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How To Get Rid Of Nail Fungus In 10 Minutes

Chopped & Smashed Garlic

How To Get Rid Of Toenail Fungus In 1 Minute

Garlic contains anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antifungal and antimicrobial properties. You may include it in your diet and apply it topically too.

Leave the smashed Garlic paste on your affected toenail for 30 minutes and then rinse it off.

You may also include garlic in your diet. However, too much garlic consumption can lead to inflammation as well.

Why Does Vinegar Soak Work

The idea behind vinegar foot soaks is relatively simple: vinegar is acidic, which gives it antifungal and antibacterial properties.

To explain a bit further, vinegar is a diluted form of acetic acid . As a result, it is an antifungal agent meaning it slows down the growth of some types of foot fungus and may kill fungus entirely.

It might also make your body less hospitable to fungus because the acidity affects the pH level of your skin. This makes fungal overgrowth and infection much more unlikely.

Its worth noting though, that there is no scientific evidence that shows vinegar soaks is a reliable method for treating toenail fungus.

Health Supplements & Probiotics

When you pair up these home remedies with certain health supplements containing some garlic, zinc or other nutrients that fight fungi, you will heal faster.

Make sure you introduce probiotics to your diet as they may help flush out the fungi faster than anything.

The most famous health supplements for quick toenail fungus cure are Vitamin E, A, Bs and Omega-3 fatty acid supplements.

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Can Toenail Fungus Spread Through Nail Clippers

Fungi grow best in warm, moist places, and they can spread from person to person. You can get a fungal nail infection from walking barefoot in public showers or pools or by sharing personal items, such as towels and nail clippers. If you have athletes foot, the fungus can spread from your skin to your nails.

Cover The Affected Area In Oregano Oil

How To Get Rid Of Nail Fungus Fast At Home ~ whitleysdesigns

Believe it or not, the tasty herb can also work wonders for treating toenail fungus at home. According to a 2006 study published in the Journal of Skin Appendage Disorders, researchers found that oreganos antibacterial properties are able to inhibit fungal growth in nails.

While the effectiveness of oregano oil has only been known anecdotally, thymola common component of oregano oilhas been reviewed to be an effective antibacterial and antifungal agent, Hayag says. People with toenail fungus can apply the product to affected areas twice daily and can expect no improvement, partial improvement, or complete improvement of their toenail fungus after using oregano oil. That said, she mentioned that oregano oil is quite potent and can cause an adverse reaction if you have particularly sensitive skin. For this reason, she recommends starting with a patch test. Additionally, to prevent an adverse reaction, consider mixing oregano oil with a carrier oil, such as olive or avocado oils, to dilute its potency.

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Use Of Lemon Juice For Nail Fungus

The citric acid content in the lemon can halt the fungal from spreading further. This fruit has high levels of antiseptic and antifungal properties. Hence, this may answer the trending question. Can you use lemon juice for nail fungus?

To achieve lasting results, use cotton and squeeze the fresh lemon juice on the nail once a day for a couple of weeks. To prevent distress, rinse the wound after 30 minutes and dry it clean. Guess what! It may shock you that your nails regain their regular coloring after a while.

Functional Medicine Toenail Fungus

How To Get Rid Of Toenail Fungus In 10 Minutes Most Effective Fingernail Fungus Treatment Topical Fungus Toenail Cream Ketoconazole, Surgery To Get Rid Of Toenail Fungus Foot Fungus Ring Toe And Foot Fungus Nail.

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Side Effects Of Toenail Fungus Medication

One of the many benefits of using a homeopathic remedy is that there are little to no adverse side effects. Topical treatments often prescribed to treat toenail fungus can potentially burn or blister the skin. Oral medications for treating onychomycosis can cause liver or gastrointestinal damage. Be sure to read your medications list of potential side effects. Consult your pharmacist, physician, or specialist if you are concerned about side effects of prescription drugs.

Affects Ears Fingers Nails Toes And Genitals

how to get rid of toenail fungus in 1 minute

Fungal infections are some of the most common infections, affecting various parts of the body like, ears, fingers, nails, toes, genitals etc. Nail fungus is one such infection.

Onychomycosis is the name of the type of fungus that causes infection on nails both toenails and fingernails. This infection takes time to develop so you might not notice is initially.

Fungi are always present in your body alongside bacteria. The nail becomes infected when there is an overgrowth of fungus on or under the nail.

This infection is communicable and can spread via direct or indirect contact. For example, if you borrow an infected persons shoes or gloves, you too might catch the infection.

The fungus develops in warm, moist environment. This is why it usually affects toenails rather than fingernails as your feet are mostly covered while you wear shoes which provide the fungus an ideal environment to grow.

Causes and Risk Factors for Nail Fungus

Living or working in a hot, humid environment

Constantly covered feet

Diabetic patients, who have reduced blood circulation in their feet

Direct contact with someone who has nail fungus

Minor cuts or injuries around the nail

Using communal showers or public swimming pools

Sweating a lot, especially in your feet and on your hands

A weak immune system

Medications used to treat toenail fungus include terbinafine and itraconazole . Laser treatment is also available but it is expensive and doesnt guarantee results.

