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How To Cut Off Toenail Fungus

Thick Black Toenail Fungus Treatment:

  • Thick black toenail fungus treatment is best performed by trimming and reducing the nail.
  • Studies show that the best way to heal this is to remove the loose and detached toenail. This means that the blood flow is not reaching the toenail.
  • This can cause it to decay and atrophy and start to create a bad odor.

Know It May Have To Be Permanent

At this point, if he or she has not discussed this with you earlier, the doctor may recommend that you have the nail permanently prevented from growing back. This is only done in severe cases of fungus or other disorders where the problem would simply keep occurring if the nail grew back.

To do this, the doctor must destroy the nail matrix, which is the part of the toe that produces keratin, the element that toenails are made of.

The matrix can be dissolved chemically, which is the most common. This is called chemical cauterization, and involves the application of a chemical called phenol. Occasionally, some patients report their nails growing back, but generally this method is effective.

If this does not work, your doctor will perform a surgical matrixectomy. A flap of skin is surgically created at the base of the nail, where the matrix is located. After retracting the flap, the matrix is surgically removed.

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How Do Dermatologists Diagnose Nail Fungus

To find out if a patient has nail fungus, a dermatologist examines your nails and nearby skin. Its important to check the skin because the fungus can spread. You may already have a skin infection caused by fungus like athletes foot.

To get rid of the infection, you will need to treat all infected areas.

Before giving you the diagnosis, your dermatologist may also take some samples. Collecting a bit of debris from beneath a nail, trimming off part your nail, or scraping off a bit of skin can be very helpful. In a lab, these samples can be examined under a microscope to find out whats causing the problem.

Are you hiding an infected nail with nail polish?

Be sure to ask your dermatologist if you can wear nail polish while treating nail fungus.

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How Can I Tell If I Have Toenail Fungus

Toenail fungus usually starts subtly, so you might not notice anything different with your nail immediately. After a while, though, you see some noticeable differences that indicate a fungal condition. Nails become:

  • Thicker
  • Discolored
  • Tender

Because a nail infected with a fungus is compromised, it can also break or split easily. As the condition progresses, itchiness and pain can occur, and the nail becomes separated from the nail bed.

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What Causes Black Toenail Fungus

The nail is made of living tissues that protect the nail bed and aid in its growth. The toenail grows in a fungus-free environment and can easily become infected by bacteria or fungi. Fungi are always present in the environment but only get active when the proper conditions are met such as an optimal temperature, moisture, and food source. It is a very common condition that affects many people and although it can usually be cured by over-the-counter treatments there are times that a more drastic measure is needed.

What causes a black toenail can also be hereditary and caused by parents or grandparents that had these problems. It can be caused by the thinning of the skin at the base of the nail or a lack of blood flow in the nail bed causing the nail to break off. These problems are normally genetic and can be inherited from either parent.

Nail trauma such as a broken fingernail or being bitten by an insect can also cause the nail to turn black. Many athletes have toenail fungus and this is another very common problem for sports people. Many sports tape is the culprit in this case.

When what causes a black toenail? Fungal infections are the most common culprit in this case. If you believe that you may have a fungal infection, consult with your doctor right away so that he can do the proper testing to confirm if you in fact have a fungal infection. Testing for fungal infections is simple and the results are quick so that you can get on with your day.

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Instructions To Trim Thick Toenails: 6

First, get the right tools. This is critical the right tools make for an easy job clipping even the thickest nails

The products below are the ones we recommend to our patients and they are also affiliate links so we may receive a small commission at no additional cost to you if your order from the link.

  • Nail Grinding Tool: The most effective one we have found is the Beurer Electric Nail and Foot Care Kit a podiatry-grade electric nail grinder and thinning tool. It comes with bits specifically made to work on thick toenails. The large cone, small cone, and disc bits are made from long lasting sapphire and diamond chips. We have tried many of these units over the years and this is best one we have found and the one we recommend to our patients. The video below shows how to use the Pedinova Nail Grinder.
  • Heavy duty podiatry-grade toenail clippers: We recommend ClipPro nail clippers for our patients.

