also cuts down on the spread of fungal diseases.

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Overseed Your Lawn With Shade Tolerant Grass Seed

Scarifying and aerating your lawn are invasive treatments which your lawn will need to recover from.

To help aid quick recovery, overseed your lawn with new grass seed.

If your lawn resides in shade, its vitally important to use a grass seed blend that is shade tolerant. If you use the wrong type of grass seed, youll likely see Dollar Spot develop again.

So use a grass seed mix that is designed for shady areas.

See my article, Best Grass Seed for my recommendations on the best grass seed for shaded lawns.

How To Treat And Prevent Pythium Lawn Disease

Dollar Spot Fungicide

Pythium Blight is one of the most annoying lawn diseases because its so easy to prevent but hard-to-cure. You can do nothing about hot and humid weather, which makes this fungus very common in summer months when you might want your grass healthy again! In order not have pythies everywhere lurking under our feet , make sure that fertilizers are slow release avoid using quick fix ones with too much nitrogen for optimal growth rates–those will only encourage more thrips development as well if there already was an infestation present before hand! For watering practices try watering long and sparingly , early in the day. This way, grass blades have a chance to dry out before nightfall. Aerate the soil to prevent thatch buildup and to loosen compacted, poorly draining soil. Fix your landscape and even out the turf to minimize areas where water might pool.

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Identifying Dollar Spot In Grass

If upon further inspection you see that these are not spider webs that have appeared in your lawn but rather appear to be yellow straw-colored patches in the grass then this can be identified as Dollar Spot Fungus. This fungus sinks in the grass and leaves stringy cotton like residue which gives the false appearance of spider webs in the grass. The main difference being the yellowish color and the absence of grass spiders.

Identify Summer Patch Lawn Disease

Summer patch is a highly destructive fungus that can kill grass by infecting and destroying its roots. Summer patches usually stay in the soil, but when hot weather comes they’ll invade your lawn’s vascular system disrupting plants’ ability to take up water or nutrients because of how quickly it attacks them – not just attacking one area at time like other fungi do! It has been reported as being able survive through winter if left untreated thanks however once infected with this nasty disease you will see damaged leaves as well many times where brown spots may appear then spread all over until finally everything dies off leaving behind sickly looking dead stalks which are brittle enough for easily breaking under foot pressure.

Summer Patch changes in appearance as the disease progresses. Look for any or all of these early warning signs and late-stage symptoms:

  • Dark-green, wilted, irregular circles of grass up to 2 in diameter.
  • Straw-colored patches, rings, and crescents that increase in size during summer.
  • Enlarged patches, each with an outer edge that looks yellow or bronze.
  • Grass blades that are dying back from the tip.

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