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Does Kerasal Kill Nail Fungus

When Should I Stop Using Kerasal

Kerasal Complete Care: Nail Care & Foot Fungus Management Kit (90 sec)

When should I stop using Keratin products and start using a hair loss treatment that actually works for hair restoration? In order to get the answers to this question, you need to be informed about what is going on with your hair and scalp. You need to know what causes the hair loss in your particular case and what can reverse it. In other words, it is more important to stop the damage to your hair and the scalp than trying to re-grow it when you can do something about it.

The damage caused by the DHT hormone produced by your male and female counterparts has been known for decades. This harmful substance can cause your hair to fall out in clumps and thin out. This is the primary reason that men are the most likely to lose their hair through male pattern baldness. However, women also experience thinning and balding, and they have much less of an easier time dealing with the problem because they have a natural product that works: Kerasal.

When should I stop using Kerasal? Once you have seen the results of your treatment with your clients and realized that the product works, you can safely discontinue using the product. While the hair loss may seem like a nuisance, it does not take much hair loss to make a person feel less confident about their appearance. With Kerasal, you can use the hair loss to your advantage and begin to make the changes necessary to regain your confidence.

About Kerasal Nail Treatment

Kerasal nail treatment is manufactured and sold by Moberg Pharma, and it is a clear and colorless liquid applied to the infected toe. This product is loved by many people since it has been proven to improve the appearance of the nail in just one week. It works by penetrating the nail, and its ingredients start to work to facilitate the improvement of the nail.

The ingredients of Kerasal include urea, propylene glycol, glycerin, sodium hydroxide, water, disodium EDTA, and lactic acid. The active ingredient is urea, and it is excellent in softening the nail. You are required to apply the product on the infected toenail using a silicon applicator and leave it for the entire night.

Before purchasing this product, it is important to know whether it works or not.

Looking at the product closely, you will realize that there is no mention of ingredients that actively destroy fungus in the infected toe. With the lack of an active ingredient to serve this function, there is no way this product can work to heal your toenail and clear the fungus infection.

There have also been so many users of this product, and they have stated that in as much as they enjoyed the improved appearance of their toenails, the infection was not eliminated. Therefore, when you discontinue use, the nail goes back to its disgusting state after a while because the fungus infection will work against it.

What Are The Causes Of Nail Fall

Your nail can separate or fall off for several reasons like injury, nail fungus, sudden hit, infection, and many more. The worst thing is you have to wait for a long time for a new nail. Though the odds of the nails are common in most cases, sometimes it is threatening to connective tissue disorder . Nail fungus starts from a spot beneath and spreads quickly and can damages your nail completely.

The most common symptom is cracked, yellow, pale, and spotted nails. In most cases, people need medical attention to ensure the proper growth of their toenails. Getting new nails takes too long and usually, it takes more than six months to come to the perfect shape. Dont overlook the issue for too long time if your nail has fallen off. You must start treating immediately otherwise it can lead to a severe infection. Sometimes we deny treating noticeable thicker yellowish, dry, and brittle nails. Untreated damaged nails suddenly fall off. Diabetics and poor circulation is also a common reason of nail fall.

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Clean Socks And Shoes

Regularly changing your socks and shoes can also cut down on the growth of unwanted foot fungus. Both socks and athletic shoes can also be washed in hot water to rid the growth of yeasts and fungi that may be growing on the fabric. Some shoes can be machine dried. Drying shoes in the sun is another option when cleaning footwear.

Adding a half-cup of baking soda or one cup of vinegar to the washing machine can help eliminate bacteria or fungus on socks or shoes.

Boots and other footwear that are not machine washable could be wiped out with a vinegar and water solution or sprayed with an over-the-counter antifungal spray. Medicated powders are also helpful in treating shoes for foot fungus.

Allowing the feet to breathe by taking off shoes and socks when possible can prevent fungal growth. Protect your feet by wearing breathable footwear and clean socks. Antimicrobial socks and shoes made from bamboo, copper, or specialty fabrics are also available. They can help reduce unwanted bacteria and yeast from growing in your footwear.

A proactive approach to keeping your feet clean and dry can prevent the spread of toenail fungus. You can wash or soak feet with warm soapy water or a foot bath using everyday household items. Soaking your feet in an all-natural, homeopathic concoction can be beneficial in reducing or eliminating toenail fungus.

Heres What We Looked For In A Product:

Does Kerasal Fungal Nail Renewal Treatment REALLY Work?

Strength of Active Ingredient: After trying several products, weve found that those with an active ingredient – typically with a concentration greater than 10% – work best for nail fungus. A product that includes very little active ingredient, or none at all, may take months of frequent applications to finally get rid of the fungus.

Skin Nourishing Vitamins and Oils: Skin affected by a fungal infection is often brittle, discolored, and damaged. Thats why its so important to give your skin extra nourishment with essential oils, vitamins, and minerals to help strengthen and rebuild damaged skin. These rejuvenating oils include, but are not limited to, Tea Tree, Jojoba Seed, Rosehip, and Vitamin E.