    Figure 2

    The ClipPro Toenail Clipper is the best consumer nail clipper we have found for extra thick and irregular nails. Its jaw opens up to over 1 wide and the top of blades is slightly curved to contour around your nails. It is very easy to maneuver and provides a clean and smooth cut. Only use professional grade toenail clippers like these for thick nails dont try to thin thick toenails with fingernail clippers. Its usually more painful as they just dont cut these thick nails very well and you end up kind of gnawing at the nail with the nippers.

How Will A Medical Professional Remove A Toenail


If you dont have a podiatrist, start with a visit to a doctor. Be sure to let the doctor know if you have diabetes or another condition that can affect the feet.

After a physical examination of your toes, your doctor may find it necessary to order an X-ray. This will help assess the structure of the toe to see if theres more damage below the surface.

Your doctor can determine if you may benefit from other treatments or partial removal of the nail.

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Softening And Scraping Away The Nail

As it can take a long time for antifungal medication to work, some people may prefer to use a treatment that involves softening and removing infected parts of nail over a few weeks.

Treatment kits are available from pharmacies that contain a 40% urea paste, plasters and a scraping device. The paste softens the infected parts of the nail, allowing them to be scraped away so they can be gradually replaced with healthy nail.

To use the treatment:

Change Your Socks Often

Preventing nail fungus can be difficult but with a little effort, you can keep it from reoccurring. There are many things you can do to help. Find out some simple tips that will help prevent your toenail fungus from coming back.

Change Your Socks Often. Do you wear the same pair of socks every day? Thats like putting on your shower shoes in the wrong pair. Make sure to rotate your socks regularly so that you dont share the fungi spores. If you have very thick socks, this can be especially hard to do.

Trim Your Nails Regularly. Nail fungus is hard to fight off once it sets in. Try to cut your nails a few times a week. Every two weeks would be better. This will cut down on the spread of fungus and allow for good circulation of blood.

Avoid Tight Socks. There is one very obvious reason to avoid wearing tight socks. You are increasing the likelihood of getting a toe nail fungus. Tight socks have a lot of seams that allow the feet to breathe easier.

Buy Different Shoes For Different Activities. Even though running is supposed to be good for the feet, dont wear flip flops on the beach. Dont wear tennis shoes to the grocery store. You may be walking around all day in the same pair of shoes.

Use Shoes With Wicking Material. You should consider using waterproof shoes if you live in a hot climate. If you do decide to use these, make sure to use fabric that wicks away moisture. You can wear insoles under your shoes that wick away moisture as well.

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Facts You Should Know About Fungal Nails

Should You Get Fake Toenails For Fungus? Know The Real Score

Many changes in fingernails or toenails may cause people to think they have a fungal infection of the nails, medically known as onychomycosis or tinea unguium.

Fungal infection of the nails sometimes makes the condition sound contagious or related to poor hygiene. In fact, up to 10% of all adults in Western countries have fungal infection of the nails. This percentage increases to 20% of adults who are age 60 or older. Toenail fungus is much more common than fingernail fungus.

In reality, abnormal-looking nails may be caused by a number of conditions including, but not limited to, fungal infection. There are many other reasons why your nails may look different.

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What Tests Might I Have For Toenail Fungus

Your provider will probably take a small sample from underneath your nail to further analyze it. Viewing the cells under a microscope can confirm a toenail fungus diagnosis. If the initial test is negative, a scraping can be sent to see if the fungus grows out in a culture. It also helps your provider identify the type of fungus.

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What About The Cost Of Oral Medications For Fungal Nails

A further consideration is cost. Because newer oral antifungal agents are very expensive, some insurance companies balk at paying for what they consider a “cosmetic issue,” unless nail fungus causes pain or other functional symptoms. Terbinafine and fluconazole are now available as generic drugs and are quite inexpensive.

Cutting Wet Or Dry Nails


The third step is answering a common question: Should I cut my nails before or after I shower? In most cases, the answer is before. Dry toenails are less likely to bend or tear when you cut them, so you will get a cleaner cut.

For people with very thick toenails, cutting will be easier after a shower.

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What Is Black Fungus Under Toenail

Patients routinely ask us, what is black fungus under the toenail?

  • Black fungus under the toenail is caused by a toenail fungus-infected toenail detaching from the skin.
  • This can usually result from the rupture of the small blood vessels called capillaries.
  • When the capillaries rupture, they will create bleeding between the toenail and the skin.
  • This small amount of blood flow between the nail and the underlying skin will eventually turn black and form a scab.
  • This prevents the toenail from re-attaching to the skin.
  • This essentially results in a dead toenail.
  • Watch the video below to see how to fix black fungus under the toenails.

