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How Much Does Laser Surgery For Toenail Fungus Cost

Laser Toenail Fungus Treatment

Laser for Toenail Fungus: Does it really work? By Seattle Podiatrist Larry Huppin

Toenail Fungus is a common nail infection affecting millions of individuals. The infection can cause the nail to thicken, become brittle, and take on a yellow or gray appearance. Some nail fungal infections can even cause the nail to separate from the toe. While a toenail fungus infection is unsightly, there are typically no painful symptoms unless the infection has progressed to a serious stage of development.

How Severe The Infections Are

The severity of the fungus infection on the toenail affects the cost of laser therapy as much as any other factor. The severity of the infection implies how bad the fungus infection is.

In some cases, it is very mild while in other cases, it can be terrible and may require special treatment. Toenail fungus infection is no joke and it can quickly get worse.

To put things in perspective, fungus infection is capable of destroying your toenails if you dont act on it quickly. Recently, Rachael Manion, the executive director of CSPA stated the severity of toenail fungus infection.

In the statement, she estimated that one in every five Canadians lives with toenail fungus infection. However, the most important point to remember is that toenail fungus can easily get out of hand.

For a severe infection, more time, resources, care and skill will be needed to treat it. Another major talking point is that the severity of the infection can differ from toe to toe.

You can have a toe filled with a fungus infection and another one with only a slight discolouration. As you may have guessed, treatment for the completely covered toe will cost you more than the other toe with a mild infection.

What Is A Toenail Fungus

Nail fungus or Onychomycosis is a fungal nail infection that more often affects toenails than fingernails. This infection comes when a fungus infects one or more of toenails. It usually develops on nails that are often exposed to moist and warm environments, like sweaty shoes, shower floors or swimming pool area. It usually begins as a yellow or white spot beneath the surface of a toenail which, if left untreated reaches deeper in the nail and spreads to other nails. Besides aesthetics, toenail fungus causes unpleasant smell joined with pain in the nail area. Toenail fungus infection may be very difficult to cure it may be very persistent and sometimes it takes months to get rid of it, but different treatments which help to clear up nail fungus are available today. One of the new techniques in the treatment of toenail fungus is a laser treatment, the cutting edge on toe nail care.

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The Type Of Facility Providing The Treatment

Laser Treatment for Toenail Fungus: What You Should Know ...

Majorly, the average price of laser therapy for toenail fungus is a function of your care provider. To explain it simply, if you go to an expensive therapist or clinic, youll pay a lot of money.

On the other hand, if you visit a low-cost medical spa or clinic, youll pay the average market price. However, you can often count on more expensive clinics to deliver high-quality service.

More expensive clinics are often so because they use high-quality tools, and products. They also employ skilled medical aestheticians and therapists who can provide quality and timely services. Not to forget their state-of-the-art facilities that include everything you need to receive quality laser therapy treatments.

On the other hand, low-cost facilities do not provide some of the luxuries youll get to enjoy with expensive facilities. For example, they may make use of cheap products and tools.

They may employ only a few skilled practitioners. So, there may not be enough workers to attend to clients. And lastly, the building and available facilities may not be state of art or well equipped.

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Laser Treatment For Fungal Toenails

Are You Suffering and/or Embarrassed from Toenail Fungus?

Are You Worried about How To Hide Toenail Fungus at the Beach?

You no longer need to feel embarrassed to wear open-toe shoes and sandals or just go barefoot because of toenail fungus or thick, hard, brittle, ugly and discolored toenails. Our podiatry office, Dr. Debra Weinstock is the areas leader in restoring your toenails back to health, providing a natural and luminous appearance.

Hnc Home Nail Fungus Treatment Laser Device

One of the most common benefits of purchasing a nail fungus killing laser for home, is affordability. You only have to invest in once. No need to visit the doctors again and again. It is an easy to use, fast laser machine to kill fungus.

It works on the blue laser technology to kill toenail fungus, and to enhance its effect it has the pulse laser technology, both these technologies are to bring fast therapeutic results.

Do not worry, it is not harmful for the adjacent healthy tissues. The pulse laser technology is designed in a way to kill only the damaged and effected tissues.

You can carry this machine very easily, it comes in a small backpack, a complete package with all the essentials. It comes with a lithium-ion rechargeable battery.

For everyday use, you may have to recharge it, and it can be a bit annoying. But it makes sense, the laser technology requires a lot of energy for a single shot.

That is why, the battery is never enough to fulfil this need, and drains too fast but the device is really worth it.

Below is a results image of a fungus effected person for his toenail. He has captured at different times and still was using the device.