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Frequently Asked Questions On Kerasal

Does Kerasal Cure Toenail Fungus?

Without a doubt, kerasal nail removal will bring about relief and improvement in your fungal infection. It, however, will neither prevent nor cure the infection. You can only get a cure using prescription meds targeted at fungal infection.

How good is Kerasal?

It is guaranteed that within two weeks of using the kerasal treatment, users will see improvement. The manufacturer had a research involving 500 participants. The result of the research revealed that 92% of users had a tremendous improvement in two weeks of using the product.

Does Kerasal Penetrate nails?

Yes, for the product to be effective, the active ingredients penetrate the nail and bring about positive changes and improvements. This is not surprising as many people testify to the effectiveness of bringing about changes in less than two weeks of using the product.

One of the negative sides of fungal infection is how to get your nail back to its original appearance. This is where kerasal fungal nail renewal treatment comes in. It comes with active ingredients that get rid of nail thickness, brittleness, and discoloration of the nail. Compared to other toenail fungus treatment products on the market is, kerasal is relatively inexpensive.

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Cons Of Wearing Nail Polish When You Have A Nail Fungal Infection

Despite how much nicer and healthier your nails may look when you put on polish on an infected nail, this is just a temporary fix. Wearing it for longer periods might pose more harm than good to your nail fungus problem. Fungi thrives in darker environments and nail polish can easily promote its growth. Many commercial nail polishes use strong chemicals in their product that may only cause further damage to a nail with fungal infection. At the same time, painting a healthy nail right after an infected nail may lead to contamination and affect other healthier nails. When treating nail fungal infections with topical treatments, nail polishes only prohibit its penetration and reduce the solutions efficiency to cure.

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What Are The Main Benefits

  • Kerasal is proven to work in clinical studies for up to 92% of users
  • While the first results are usually seen within just 2 weeks of usage you would need to use this treatment for 3-6 months to completely heal your nails
  • Ingredients in formulation work by reducing discoloration, thickness and providing a much healthier appearance of nails.
  • Most user testimonials give positive feedback about Kerasal, which is a good indication that it works for most people
  • Very reasonably priced and you can buy it in most local stores or popular online website

Where To Buy Kerasal Nail And What Is The Price

Home Remedy Cure for Toenail Fungus | The Best Nail Fungus Treatment Cure with Vicks VapoRub

In case you want to buy this Fungal Nail Renewal Treatment you can find it in many local stores or popular online sites like Amazon, Walgreens, Walmart and etc. At the moment the price of Kerasal is only ~$21 on Amazon. The treatment comes in a 10 ml tube and according to manufacturer it is enough to use it for up to three months on up to 3 nails. Depending on how severe your condition is you might need to buy at least a few of these treatments.

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Studies To Support That Copper Socks Have Antifungal Properties

When a number of participants with toenail fungus were already on their medication, a study was conducted to check what role vaseline jelly can play to treat the fungus.

The research proved how 8 out of 10 participants had experienced smoother nail textures and moisturized nails.

They regularly applied vaseline jelly and cleaned it with a mild alcohol-based solution to avoid any residues.

Thus, it is said to be very effective and people trust vaseline for it has great anti-fungal properties too.

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What Are The Key Ingredients In Kerasal

The active ingredients in Kerasal include:

  • Propylene Glycol
  • Sodium Hydroxide
  • Disodium EDTA

Although these ingredients may sound scientific and scary, they are actually common in many over-the-counter treatment options.

They come together to quickly start clearing up your fungal infection and let you get your life back on track.

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Best Medicated Nail Polish: Arishine Toenail Fungus Treatment

  • Treats discoloration, brittleness, and cracked nails

  • Easy, on-the-go treatment

  • Only works on nail plates

  • Treatment process can be slow

The Arishine Toenail Treatment has the design and convenience of a pencil. Perfect for storing in a bag or pocket while at work, the repair pencil allows you to use a paintable nail polish on your infected toenail three times a day with ease to treat a nail fungal issue.

The Arishine treatment uses two percent deacetylated chitin, three percent O-hydroxybenzoic acid, and Angelica dahurica as active ingredients to get rid of fungus and heal the damage. This solution can help treat discoloration, brittleness, split, rough, and cracked nails. Ultimately, this medicated nail polish can lead to stronger and healthier nails.

Arishine is made of natural ingredients and does not conduct animal testing. Treatment requires three applications a day and should be used for four to 12 weeks, although improvement may be visible in as few as two weeks. Arishine offers customers a satisfaction guarantee.

Active Ingredients: Deacetylated chitin , O-hydroxybenzoic acid , and Angelica dahurica | Dose: Applicator automatically delivers correct amount with two to three clicks. Apply around nail on cuticles and under nail bed. | Uses: Treats fungus infection on and around nails helps heal discolored, brittle nails

Vaseline Treatment For Toenail Fungus: Is It Good Uses & Side Effects

Kerasal Fungal Nail Renewal Treatment

Toenail fungus can affect anyone and usually, people have to consume many anti-fungal or anti-bacterial medicines to prevent it from spreading.

