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Does Iodine Kill Toenail Fungus

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How To Treat Toe Nail Fungus – Iodine

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White Iodine As An Antiseptic

Iodine has antimicrobial properties that destroy harmful microorganisms, such as bacteria and fungi. When taken internally, food-grade iodine interacts positively with the stomach, brain, and kidney.

When applied externally, it can act as an effective disinfectant and antiseptic. There is no virus, fungi or microorganism that can thrive in an iodine-dense environment.

According to the US National Library of Medicine, iodine can be applied topically to skin inflammation and other skin disorders, to eliminate toxic microorganisms, heal wounds, and treat diabetic ulcers.

Its such a potent antifungal and antibacterial, that the Center for Disease Control recommends its use for the sterilization of medical facilities. Its also used in water purification and by NASA to disinfect their water from toxic mold.

According to the CDC, iodine can quickly penetrate through the cell walls of microorganisms and disrupt nucleic acid and protein structure and synthesis, thus causing germs to die.

Iodine destroys single-celled organisms, such as yeast, by combining with amino acids, histidine, and tyrosine, when exposed to extra-cellular environments.

Any single-celled organism which shows tyrosine in its cell membrane is likely to be killed instantly by a single reaction, where iodine chemically denatures the proteins.

Fungal infections are highly contagious. When fungal infections spread to the skin, the skin may begin to crack, allowing easy access for bacteria to enter the skin.

Combination Of Vinegar And Hydrogen Peroxide For Nail Fungus

  • Combine a maximum of 3% hydrogen peroxide concentration, vinegar, and warm water in a bucket. Soak the affected nails in it for about 10 minutes and dry the nail afterward.
  • The second way through which you can use hydrogen peroxide for nail fungus involves alternating a foot or hand soak in a mixture of hydrogen peroxide and warm water and a mixture of vinegar and warm water. Soak the affected nail in hydrogen peroxide solution a day and in vinegar solution the following day. keep alternating it this way.
  • Want to Get Rid Of Nail Fungus Real Quick? Check Out This Powerful Nail Fungus Treatment Comes With 100% money-back guarantee.

    Coconut oil

    Apart from using hydrogen peroxide for nail fungus treatment, you can also use essential oils one of which is the coconut oil. Coconut oil is a carrier oil with myriads of benefits. It has abundant antioxidant and antifungal properties. Coconut oil relieves the pain associated with nail fungus, destroys the fungus, and a new healthy nail will replace the infected one. This oil can be used both topically and internally without any side effects. When using coconut oil for treating nail fungus, especially internal usage, it is imperative to get one that is organic, unrefined, and cold-pressed, as well as 100% pure.

    Treating nail fungus with coconut oil

    Want to Get Rid Of Nail Fungus Real Quick? Check Out This Powerful Nail Fungus Treatment Comes With 100% money-back guarantee.

    Baking soda

    how to use baking soda to kill nail fungus

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    Cure It Safely And Naturally

    Fingernail fungus occurs when a fungi infects your nail bed.

    The fingernail fungus is called onychomycosis and develops when the nail is exposed to long periods of hot and humid conditions.

    You may see either a white or yellow spot under the tip of the nail.

    As the fungus grows, it burrows deeper into the nail bed. The nail beings to discolor, thicken and develop crumbling edges.

    Top 5 Signs Your Toenail Fungus May Have Escalated To An Infection

    Clear Iodine For Nail Fungus

    A little case of toenail fungus is practically a rite of passage you quickly learn not to go barefoot in a locker room or shared shower area again and to always pack clean socks. But what happens when your toenail problem goes beyond a suspect smell and yellowed appearance?

    At Rocky Mountain Foot and Ankle Center, with locations in Wheat Ridge, Granby, Evergreen, and Arvada, Colorado, our team of podiatrists and foot and ankle surgeons provide care for fungal toenail infections and much more. They believe in educating patients about skin and nail care so you can help avoid common problems and keep your feet healthy and strong.

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    Treating Nail Fungus With Home Remedies:

    Q. I found decolorized iodine works remarkably well for toenail fungus. Applied to the top of the nail and around the cuticle, it dries quickly and does not stain stockings or bedding. Cost: about $2.50.

    I used it five times a week starting out. After the nail was once again normal, I started using it about once a week for maintenance and prevention. I dont want ugly toenails ever again.

    A. Iodine has broad-spectrum antibacterial activity that has been recognized since the early 19th century. It also is active against yeast, mold, viruses and fungi. Readers have reported that iodine can be effective against warts and nail fungus.

    Debunking The Fungus Myth

    Taking technicians at their word, most of the nail disorders they see are fungal infections. Most technicians use the term fungus to describe varying nail diseases and conditions, most of which have nothing to do with fungus. There are no published statistics on the occurrence of true I fungal infections of the nails. But in the five to seven patients with nail disorders I see per day, only about one patient per month has a genuine fungal infection of the fingernails, and Ive never seen a genuine fungal infection under an acrylic nail.

