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Does Lotrimin Work For Toenail Fungus

See A Dermatologist To Pinpoint The Problem

The Best Treatment for Toenail Fungus, According to a Podiatrist

Foot fungus wont just go away on its own, Dr. Ng says. If you think you have foot or toenail fungus, see your dermatologist, she says. There are several tests that your dermatologist can perform to identify exactly whats going on.

Its important to be aware that there are other diseases which can cause nail changes, she says. For example, we do see things like squamous cell skin cancers in the nail beds and even melanomas, which have a brownish or blackish discoloration.

Approved Medical Treatment For Toenail Fungus How To Cure White Nail Fungus

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Which Treatment Is Right For Me

Nail fungus is usually harmless. But many people find discolored or thickened nails unpleasant to look at and want to get rid of the fungus as soon as possible. Fungal nail infections can also spread, and may infect other people. Regardless of the treatment you choose, it will take a while until the nail looks normal again. Its especially important to be patient where toenails are concerned. It can take a year for a healthy big toenail to grow back. Nail fungus can sometimes be very persistent despite treatment. It can also come back after successful treatment.

Topical treatment isnt likely to get rid of a fungal nail infection. Treatment with tablets is considerably more effective and takes less time. But some people cant take tablets because of the very rare, yet serious risks. How you feel about the pros and cons of the different treatment options is a personal matter. You can also discuss the options with your doctor.

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Nail Fungus Consumer Review

Many people suffering from nail fungus turn to Kerasal Nail to cure their infection. This product comes with bold claim of super fast results and a convincing ad, so why not giving it a try?

On the Kerasal Nail package you can read that it offers a Fungal Nail Renewal formula. The problem is that it is not clear what renewal exactly means.

Many users found this wording to be confusing, not to say misleading. This is why we decided to write a review about Kerasal Nail in order to dismiss the confusion and to accurately understand what this product has to offer. In this regard, we conducted our own independent research with the main goal to answer the only question that really matters:

Does Kerasal Nail eradicate nail fungus?

Keep reading to get our key findings about Kerasal Nail and how it compares to EmoniNail which offers a proven treatment option to get rid of nail fungus on the long term.

Who Is At Risk Of Getting A Fungal Nail Infection

Need An Over The Counter Nail Fungus Treatment!

Fungal nail infections can affect anyone as they are very contagious but are most prevalent in older individuals. You are more likely to develop fungal nail if you are over the age of 60. Gender also plays a role, with men three times more likely to have a fungal nail infection than women.

Other risk factors include:

  • Diseases that cause poor blood circulation

  • A weakened immune system

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Kerasal Ingredients Raised A Red Flag

Kerasal Nail contains disodium EDTA, glycerin, glycol, hydroxide, lactic acid, propylene, sodium, urea, and water.

This composition is surprising and raised a big red flag on our end because none of these ingredients is an active anti-fungal agent such as Undecylenic Acid or tea tree oil.

With such ingredients Kerasal Nail can maybe improve the appearance of damaged nails but how can it actually treat and remove a toenail fungus infection?

Risk Of Bias In Included Studies


The method of allocation was reported in only 17 trials .


Incomplete outcome data

Follow up and exclusions

A diagnosis of athletes foot based on clinical signs and symptoms alone can be inaccurate because there are nonfungal skin conditions which have a similar appearance, e.g. erythrasma. This review only included trials which reported the use of microscopy and culture tests to confirm the presence of fungi. The results from these labbased diagnostic tests can take up to several weeks to obtain, and often trial participants are randomised to an allocation and begin treatment before the test results are available. When the results show no fungi are present participants are then withdrawn from the study. In order to reduce bias from trials with high loss to follow up whilst recognising the practical constraints in which RCTs of athletes foot generally take place, we performed a sensitivity analysis only including data which reported follow up data for at least 80% of the randomised sample.

Selective reporting

We found no evidence that selective reporting had occurred in any of the included trials.

Other potential sources of bias

Some trials were funded by industry however a sensitivity analysis of data from trials comparing allylamines versus azoles found no statistical differences between industry funded and nonindustry funded studies.

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Do Creams For Toenail Fungus Work

Antifungal creams are only suitable for mild fungal infections. These creams are a good starting point for patients that have been diagnosed with a fungal infection provided that the formula can reach the nail bed. Creams can also be used as a supplement to aid oral treatments.

There is less risk of experiencing side effects after using antifungal creams. However, the American Society of Microbiology did find that some ingredients of these creams can occasionally have severe hypersensitivity reactions. Youll find a list of the ingredients on the outside packaging.