The medicines can stop the fungus to affect all our organs and body. However, since some medicines have a lot of side-effects, people prefer doing some home remedies too.

Using home remedies alongside your treatment can aid in faster healing.

Vaseline treatment is an excellent home remedy to treat toenail fungus. Let us discuss how vaseline treatment is an effective toenail fungus remedy.

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Kerasal Fungal Nail Renewal Review Ultimate Guide

As a sufferer of toenail fungus, I become familiar with a popular product called Kerasal and decided to do a comprehensive review of my thoughts on the product. This review will go over ease-of-use, ingredients, and the pros and cons I have found after using it.

Before reading you should know that Kersal Fungal Nail Renewal is not ranked as our favorite nail fungi treatments. However, it is effective for reducing the thickness and discoloration of toenails with results being seen within a week.

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Toenail Fungus Home Care

Sometimes itâs possible to treat your toenail fungus at home. You can try:

  • Over the counter antifungal creams or ointments. File or cut off any white markings on your nails. Soak your nails in water and dry off before you put on the medicated cream.
  • Special nail care. If you keep your nails trimmed, it can reduce the pressure and pain you feel. You can also thin your nail bed by filing it down. This can help antifungal creams get to the problem easier.

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How Does Kerasal Fungal Nail Renewal Work

The Kerasal Fungal Nail Renewal is a topical nail product generally known to restore the damaged nails affected by fungal infections. The clinically proven ingredients of Kerasal Fungal Nail Renewal are usually formulated as a deep penetrating solution. The chemical formulation of propylene glycol and lactic acid reacts with urea to penetrate deeply into the nail plate. Then this combination kills the fungus and improves the appearance of damaged nails. The formula hydrates and exfoliates the damaged area and helps to loosen and soften the damaged layer of your nails. Its breathable solution provides visible results by going deep into the damaged area to improve the thickness and color. Applying this formula for two days helps to show the results like revealing healthier nails.

Nail Fungus Treatment Challenges

Kerasal® Fungal Nail Renewalâ¢, Improves Appearance of Discolored or Damaged Nails

Depending on the type of fungal infection, your doctor may have prescribed a topical cream applied to the nail that must be applied once or twice a day a topical medicated nail polish oral antifungal medicines or laser treatment, which removes damaged parts of the nail and/or skin. Light therapy for fungal infection can be used alongside physicians prescribed cream or medicine for an effective recovery.

As you may have learned first-hand, though, fungal infections are easily hidden and notoriously hard to treat. There are several reasons for this:

  • Feet naturally provide a moist, warm, and dark environment that fungi thrive in. Unless great care is taken to keep feet dry and aired out , theres always a chance that a well-hidden fungus can multiply and thrive.
  • As you age, toenails can become drier and develop cracks where the fungus can hide.
  • Toenail fungus can get into the layers of keratin that make up the toenail, which offers an even more secure hiding place than toenail cracks.
  • The fungus can even grow underneath the toenail, where topical antifungal agents cant reach.

Nail fungus is more prevalent in toes than fingers for two important reasons that are not addressed by traditional treatments:

Conventional treatment options typically take a long time to yield results. Depending on the type of fungus, you could be looking at a 3- to 12-month treatment before seeing any evidence of a healthy new nail growing in.

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Tips For Faster Results

You could do a few extra things to help the treatment work faster:

  • Keep your toenails clipped as it will allow the treatment to get under the nail and soak into the nail bed.
  • If you have thickening toenails, then buy a steel emery board to file the layers down as the treatment starts to work. Every time you take some off, the easier it becomes for the medicine to get to the fungus.
  • Sterilize the tools that you use after each use. This will ensure that you wont re-infect your nail the next time that you use them.

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Home Remedies For Toenail Fungus

| | | | |

Toenail fungus, also known as onychomycosis or tinea unguium, is a common nail condition affecting millions of people in the United States. Fungal nail infections can develop on the nail from various organisms such as molds, yeasts, and fungi. This usually occurs after these organisms come into contact with a cracked nail or skin surrounding the nail as the opening provides a portal of entry for these organisms.

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Main Benefits And Claims

At first glance of the box, one will notice that there is a lot of bold claims littered all over the packaging on the product. The most notable to be:

  • Visible results in 1 week
  • Clinically Proven
  • #1 Doctor recommended
  • Approved by the American Podiatric Medical Association

A clinical study was done by the manufacturer of Kerasal which included 500 participants and found that this product was effective for 92% of users with 77% of them seeing noticeable improvements in 2 weeks.

Benefits after using this product for a week:

  • Noticeable improvements in nail thickness
  • A new healthy nail has begun growing out
  • Easy to apply

This product does not have a large number of ingredients. It contains the following:

  • Propylene Glycol
  • Sodium Hydroxide
  • Disodium EDTA

A brief breakdown of the ingredients shows that urea is one of the main ingredients in this product. Urea is commonly used on a variety of skin conditions and is shown to soften keratin in skin or nails .

Another important ingredient is lactic acid which prevents the further growth of fungus by lowering the pH of the infected nail environment. The rest of the ingredients are used for the support of overall nail strengthening.


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