    A fungal infection can be diagnosed only by an experienced clinician, usually a dermatologist. I regularly see different nail disorders in my practice that are called fungal infections but are really acrylic nail reactions, psoriasis, inflammation of the nail matrix, yeast infections, and other nail disorders. The person who misidentifies and treats all nail disorders as fungal infections will cure many of the conditions simply because they would have healed without treatment. I estimate that technicians do not see even one true fungal infection of the fingernail per year.


    Its estimated that there are more than 100,000 species of fungi. There are specialized forms of fungi: dermatophytes, yeast, and mold. These distinctions are made because the different forms require different nutrients to survive.




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    Hints From Heloise: Iodine For Fungus Infections

    Dear Heloise: While looking for colorless iodine, I came across your column. I’ve never heard that iodine strengthens nails, but I will tell you from a lifetime of use, it can kill nail fungus infections.

    It works better if you can use a dropper rather than the brush. Toenails grow very slowly and the area should remain exposed as much as possible . It’s a long process and depends on how far under the nail the fungus resides. A minimum of six months to get clear.

    Monika H., Yonkers, N.Y.

    Monica H.: I have long touted decolorized iodine to strengthen weak and brittle nails. Use every day for one week, and then once a week for maintenance.

    Im glad to hear that white iodine also works for fungus on nails, but always check with your medical provider or pharmacist. Look for decolorized iodine at the pharmacy or online.

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    What Are The Side Effects Of White Iodine

    Toe Nail Fungus Solution, It’s Worked For Me!

    Adverse side effects from white iodine are uncommon. However, if you do notice any side effects, stop using white iodine immediately. Side effects include itching, reddening, crusting, irritation, and blistering of the skin.

    Here are some further tips:

    • Avoid contact with other disinfectants, such as hydrogen peroxide as it may discolor your nails.
    • White iodine for toenail fungus is for external use only.
    • Keep iodine away from the eyes as it may irritate. If it does get into your eyes accidentally, wash with water immediately.
    • You shouldnt use topical iodine on deep wounds, severe burns or animal bites, as doing so may lead to side effects.
    • Avoid covering the affected region with tight dressing or a bandage as well following iodine treatment, to prevent any unwanted effects.

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    Vitamins & Minerals To Kick Nail Fungus Out

    Here are just a few vitamins to take that may provide assistance in your quest to eliminate your toenail fungus infection:

  • Folic Acid: Also called vitamin B9 or folate, this vitamin is necessary for a number of bodily processes including synthesizing and repairing DNA, cell growth and division, and the production of healthy red blood cells. Leafy green vegetables, legumes, egg yolks, sunflower seeds, orange juice, and cantaloupe are good dietary sources of this vitamin.
  • Biotin: Known in the nutrition community as vitamin B7, biotin is necessary for the production of healthy strong nails. In fact, it is frequently recommended by doctors to treat brittle nails and also nail infections. Eating Swiss chard, liver, peanuts, and leafy green vegetables is a good way to add this vitamin to your diet.
  • Niacin: This is another vitamin needed in the production of healthy nails. Called vitamin B3, niacin is an essential human nutrient that can also improve mood and alleviate anxiety. This vitamin is found in chicken, peanuts, legumes, liver, fish, and fortified cereals.
  • Pantothenic Acid: Pantothenic acid promotes healthy hair, skin, and nails. It also assists the body in fighting off infections and fungi. A major source of this vitamin is in meat. However, whole grains, broccoli, avocados, and most other fruits and vegetables have sufficient amounts of B5.
  • Best Natural Solution For Fingernail Fungus

    The product, White Iodine not only cures fungus, it balances and restores your body’s need for iodineand promotes hairregrowthat the same time.

    Colored iodine and white iodine/decolorized iodine have antifungal properties which have been documented extensively.

    White iodine/decolorized iodine is used topically and does not stain like regular iodine. It is also used for alopecia areta.

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    Hydrogen Peroxide With Iodine

    Peroxide and iodine are commonly used to disinfect cuts and wounds and to kill germs on the skin.

    A recent study found that peroxide combined with iodine killed 16 different fungi. The two used together were more effective than using them separately.

    To try this remedy, mix iodine solution and hydrogen peroxide in a bucket or large bowl. Iodine solution is available at most drugstores in the wound care section. Dip the feet directly in the solution or use a cotton pad to apply it to the affected areas.

    Do not use iodine on the skin without diluting it because it can damage the skin if used by itself.

    Peroxide may sting if the skin is broken or irritated, and it can bleach hair and fabrics. Iodine may also cause stains.

    Applying this mixture in a bathtub or shower may prevent unwanted stains, bleaching, and spills.

    Can Povidone Iodine Cure Toenail Fungus

    Mayo Clinic Vicks Vaporub


    As a tincture, it has broad antiseptic activity. You are correct that it kills fungus. Tincture of iodine is dark brown, and it can stain, so not everyone will want to use it on the face. Other readers have also reported success applying tincture of iodine to fungus-infected nails.

