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Is Cancer A Fungus Or A Virus

Supplements That Fight Candida And Cancer

Emerging Fungal Infection Mimics Gastrointestinal Cancer – Mayo Clinic

The best supplement for fighting Candida fungal overgrowth when you have cancer is Silver GlucoPlus.

Silver GlucoPlus is covered in the Cancer Killers section. This is a colloidal silver bonded to sugar molecules. Both cancer cells and Candida gobble up the sugar and take the silver into them. Silver interferes with their metabolism and kills them.

This Trojan Horse action is highly effective. Silver GlucoPlus is the strongest cancer fighter we have tested.

In addition, consider adding in C and P Removal Elixir. It works in a unique way that reduces the amount of toxins released by the Candida when it is eliminated.

Is Cancer A Fungus A New Theory That Has Been With Us For A Very Long Time

This video and chapter offers crucial information about the relationships between cancer and infectious threats that every cancer patient and their family must be aware of. The truth that we must stare down is that cancer and infections cannot be separated from each other.

Canceralways believed to be caused by genetic cell mutationscan in reality be caused by infections from viruses, bacteria, and fungi. I believe that, conservatively, 15 to 20% of all cancer is caused by infections however, the number could be largermaybe double, said Dr. Andrew Dannenberg, director of the Cancer Center at New York-Presbyterian Hospital/Weill Cornell Medical Center. Dr. Dannenberg made the remarks in a speech in December 2007 at the annual international conference of the American Association for Cancer Research.

Whether caused by infections or not, once cancerous conditions are well underway the weakening of the immune system and the battle that ensues between the good guys and the bad is cheered on by hordes of infectious agents that increase in density, power and form as a patients cancers get worse.

Cancer also involves inflammation, acid pH, low oxygen conditions accompanied by low CO2 levels, lower core body temperatures as well as nutritional deficiencies and high levels of tissue and cellular toxicity with heavy metals, chemicals and radiological exposure.

– World Health Organization

We Better Get the Story Right with Cancer

– Dr. Dave Holland

Mucormycosis In Covid Patients: The Mechanism Of Infection Explained

As Dr. Zaidi stated, patients who have been on immunosuppressant drugs due to cancer treatments or organ transplants are more susceptible to this fungal infection. Other factors are usage of immune suppressant drugs, people who have undergone organ transplant, and even in severe covid cases. The expert further elaborated on Mucormycosis infection in Covid-19 patients. He said:

  • Severe viral infections are one of the causes which suppress the immunity. In COVID-19, the count of various white cells that are responsible for infection control and immunity gets altered which in turn makes a person more vulnerable to any kind of viral and fungal infections.
  • Serum creatinine levels, which is one of the important markers of pathology for COVID-19, is deemed to be another contributing factor. This is a form of iron which is otherwise stored in the cells and not allowed to flow freely in the blood stream. In COVID-19, the serum creatinine levels increase, which is the most favourable condition for a fungus to thrive. Hence the fungus mucor flourishes where there are high levels of serum creatinine present in the blood.
  • The condition of COVID-19 is a prethrombotic state that has proven to make patients vulnerable to blockage in vessels which in turn can cause damage to the tissue causing the fungus to thrive . These factors are based on previously acquired knowledge, general physiology on how patients for mucormycosis were treated and diagnosed in the pre COVID times.

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What Is Cancer If Not A Fungus

Armed with the knowledge that cancer isnt a fungus, its time to further determine what cancer is. At its most basic definition, cancer is an illness that causes cells to grow uncontrolled in the body.

Our bodies thrive on order and maintaining homeostasis or balance. When something is imbalanced such as body temperature, metabolism, or even a broken bone the body works to return to normal.

Because cancer cells multiply in an uncontrolled fashion, they start to crowd out normal cells. The body puts energy toward making these cancer cells, which doesnt leave energy for other functions.

Ultimately, the uncontrolled cells can spread to other body parts, which makes it harder for organs to maintain their everyday functioning. If left unmanaged or untreated, this can lead to death.

As for what causes cancer, the answer is not a fungus, but likely multiple potential causes. Doctors have found a combination of the following factors could cause cancer:

Sometimes, doctors cant identify why cancer cells spontaneously grow.

If The Immune System Is Weak However A Virus Could Spread Relentlessly Causing Further Weakening Of The Immune System And Allowing Other Pathogens Like Cancer Cells To Grow

Cancer Develops From Fungal Infections, Like Candida ...

There is also a direct correlation between some viruses and cancer. For example, the Human papillomavirus have been linked to cervical cancer. Epstein-Barr virus can lead to stomach cancer and lymphoma if not kept in check. The Hepatitis C virus has been linked to liver cancer. And some very recent research studies are tentatively making the link between Human Cytomegalovirus ,Epstein-Barr and Breast Cancer proliferation.


Bacterium occupy space in every part of your body. In fact, science is discovering that there are more bacterial cells in the human body than there are human cells.

Some bacteria perform vital functions for the immune system and most do no harm in small amounts. Many, however, can become vicious when they get out of control.