Tea Tree Oil


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What Is The Treatment Like

During laser nail fungus treatment, the laser is passed over the infected nails and bordering skin. This process will be repeated several times by your physician until a sufficient amount of energy has extended into the nail bed. During this treatment, you may feel your nail grow warmer.

Treatment Duration

One treatment lasts about 20 minutes and can treat 5-10 nails. Be sure to check with your doctor as duration times vary.

Number of Treatments

Typically, patients demonstrate improvement after just one treatment. This number varies, however, depending on the severity of the infection.

Before the Procedure

Risk Factors Associated With Toenail Fungus

Certain health conditions and lifestyle factors can make you increasingly vulnerable to developing nail fungus:

Health: You have a greater chance of contracting a fungal nail infection if you suffer from one or more of the following issues:

  • Other fungal skin infections, such as athletes foot or ringworm
  • Diabetes
  • Increasingly brittle, crumbly, or ragged nail
  • Nail that appears warped or distorted in shape
  • Nail that appears dull without any luster
  • Dark color, caused by the accumulation of debris under your nail
  • Slightly foul odor in the affected area

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From Tea Tree Oil To Apple Cider Vinegar: 7 Home Remedies To Treat Toe Nail Fungus

  • 1 / 8

    Also, know as onychomcosis, toenail fungus is characterised by inflammation, thickening, swelling, pain and crumbling of the toenail. Some of the most common causes of this type of infection are dirt, pollution, accumulated sweat as a result of wearing very tight socks and shoes for a longer period of time and walking in dirty water during rainy season. Not washing and ignoring them can lead to harmful consequences. Hence here are 7 home remedies you can try to treat toenail fungus.

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    Tea tree oil contains antifungal and antiseptic abilities, which is very effective in fighting against toenail fungus. Apply few drop of the tea tree oil directly onto the affected nail with a cotton swab. Repeat this twice daily.

  • 3 / 8

    Both apple cider vinegar and white vinegar are considered as powerful home remedies to get rid of fungal infections because of its acidic properties. Soak the infected nail in one part vinegar and two parts warm water for up to 20 minutes everyday. After that, rinse off with water.

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    Listerine Mouthwash contains ingredients such as menthol, thymol and eucalyptus, all of which have antibacterial and antifungal properties. Soaking your foot in a bowl full of Listerine for 30 minutes daily helps get rid of infections faster.

  • What Is Nail Fungus

    Toenail Fungus Cure: How to get rid of Toenail Fungus Fast ...

    Nail fungus onychomycosis is a common and stubborn nail disease. The discomfort and discolor start from beneath the nail tip. However, it is more on the toes than the fingernails. This infection is common in older males and can end in severe lower leg cellulitis.

    Research shows this infection may reoccur in about 10% of the adult population. Some of its major symptoms include:

    • Discolored nails dyschromia to white, black, green, or yellow
    • Nail thickening
    • You may have psychosocial issues because of ugly fingernails
    • Formation of a gap between the nail and its bed
    • The lower leg may experience cellulitis
    • Dermatophytes are skin lesions like allergies brought by the fungus to other body parts
    • If severe, its inflamed, brittle, filthy smell, and painful nails

    Now, you have the above knowledge about the signs of this irritating finger and toe nail infection. Next, is a quick look at the conditions that trigger such fungal growth. In addition, a list of a few humble methods that help to clear the fungus off from your body.

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    How To Cure White Nail Fungus Cream For Fungus On Foot

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    /6toenail Infection Is A Contagious Disease

    Toenail fungus also known as onychomycosis is a common infection of the toenail. This contagious disease can be very painful and can even spread to other parts of the body, if not treated immediately.

    The most common symptom of the toenail infection is a white, brown or yellow discoloration of one or more toenails. It may spread and even cause the nails to thicken and crack.

    Traditionally, anti-fungal treatments such as terbinafine or fluconazole are used to cure toenail fungus, but these treatments have some serious side effects like upset stomach, dizziness, and jaundice. Most people opt for home remedies to cure this disease.

    You can also try these popular home remedies, if your toenail is troubling you.

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    Various Ways To Cure Toenail Fungus In 7 Days

    Some doctors advice removing the toenail completely or taking a high-dosage of antifungal drugs.

    However, many antifungal drugs can kill the good bacteria and cause side-effects such as stomach cramps, nausea, diarrhoea, loss of taste, hair fall and many more.

    However, it is advisable to try using home remedies such as foot soaks, essential oils, ACV, Aloe Vera Gel and so on before you try any extreme method. Let us have a look at some methods that can help treat the toenail fungus in 7 days.

    Gentian Violet Is Bright Purple

    The Best Natural CURE for Toenail Fungus | Get Rid of Toenail Fungus FAST

    Another remedy that stains the nail and the toe is the old antifungal liquid, gentian violet:

    I have used gentian violet with great success. It does dye your toe purple, but with nail fungus I was not wearing open-toe shoes anyway. You can get this online or at the pharmacy. Its cheap and effective.