As you can clearly see the difference between first and third image. The device works really well. However it took this guy approx 28 weeks to get final good results.

Here is the final image provided by him and at that time too, he was continue on it.

All the results are clearly visible and are very much satisfying.


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What Are My Options

Successful treatment of fungus of the nail unit may reduce thickness, improve appearance, and make trimming easier. However, treatment is not generally considered medically necessary unless other factors are present such as diabetes, poor circulation, excessive pressure, or lack of normal sensation.

Options include:

  • Not having treatment and living with the condition

  • The use of liquid antifungals such as prescription Penlac which reports a 7% cure rate and 44% improvement rate.

  • The use of prescription oral Lamisil which reports up to a 66% success rate with need for blood tests to monitor for possible liver damage.

  • Laser treatment

Cost Of Laser Therapy For Toenail Fungus

What I’ve learned about LASER TREATMENT for TOENAIL FUNGUS.

Generally, people tend to imagine any therapy involving the use of lasers is expensive. Sure, there are laser skin care therapies with prices ranging in hundreds to thousands of dollars.

However, the cost of laser therapy for toenail fungus pretty much hovers around hundreds of dollars. Averagely, you can expect to spend around $800 on effective laser treatments for toenail fungus.

You may also spend less or more depending on a variety of factors. Like we mentioned at the beginning of this article, these factors greatly influence the cost of services like laser therapy.

Some of these factors are variable costs that add up to become the overall cost of the treatment. Conversely, some are just ordinary market factors that determine the prices of skin care services.

Seeing an expert is the best option for you if your toenail fungus keeps getting worse. Youll know this when it becomes painful and is giving off a bad odour. At this stage, the best treatment is laser therapy or in severe cases, surgery.

For laser therapy, best prepare to spend at least $1000. The cost may end up being lower than that amount or even higher. You can also check with different facilities to compare prices and see what suits your budget best.

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Is Laser Nail Fungus Treatment Effective

Before you schedule an appointment, your first question may be, is laser nail fungus treatment effective? Clinical studies show support for this treatments efficacy, and toenail laser treatments are approved for use by the Food and Drug Administration. Looking at the clinical trial data/facts, laser nail fungus treatment is effective.

  • A 2016 study by the FDA found that patients who received laser foot treatment displayed clear nails at three months and six months after treatment.
  • A 2019 study published in the journal American Family Physician by the American Association of Family Physicians found that after 180 days of toenail fungus laser treatment, patients had a 30% cure rate and a 91% improvement in symptoms. The AAFP study also concluded that laser treatment is more effective for fungus removal than both over-the-counter and prescription topical and oral antifungal medications.
  • In 2018, the journal Lasers in Medical Science published a study about the efficacy of laser treatment for fungus removal. These researchers reported a success rate of 83.7% among the patient population, who had infections that affected at least two-thirds of the nail.

How Does The Laser Treatment Work

  • Dr. Penn uses a Q-Switched NdYAG laser which is one of the most advanced dermatologic lasers currently available. In 3-10 billionths of a second, impulses of high power laser energy pass through the nail to the nail bed and nail growth area with typically no damage to the nail or surrounding skin. At the time of the procedure the fungus is expected to be destroyed. However, no visible change is seen until the nail begins to grow out. In a few months, a more normal nail is expected to appear with complete regrowth of the nail taking up to 9-12 months.

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How Does It Work

Laser treatment for toenail fungus works by aiming a 1064nm wave-length laser at the affected area.

The laser delivers light energy to gently heat the toenail bed and kill the toenail fungus and the fungal spores that spread the fungus.

It does this by attacking the fungus in two ways by altering the cellular metabolism of the fungus and damaging the cell components, and with a photo-chemical effect that further damages fungal cell enzymes, proteins and membranes.

In a nutshell? It literally zaps that pesky fungus out of existence.

After the laser treatment takes place and the fungus is killed it requires a little patience to see the results.

The damaged toenail needs to grow out and be replaced by a healthy, fungus free nail, which can take anything from 3 months to a year depending on how much of the toenail was affected.

Take a look at this video to see exactly whats happening under the nail:

DIY laser treatment works a little differently.

In order to be safe, the lasers in the home devices are a pulse laser with a shorter wavelength of around 900 nm which isnt powerful enough to heat the flesh but is still capable of penetrating beneath the surface into the skin tissue.

This is usually coupled with a blue light which works on fighting the fungus cells found on the outer surface of the nail helps to stop the fungus from affecting other toes in the area.