There are other opportunistic bacteria whose internal mechanisms are shockingly similar to that of cancer. Both cancer cells and the bacteria that causes Lyme Disease feed on sugar, according to Duke University oncologist and Lyme Disease sufferer Dr. Neil Spector.

The most obvious link between bacterial imbalance and cancer is the immune system. When it comes to keeping the ratio of the good and the bad in check, gut health is the key since 60 to 80% of your immune system cells reside in your intestines.


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Myth : And Big Pharma Are Suppressing It

Hand in hand with the idea that there is a cornucopia of miracle cures is the idea that governments, the pharmaceutical industry and even charities are colluding to hide the cure for cancer because they make so much money out of existing treatments.

Whatever the particular cure being touted, the logic is usually the same: its readily available, cheap and cant be patented, so the medical establishment is suppressing it in order to line its own pockets. But, as weve written before, theres no conspiracy sometimes it just doesnt work.

Theres no doubt that the pharmaceutical industry has a number of issues with transparency and clinical trials that it needs to address . We push regulators and pharmaceutical companies hard to make sure that effective drugs are made available at a fair price to the NHS although its important to remember that developing and trialling new drugs costs a lot of money, which companies need to recoup.

Problems with conventional medicine dont automatically prove that alternative cures work. To use a metaphor, just because cars sometimes crash doesnt mean that flying carpets are a viable transport option.

It simply doesnt make sense that pharmaceutical companies would want to suppress a potential cure. Finding a highly effective therapy would guarantee huge worldwide sales.

Myth : Cancer Has A Sweet Tooth

Another idea we see a lot is that sugar apparently feeds cancer cells, suggesting that it should be completely banished from a patients diet.

This is an unhelpful oversimplification of a highly complex area that were only just starting to understand.

Sugar is a catch-all term. It refers to a range of molecules including simple sugars found in plants, glucose and fructose. The white stuff in the bowl on your table is called sucrose and is made from glucose and fructose stuck together. All sugars are carbohydrates, commonly known as carbs molecules made from carbon, hydrogen and oxygen.

Carbs whether from cake or a carrot get broken down in our digestive system to release glucose and fructose. These get absorbed into the bloodstream to provide energy for us to live.

All our cells, cancerous or not, use glucose for energy. Because cancer cells are usually growing very fast compared with healthy cells, they have a particularly high demand for this fuel. Theres also evidence that they use glucose and produce energy in a different way from healthy cells.

Researchers are working to understand the differences in energy usage in cancers compared with healthy cells, and trying to exploit them to develop better treatments .

While its very sensible to limit sugary foods as part of an overall healthy diet and to avoid putting on weight, thats a far cry from saying that sugary foods specifically feed cancer cells.

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How Viruses Make Us Sick

A virus is the simplest of germsit is nothing but genetic material encased in protein. Researchers debate whether a virus is even “alive.”

Viruses also are capable of infecting any living thing, including bacteria and fungi.

When the virus reproduces faster than the immune system can control it, it begins to destroy cells and harm the body.

Viruses are also the smallest germ, making them generally the easiest to contractthey’re so tiny they can spread through the air in a cough or a sneeze. Some viruses also are spread by mosquitoes or through bodily fluid.

Skin Cancer And Psoriasis

Candida Fungus Yeast Infection And Cancer There is

In the case of skin cancer and psoriasis I have developed a different protocol. I hereby do not use Sodium bicarbonate, but kill the fungus with iodine tincture in a solution of 7%. Using this protocol, good results are achieved with topical cancers. When the cancer is based deeper in the tissue, injections of sodium bicarbonate around the cancer could be neccessary.

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Cancer Patients And Fungal Infections

As a cancer patient, you may have received a lot of information about your treatment and your journey to recovery. Chemotherapy and radiation cause many changes in the body as they destroy cancer cells. One major change is that these treatments weaken your immune system, which can increase your chances of getting an infection, including a fungal infection.

Stem cell transplant patients or those who have a blood cancer such as leukemia, lymphoma, or myeloma may have different risks for fungal infections. Please see Stem Cell Transplant Patients and Fungal Infections for more information.

Infection Cancer And Mortality In The Developed World

Infection is the fourth most important risk factor for cancer mortality in the developed world, causing about 10% of cancer mortality , coming after tobacco , diet and obesity . Cancer causes 22.5% of deaths in the United States, so that about 2% of mortality in the United States appears to be due to cancers caused by infections. This is comparable to mortality caused by influenza and pneumonia, which cause 2.1% of deaths in the United States.

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In The Pancreas Common Fungi May Drive Cancer

A new study found that certain fungi can settle in the pancreas, where they spur the growth of tumors.

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By Knvul Sheikh

Fungi, viruses and protozoa call your body their home, too. Your fungal residents are less numerous than your bacteria by orders of magnitude, but as researchers are learning, these overlooked organisms play an important physiological role and when their numbers get out of whack, they can modify your immune system and even influence the development of cancer.