Are Lamisil And Lotrimin Safe To Use While Pregnant Or Breastfeeding

Is clotrimazole good for toenail fungus


There are no adequate studies in pregnant women. Since nail fungus treatment can be delayed until after pregnancy there is no reason to use oral terbinafine during pregnancy.

Breastfeeding mothers should not use oral terbinafine because terbinafine passes into breast milk.


Clotrimazole is very poorly absorbed into the blood and the body after application to the skin or the vagina. Studies in women in their second or third trimesters of pregnancy have demonstrated no ill effects. No data is available in pregnant women during their first trimester. Rats given large amounts of clotrimazole via the vagina have demonstrated no ill effects. The oral troche has not been adequately evaluated in pregnant women.

It is not known if clotrimazole is secreted in breast milk.

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Best Fingernail Fungus Treatment Over The Counter

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Preventing Toenail Fungus From Spreading

While you cant avoid contact with the microscopic organisms that cause toenail fungus its present anywhere that is warm, dark, or moist keeping your feet clean and dry and clipping your nails properly can help prevent an infection.

For fungus to grow, there needs to be some type of trauma to the nail where the nail-skin junction, or natural barrier, is disrupted, says Sheth. For example, from a pedicure, ill-fitting shoes, or the repetitive trauma of running or hiking that causes the nail to lift or get pressed on from shoes or boots.

Still, some people are more vulnerable than others, she adds. Some people have it only on one toe or one foot, and some have lived with a partner who has it but they never get it, Sheth says. And for some you see it in their entire family. Its not as straightforward as it seems, and its an annoying problem.

If you do get a toenail fungus infection, these measures can help stop it from spreading:

Getting rid of established toenail fungus can be difficult. Successfully eliminating it depends on careful adherence to a treatment plan.

What happens over time is that the fungus breeds in the nail tissue and goes from being just a little bit on the nail, to a really discolored and thickened nail, to a nail that is totally embedded with fungus, explains Marlene Reid, a doctor of podiatric medicine in Naperville, Illinois, and a spokesperson for the American Podiatric Medical Association.

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Data Collection And Analysis

Selection of studies

One author searched for trials . Two authors checked titles and abstracts identified from the searches. One author obtained the full text of all studies of possible relevance for independent assessment. One author decided which trials fit the inclusion criteria and recorded their methodological quality using a structured data extraction tool. Any disagreement was resolved by discussion between the authors. Excluded studies and reasons for exclusion are stated.

Assessment of risk of bias in included studies

Assessment of methodological quality of included studies

Assessment of methodological quality was performed. The following areas were addressed, since these may be associated with biased estimates of treatment effect : the method of allocation the identity of study participants who were blind the loss to followup and exclusions selective reporting other forms of bias as detailed below: whether the aims were clearly defined whether a prior sample size calculation was reported whether the inclusion and exclusion criteria were defined whether the baseline comparability of groups was reported whether interventions were defined whether the compliance was assessed were the infecting fungi identified was the distribution of species between groups stated were adverse events reported.

These items are reported in the .

Measures of treatment effect

Assessment of heterogeneity

Data synthesis

Statistical analysis

Sensitivity analysis

Search Methods For Identification Of Studies

Lamisil Cream For Nail Fungus  History of Lamisil clinical trials

Electronic searches

We searched the Cochrane Skin Group Specialised Register search strategy in :

We searched the Cochrane Central Register of Controlled Trials using the search strategy in

We searched MEDLINE using the strategy in .

We searched EMBASE using the following keywords: athletes foot, tinea pedis, topical treatment and onychomycosis.

Other databases

We searched the following databases in March 2005 using the term athletes foot in each:Science Citation Index and Social Science Citation Index within BIDSCABHealth and HealthstarThe online versions of DARENHS Economic Evaluation DatabaseOnline ARC version of CINAHL

Searching other resources

We searched the bibliographies of all the papers identified by these strategies.

Handsearching of journals

We handsearched podiatry journals which were not listed in the electronic databases, namely, The Foot, The Journal of British Podiatric Medicine and The Journal of the American Podiatry Association.

Unpublished literature

We did not impose any language restrictions and sought translations where necessary.

Adverse Effects

We looked at the included RCTs for reports of adverse effects of the interventions. We have summarised our findings in the body of the review.