    Also Know, what is the most effective treatment for toenail fungus? Prescription medicines include griseofulvin , itraconazole , and terbinafine . Of these medications, itraconazole and terbinafine are the most effective. They cure 70 to 80% of infections with one course of treatment. Griseofulvin cures 30 to 70% of infections with one course.

    Similarly, it is asked, will povidone iodine kill fungus?

    Primarily iodophors work by delivering active molecular iodine to target tissues through enhanced aqueous solubilization. The most commonly used iodophor is povidoneiodine. Povidoneiodine kills microorganisms including bacteria, viruses, yeasts, molds, fungi and protozoa .

    Can you file away toenail fungus?

    Treating Toenail Fungus MedicallyIn white superficial onychomycosis, for example, the white patches of fungus that form on the nails can sometimes simply be filed off and an over-the-counter antifungal topical medication can be applied to the nail to kill the fungus.

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    Dmso Is A Driving Agent

    DMSO is a pharmaceutical-grade ingredient that has long been used in compounding pharmacies when they are mixing up a formulation for toenail fungus.The DMSO itself doesnât kill the fungus, but since it is a driving agent that helps other ingredients permeate through tough substances like nails, it can help be the special ingredient that finally takes care of a stubborn toenail fungus.DMSO is normally paired with an antifungal agent like fluconazole, and while fluconazole can often be found over the counter in creams, without the addition of DMSO it is unlikely to get to where it needs to go to clear a fungus.Think of DMSO like the key that opens the door to the fungus to allow the medications in.

    Is There Any Real Proof That It Works

    Let’s get right to the point here… is there any proof that this stuff actually works? Because I’m sure a lot of people reading this have wasted a lot of time, patience and money trying things that simply turn out to be complete duds.

    Does it really work?

    Well… when it comes to the effectiveness of VICK’s specifically dealing with nail fungus, there unfortunately isn’t much research out there. That said, there is some…

    A study published in the Journal of the American Board of Family Medicine in 2011 took a look at the effects of VICKS on 18 patients who were suffering from onychomycosis over a period of 48 weeks .

    The results were measured in 3 ways. They measured its effectiveness as a cure both mycologically and clinically, as well as on a personal assessment by the patients themselves.

    The results: 15 of the 18 patients, or a whopping 83%, showed positive effects. And… 5 of the patients, or 27.8%, had been cured based on mycological and clinical results after the 48 weeks were up. 10 patients, or 55.6%, had infections that cleared up partially and only 3 had no change.

    All in all… pretty good results.

    Lack of proof?

    As stated, there really isn’t much information and research out there specifically on VICKS VapoRub’s effectiveness when it comes to this.

    The study mentioned above definitely proves some effectiveness and has some positives, however there has been some criticism as to the way this study was conducted, which might make it carry a little less weight.

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    Is The Distortion Of Your Nails Due To Underactive Thyroid

    Fungus nail infection can be caused by thyroid issues. In a small percentage of people this common foot condition is related to sub par or over working of thyroid gland in the body. The thyroid is a small butterfly-shaped gland that sits low on the front of the neck. Its main function is to keep the body warm, keep the immune response at optimum levels and maintain metabolism.

    Thyroid problems such as hyperthyroidism or hypothyroidism may cause abnormality in nail shape, brittle nails or splitting of the nail bed from the nail plate and dry cuticles.

    The reason this nail fungus like symptoms occur is that the thyroid hormone controls the strength with which our heart pumps blood. So stronger the contractions, the greater the amount of blood that will be supplied to body parts, such as the toes. Thus, when pumping are weaker they provide sluggish blood flow, the toes receive decreased amounts of oxygen, get cold and allow for an environment conducive for nail fungus.

    Iodine is an important mineral for proper thyroid functioning. Your body uses iodine to make thyroid hormones. Deficiencies of Iodine are commonly found in Europe and Third World countries, where the soil and food supply dont have sufficient iodine levels.

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    Do You Really Have Nail Fungus Signs And Symptoms

    How To Treat Toenail Fungus, According To Doctors

    Symptoms of diseases like psoriasis also look like nail fungus. Symptoms of nail psoriasis are:

    Nails infected with fungus often show one or more of the following visible symptoms:

    • Light or dark yellow streaks in the skin under the nail, or nail bed, and on the underside of the nail
    • A gradual accumulation of bits and pieces of skin and nail fragments under the nail
    • Discolored and thickened nail that may separate from the skin under the nail
    • Brittle, broken, and thickened nails
    • White spots or a long, thin line or mark of a different substance or color from its surroundings on the nail surface
    • Soft and powdery nail surface, which starts to show as the infection worsens
    • Crumbly, and brown or gray nail surface showing physical damage with or without separation of the nail from the underlying skin.

    Nail fungus infection can cause permanent deformity of the finger and toenails, which can interfere with your being able to put on slippers/shoes, walking, running, and other day to day activities.

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