    JMG uses the foot soaks to relax:

    Ive had 2-3 fingernail fungus attacks I used the half-water half vinegar solution to soak the nail for 20-30 minutes twice a day and it worked! It is not speedy, taking about a month or so to kill the fungus. It takes discipline, but it gives me an excuse to sit down, read, and relax while Im undergoing my treatment!

    Serena adds:

    Ive been using the vinegar/Listerine mixture on my feet now for a month. It is working beautifully.

    I got toenail fungus from a nail salon, and have had it for over 3 years. This is the only thing that has even touched the fungus .

    My nail is now finally growing back normally and the fungus has turned white and the toenail is no longer spongy. Ill be able to wear sandals without bandaids very soon! Not only is Listerine/vinegar good for the toenails, but my feet have never looked better the cracks and redness have disappeared.

    I soak my feet every night for 15-30 minutes. And Im going to continue doing this until my toenails have completely grown out, at least 3 times per week.

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    Do You Like Home Remedies

    During this pandemic, many people have delayed treatments for relatively minor health problems such as nail fungus. Thats completely understandable. It also explains why home remedies are more popular than ever.

    We have two options if you would like to learn more. Our eGuide to Favorite Home Remedies is an electronic resource that you can refer to on your computer. You can find it in the Health eGuide section of this website. It provides scientific rationale behind many of our favorite remedies.

    If you are the kind of person who loves to hold a book in your hand, we recommend The Peoples Pharmacy Quick & Handy Home Remedies . It is 264 pages and can be found in our bookstore.

    Have you tried a home remedy to fight your own nail fungus? How did it work? Leave your story in the comment section below.

    Studies To Prove The Effectiveness Of Home Remedies In The Treatment Of Toenail Fungus

    There are not many studies conducted on home remedies. For example, many have tried the cornmeal remedy and it works 90% of the times however, there are no studies to back it up.

    NCBI stated the effectiveness of essential oils in its studies: The results of our study indicate that this new topical antifungal containing vitamin E and essential oils of lime, oregano, and tea tree is an effective and safe option for topical therapy of onychomycosis.

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    When To See A Bethesda Md Or Springfield Va Podiatrist

    If you try several of these remedies and see no results, its time to see a podiatrist. Toenail fungus is notoriously stubborn, so dont be too surprised if home remedies dont quite work. It can also take quite a long time for these home remedies to work because you have to continue doing them consistently until the new nail has fully grown out.

    If youve tried the homeopathic route and arent satisfied with the results, you can always come see Bethesda, MD & Springfield, VA Podiatrist, Dr. Paul Ross! If you have moderate to severe foot fungus, it is recommended that you see a doctor anyway because there can be complications if the infection is left untreated. Call us at . We offer same day appointments if you dont want to wait.

    The Podiatry Centers treat all medical and surgical foot and ankle conditions. Licensed Bethesda, MD Podiatrist, Dr. Paul Ross can help bring you foot and ankle pain relief.

    Our Bethesda, Maryland and Springfield, Virginia Podiatry offices offer the most effective and state-of-the-art, quality podiatry care services with a smile to patients in our local community, including: Woodbridge VA, Fairfax VA, Annandale VA, Arlington VA, Alexandria VA, Burke VA, Gaithersburg MD, Potomac MD, Silver Spring MD, Rockville MD and Chevy Chase MD.

    Return to a pain-free life and get back to the things you love!

    White Vinegar Or Apple Cider Vinegar

    Home Remedies for Toenail Fungus

    Vinegar is slightly acidic, so natural remedies like apple cider vinegar work to balance the pH of the skin. It also helps to prevent the fungus from spreading and kills bacteria and fungi. Mix equal parts vinegar and water and soak the infected area for 30 minutes daily. Make sure to thoroughly dry your foot after.

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    Can You Cure Toenail Fungus In 7 Days: From The Beginning Stage

    Toenail Fungus is extremely common these days. Its usual symptoms include discolouration of the toenail, thick nails, brittle nails, chalky powder and a white dot in the nailbed.

    No matter how worse your toenail fungus is, you should try some home remedies to treat it.

    And the good news is you can treat toenail fungus.

    Complications Regarding Toenail Fungus

    Toenail fungal infections are typically painless or at least start off that way. But without proper self-care and treatment, the condition can spiral into a more severe case of nail fungus, which can be painful and may cause irretrievable damage to your nails.

    Moreover, the toenail infection can sprout other serious infections that can spread beyond your feet, particularly if you have a suppressed immune system due to certain medications, diabetes, or other conditions.

    Because people with diabetes are already predisposed to reduced blood circulation and nerve supply in their feet, their odds for catching toenail infections as well as bacterial skin infection are quite high.

    Thus, it is imperative for people with diabetes to seek professional medical help for any seemingly minor foot injury including a nail fungal infection to avoid any future complications.

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