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What Are Fungal Nail Infection Symptoms And Signs

  • Fungal nail infection usually does not cause any symptoms unless the nail becomes so thick it causes pain when wearing shoes. People with fungal nail infection usually go to the doctor for cosmetic reasons, not because of physical pain or problems related to fungal nail infection.
  • As the nail thickens, however, fungal nail infection may interfere with standing, walking, and exercising.
  • Paresthesia , pain, discomfort, and loss of agility may occur as the disease progresses. Loss of self-esteem, embarrassment, and social problems can also develop.
  • Severe cases of Candida infections can disfigure the fingertips and nails.

Symptoms or signs of fungal nail infection based on subtype

Fungal nail infection is divided into subtypes that can be identified based on where the infection appears to be located relative to the structure of the nail.

The Initial Causes Lotrimin On Nail Fungus

If you suspect that your nails are infected with fungus, it is best to consult your doctor and get a diagnosis. Your doctor will ask you about the symptoms and conduct a thorough examination of your nails. A biopsy is required to determine the cause of the infection. Various types of fungus are found in the skin, including the toenails. Among the most common forms of nail fungus are yellow and black, with white patches surrounded by dark brown or white spots.

The infection is caused by fungus. It can spread to the skin and other parts of the body. It is very common to find a nail fungus on the foot in elderly people, and it is often not treated until the condition gets worse. The disease can even be spread to the skin. The afflicted person should see a doctor immediately if they notice any changes in the color of his or her nails.

Nail fungus can occur in the toenails. The infection occurs due to a variety of factors, including excessive moisture, soaking your hands in water, and a lack of hygiene. If the afflicted person is prone to infection, the fungus will grow in the toenails and may spread to other parts of the body. Consequently, it is essential to prevent the nail fungus from spreading to the skin

> > > This Unusual Morning Habit Helps Me Keep My Fungus In Check .

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Lotrimin Ultra For Athletes Foot

The true design for Lotrimin Ultra is to combat athletes foot. Even though we will go over additional uses for this product later. The true magic of why this works so great for athletes foot is due to the main ingredient called butenafine.

But this isnt the only thing it can be used for. People have reported it can be used for various things including diaper rash, other fungal infections, and even your pets.

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What Should I Avoid While Using Clotrimazole Topical

Treating Toenail Fungus with Lamisil

Avoid getting this medication in your eyes, nose, or mouth.

Avoid using other skin medications on the areas you treat with Lotrimin AF Cream unless your doctor tells you to.

Avoid wearing tight-fitting, synthetic clothing that doesnt allow air circulation. Wear clothing made of loose cotton and other natural fibers until the infection is healed.

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How Is Toenail Fungus Diagnosed

Nearly 3 million people in the United States are diagnosed with toenail fungus each year. Men are up to three times more likely to develop toenail fungus than women. You are also at a higher risk for a toenail fungus infection if you smoke or have diabetes. Also, individuals with compromised immune systems may experience toenail fungus that can turn into an infection.

When feet remain moist or damp, the fungus can grow, causing discoloration and thickening of toenails. Infection can cause discomfort and pain. The spread of fungus and infection can go from toe to toe, hand, fingernails, or skin on other parts of the body.

The toenail may become warped, cracked, or loosen itself away from the nail bed. Often the nail appears yellowish and may have white spots. Your doctor will examine your feet and potentially take a small sample of skin or nail to be sent off to a laboratory for testing. Your doctor may refer you to a dermatologist, podiatrist, or other healthcare professional if your condition is unusual or needs special care. Other foot conditions such as psoriasis can look similar to a fungal infection. Lab reports can indicate if the problem is fungal, helping the doctor prescribe the best medication for effective treatment.

What Causes Fungal Nail

Fungal nail is most commonly caused by a group of fungi called dermatophytes which infect the nail and the nail bed. It is highly contagious and transmitted in places like shower cubicles, swimming pools and changing rooms where people are barefoot. Toenail fungus can also be transferred in nail salons where the same nail accessories are used for many customers. Furthermore, nail trauma can also increase the chances of developing a fungal nail infection.

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Creams & Topical Treatments For Toenail Fungus

Over-the-counter fungal creams like clotrimazole dont work well for treating toenail fungus. Prescription nail polishes are available, but they take longer to work and arent effective for severe cases. Thats because they dont penetrate the nail very well. That said, they are still a good option for people with mild cases of toenail fungus, or for those who cant take the oral antifungals. Examples include:

Side effects are usually minor and include redness or burning at the application site.

You might hear or read about medicated chest rub as a treatment for toenail fungus, but its mostly hype. Its a tempting option because its so safe, easy to use, and cheap. But its not likely to help.

Can I Use Bleach To Get Rid Of Toenail Fungus


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