Have Questions And Woes About Cutting Stubborn Fungal Toenails

Trimming toenails is not something most people tend to put a lot of thought into.

Although some of us should probably do it a bit more often, the act itself becomes pretty habitual. Snip, snip, done.

However, once a fungal toenail infection enters the picture, things can become a bit more difficult. Nails can grow thick, brittle, crumbly, and generally unwieldy. It starts to feel less like the classic way of trimming your toenails and more like hacking your way through a dense rainforest.

So what should you do when it comes to cutting thick fungal toenails to ensure a better experience? Were here to offer some advice.

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What Is The Treatment For Fungal Nails

Oral antifungal therapy has a high cure rate, depending on the medication. It can take nine to 12 months to see if it has worked or not, because that is how long it takes for the nail to grow out. Even when therapy works, the fungus may come back. Currently, an oral antifungal therapy is considered the best treatment for toenail fungus because of higher cure rates and shorter treatment duration compared to topical therapy.

Prescription oral medications that are effective against nail fungus include the following:

There are several innovative treatments that are still being tested:

  • Laser therapy or uses application of light-activated agents onto the nail followed by shining light of a proper wavelength on the nail.
  • Use of electrical current to help absorption of topical antifungal medications into the nail: This is also called iontophoresis.
  • Use of a special nail lacquer that changes the micro-climate of the nail to make it inhospitable for the fungus to grow: If this works, it may be an inexpensive way to treat this problem in the future.

One way to definitively get rid of toenail fungus is by surgery. Surgical treatment of onychomycosis involves nail removal. However, this often only provides temporary relief, and recurrence is common unless additional antifungal medication is simultaneously used. However, surgical removal may be warranted when the affected nail is associated with other factors such as trauma and or infection.

Doctors Weigh Best Treatments

How to use Tea Tree oil for Toenail Fungus #TeaTreeOil ...

The best treatment for fungal nail infections is a prescription that your dermatologist can prescribe that you take every day for two-to-three months. The pill is not for everyone, since oral antifungals can interact with other medications and can affect the liver.

Fortunately if you dont want to or cant take a pill, there are topical solutions to treat nail fungus. Although topical medications are desirable because of the low risk of side effects and interaction with other medications, they have much longer treatment regimens. Generally, topical medications have a lower clearance rate compared to oral pills.

Newer topical antifungals including Efinaconazole and Tavaborole have better penetration of the nail plate and so they work better compared to older topical medications, says Dr. Ng. She says the topical medications work best if you only have partial nail involvement.

Lasers are approved by the FDA to temporarily increase the amount of clear nail. However, the cure rates are lower than oral medications and topical solutions.

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What Should You Do For The Best Outcome

Regardless of the recommended course of treatment for fungal nails, one thing always tends to ring true:

The sooner you come for help with fungal toenails, the better your chances of treatment successand the faster you can see results!

Letting the fungus continue to grow and thrive within your toenails will only increase the challenge of fighting it.

You dont even have to wait until your nails are looking that bad to come to see us. In the earliest stages of a fungal infection, you may only see some white streaks or spots under your nail. It can be easy to pass these off as simple nicks and bumps on the nail, but keep track of them. If they change shape or grow over time, its worth having us take a look. Catching a fungal infection this early can save you plenty of time.

What Are The Different Kinds Of Toenail Fungus

  • 1. Yeast Infection

Candida albicans can infect children mostly with a weakened immune system. They can be infected in nails, mouth, hair or torso.

This infection is relatively rare in adults and can only happen because of genetic disorders or a weak immune system.

  • 2. White Islands

The white spots are formed on toenails and fingernails. In this case, the fungi spreads in the toenails and thrives in the nailbed. This is the most common type of toenail fungus.

  • 3. Distal Toenail Infection

In this type of fungus infection, the nail shifts from the nailbed and that allows the fungi to enter the skin tissue. This is usually caused by wearing tight or closed shoes.

  • 4. Proximal Toenail Infection

This is only seen in people with a weak immune system. The fungus directly enters the nailbed and starts multiplying because the immunity doesnt attack it well.

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