A new study, published Wednesday in the journal Nature, found that fungi can make their way deep into the pancreas, which sits behind your stomach and secretes digestive enzymes into your small intestine. In mice and human patients with pancreatic cancer, the fungi proliferate 3,000-fold compared to healthy tissue and one fungus in particular may make pancreatic tumors grow bigger.

Researchers were surprised by the presence of fungi in the typical pancreas and immense increase in their numbers in disease. The pancreas was considered a sterile organ until a couple years ago, said Dr. George Miller, a surgical oncologist at the New York University School of Medicine who led the study.

There is increasing scientific consensus that the factors in a tumors microenvironment are just as important as the genetic factors driving its growth.

Importance Of Infectious Causes Of Cancer Mortality Worldwide

How Viruses, Bacteria, Parasites and Fungal Overgrowth Can ...

Worldwide in 2015, the most common causes of cancer death were lung cancer , liver cancer , and stomach cancer . Lung cancer is largely due to non-infectious causes, such as tobacco smoke. However, liver and stomach cancer are primarily due to infectious causes. Liver cancer is largely caused by infectious hepatitis B virus plus hepatitis C virus and stomach cancer is largely caused by Helicobacter pylori bacteria. World-wide, the estimated number of people chronically infected with HBV and/or HCV is ~325 million. Over half of the world’s population is colonized with H. pylori and it is estimated that H. pylori-positive patients have a 1-2% risk of developing distal gastric cancer.

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The Myth That Cancer Is A Fungus

The myth that cancer is a fungus likely began with an Italian physician named Dr. Tullio Simoncini.

Simoncini is responsible for several unproven theories related to cancer, including that cancer is a fungus and should be treated with intravenous sodium bicarbonate.

Because his claim was so different from what traditional medicine knows about cancer, some news outlets, message boards, and social media platforms began paying attention to it. This allowed the theory to spread unchecked.

Do Plants Fungi Or Microorganisms Get Cancer

Do plants, fungi or microorganisms get cancer or analogous uncontrolled cellular growth?

Herman DHondt Sydney, Australia

We usually say that an animal has cancer when it has a tumour, a clump of cells that multiply out of control. If we accept that as the definition of cancer then, yes, plants can get cancer.

In plants, cancers can have many different causes, but they are usually the result of an infection. For example, swollen knot-like structures called crown galls that affect many species of tree are often caused by the bacterium Agrobacterium tumefaciens. Similarly, in humans, cervical cancer is usually caused by the human papillomavirus.

However, plant cancers differ from animal cancers in two main respects. First of all, plants dont have cells that circulate through the system, so their cancers cannot metastasise. It is this spreading of the cancer cells to other tissues that usually kills the animal.

The second difference is that plants dont have any organs that are essential for life. If a tumour destroys an organ like our brain or our liver, we will die. Plants have it easier: if a branch or other part is killed by a tumour, they can always grow another one.

Richard Oliver Attenborough, Nottinghamshire, UK

A small but interesting group of plant diseases result in localised growth of the host tissue. These are all associated with a pathogen such as a virus or bacterium, or with pests such as certain insects.

To answer this question or ask a new one email .

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Lung Cancer Or Fungal Infection

C.T. was diagnosed with lung cancer and scheduled for a lobectomy, or surgical removal of a lobe of her lung. Another physician, who also held a doctorate in mycology examined the patient and found possibilities of a fungal infection in the lungs. The oncologist for C.T. was enraged that someone would have such a ludicrous idea that a board-certified oncologist did not know the difference between lung cancer and fungal infection in the lungs. The patient felt more comfortable with the possibility of fungal infection and went on anti-fungal medication rather than going in for surgery the next day. The patient recovered fully from her lung cancer.

The immune system is a collection of 20 trillion highly specialized warrior cells that patrol the human body looking for bad guys. You are either with us or against us. Recognize self from non-self. This is truly an amazing feat. When the immune system is suppressed, we get infections or cancer. When the immune system is overstimulated, we get auto-immune diseases as the immune system begins to attack our own tissues.

Myth : Cancer Is A Man

Explained: What Is ‘Black Fungus’ In COVID-19 Patients

It might be more prominent in the public consciousness now than in times gone by, but cancer isnt just a modern, man-made disease of Western society. Cancer has existed as long as humans have. It was described thousands of years ago by Egyptian and Greek physicians, and researchers have discovered tell-tale signs of cancer in a 3,000-year-old skeleton. Its even been discovered in dinosaur bones.

While its certainly true that global lifestyle-related diseases like cancer are on the rise, the biggest risk factor for cancer is age.

The simple fact is that more people are living long enough to develop cancer because of our success in tackling infectious diseases and other historical causes of death such as malnutrition. Its perfectly normal for DNA damage in our cells to build up as we age, and such damage can lead to cancer developing.

Were also now able to diagnose cancers more accurately, thanks to advances in screening, imaging and pathology.

Yes, lifestyle, diet and other things like air pollution collectively have a huge impact on our risk of cancer smoking for instance is behind a quarter of all cancer deaths in the UK but thats not the same as saying its entirely a modern, man-made disease. There are plenty of natural causes of cancer for example, one in six worldwide cancers is caused by viruses and bacteria.

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