Toes Are Often Ignored Until They Are The Cause Of Discomfort Or Pain

Laser Toenail Fungus Treatment (2021)

However, there are a number of foot problems that need to be treated prior to the pain becoming prevalent, including toenail fungus. Infected toenails can be ignored and lived with, but there is a chance of further disease or infection if a treatment is not pursued.

Knowing that toenail fungus affects nearly 25 million people around the United States alone, our team of professional foot doctors, at A Step Ahead Foot & Ankle Center, set out to find the best toenail fungus treatment available. During our search, we found the Q-Clear Laser, which is a noninvasive treatment that has proven to be efficient and effective. Contact one of our A Step Ahead Foot & Ankle Center locations today to learn more!

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Vinegar Homeopathic Treatment For Toenail Fungus

Vinegar has been used with success in treating a variety of ailments including toe nail fungus. The idea is basically the same which is to make the living area of the fungus uninhabitable by changing the Ph balance. Although not a scientifically proven method, using vinegar does have a much larger group of people claiming successful cure of their toenail fungus.

There are some home remedies that offer a measure of hope and actually have attained some success. That is, if you believe the number of testimonials for some of these cures. Home treatment remedies like odorless iodine, vinegar and tea tree oil have a much larger following. These products are claimed by many to have helped with their nail infection than the rest of the treatment solutions offered.

The laser that is used to treat toenail fungus works by shining the beam directly onto the affected toenail. The laser light penetrates the nail, and radiates the fungus that is living in the nail bed and nail plates. The amount of time the laser remains focused on the nail depends on the type of laser the physician is using.

How Much Do At

Another option that can be more cost effective is to use an at-home laser device. These are a true advancement in technology, and many people swear by their effectiveness.

Ncure Nail Fungus Remover

One of the most popular at-home laser devices is the Ncure Nail Fungus Remover. For about $150, you can purchase this toenail fungus remover. It can be used for about seven minutes a day, for several weeks, until the fungus is gone. It is rechargeable, runs no risk of electric shock, and is compatible and portable enough to take with you wherever you go.

Cure Ex Nail Fungus Treatment Laser Device

Another popular at-home laser treatment is the Cure Ex Nail Fungus Treatment Laser Device. Working in a similar way to the Ncare system, this device uses a battery-operated laser that doesnt cut, slice, or scrape any part of the toe. Its slightly more expensive, up to almost $300, but offers the same benefits.

More Affordable & Available for Repeat Usage

Plus, because they are either rechargeable or battery-powered, you can use these devices again. Should you ever get another fungus, you wont have to spend any additional money. It can be a cost-effective solution if youre willing to spend time on the treatment.

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Over The Counter Toenail Fungus Treatment Canada How Much Does Laser Surgery For Toenail Fungus Cost

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Happy Toes Nail Fungus Treatment Laser Device

Nail Laser Treatment for Fungal Toenails

Your toes will be happy but your toenail fungus sure wont thanks to the Happy Toes Nail Fungus Treatment Laser Device that is effective against 99.9% of different types of toenail fungus.

This painless treatment uses advanced laser technology involving two lasers with different wavelengths to attack fungus and kill it even deep under the toenail.

With an on / off button, LED light, and electrical charger, the Happy Toes device is effortless to use, and is small enough to fit neatly into your bag.


  • Effective on almost all different types of fungus
  • Double lasers for added effectiveness
  • Convenient to use just 7 minutes a day required
  • Effective even on fungus found deep under the nail
  • 60 day money back warranty


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What Are The Pros And Cons Of Laser Toenail Fungus Removal


  • Research shows that laser treatment can be effective at improving toenails affected by fungal infections.
  • Laser treatment is fast and painless.
  • It requires no downtime. Youll be able to wear nail polish and shoes and return to everyday activities right away.
  • Laser treatment may be a safer treatment option than prescription oral antifungal medication, which is considered more effective but comes with a potential risk of liver toxicity and requires monitoring with blood tests.


  • Most people need a series of laser treatments, for the best results.
  • Toenail fungus is very difficult to eradicate. Even when effective, its not uncommon for the fungus to return.
  • Laser treatment is expensive , and it isnt usually covered by health insurance.

Why Is Laser Therapy Better Than Other Therapies

Among other reasons, laser therapy is better than other therapies because it is safe. It doesnt have any of the side effects that come with the antifungals. It also doesnt have the drug interactions that the oral antifungals can have.

Its a great option for people that are taking the drugs that interact with the orals or that cant tolerate the side effects.

The treatment is pain-free and easy. Expect to spend 12 minutes on treating each of your feet once you arrive in our office.

And the best perk of all is that the laser can get in through your nail to where that fungus is hiding and get rid of it quickly.

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