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What Kind Of Laser Is Used For Toenail Fungus

How Can I Be Sure I Have Toenail Fungus

toenail fungus laser remover

Hands down, the best way to determine if you have toenail fungus is to get a nail culture done by a podiatrist. If you see any of the signs Ive mentioned, just make an appointment for an evaluation. Because the infection eventually spreads to every toe, it is better to get cracking and treat it early before bigger problems come around. With toenail fungus, its either treat it and fight it away, or dont treat it and let it get worse. Sounds simple, right? Well, the choice is up to you

Early detection also improves the chances for the treatment to work more effectively and quickly before the infection spreads. Also, this early nail culture will set a baseline so that, after treatment with the laser I often take another nail culture to determine the effectiveness of the laser. There are different components to the fungal culture, and your podiatrist is the best person to discuss the results with you. Most importantly, the laser is over 90% effective for just about every type of fungus out there.

What Does Laser Treatment For Toenail Fungus Cost

There is a huge difference in price between laser treatment by a professional in a clinic and the price to buy a laser device for home use.

The cost varies depending on the number of nails involved and severity of the infection, with the national average cost for laser treatment varying from anywhere between $500 to $1200, which wont be covered by medical insurance as it is considered a cosmetic treatment.

That said, most professional laser toenail fungus treatment is effective after just one session.

Laser devices for toenail fungus treatment at home cost roughly $150 to $300 significantly less than a clinical laser treatment but they are less effective and it may take daily sessions over a period of 3 to 6 months to successfully eradicate all traces of fungus and spores.

Of course, the big positive is that at the end of the home treatment you will be able to reuse the DIY laser at any time should the fungus reappear, and it can also be used by family members or friends.

The technology is also improving all the time.

Why Toenail Fungus Is Dangerous

Without treatment, toenail fungus can grow in severity over time, but it doesnt always get worse. Many millions of people deal with toenail fungus, and it is particularly common in older people.

If you can treat it, though, its best to get rid of it.

This is an insidious problem, meaning that youll deal with issues with your nail and the appearance of the fungus.

Leaving the toenail fungus untreated leaves you open to multiple problems. For instance, your toenail can become infected and separate from the nail bed. Pain and itching are other side effects if you dont treat them, youll find it difficult to walk in shoes.

If you have a compromised immune system, you must immediately treat the toenail fungus. Even a minor infection can lead to bacterial skin infections like cellulitis.

Another reason is that untreated fungal infections can lead to other areas of your foot. In severe cases, youll have to surgically remove your nail to get rid of the fungus.

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How Does Laser Therapy Work

In simplified terms, the laser therapy device shines a laser light into the toenail, penetrating down on, in, and through the nail to reach the fungus. It vaporizes the fungus. It also leaves the skin and tissue around the fungus alone.

Essentially, the laser device is set at a certain wavelength that only the fungus will absorb. When it penetrates the fungus, it destroys it.

If we want to get a little more technical, there are a few ways it can destroy fungus depending on the laser. Most lasers use photothermolysis that causes photomechanical or photothermal damage. We like the non-thermal laser therapy as it is pain-free since it doesnt use heat. It is still absorbed by the fungus only and damages the structure of the fungus.

But what you need to know is that laser therapy has been proven effective in clinical trials and because of this, the FDA began clearing laser devices.

As with all the treatments, you wont see the results right away. You have to wait until your nice fungus-free nail grows in. This will take months. But youll start to see the difference as the new nail comes in.

Benefits Of Laser Toenail Fungus Treatment

Cutera Laser for nail fungus before and after pictures ...

Even though a lot of people fear the toe-nail fungus laser treatment, but still it is the most effective one.

Here are a few benefits, these can vary as per the patients condition.

  • This treatment in quick, you only need to visit the doctors three to five times in a few months only.
  • In the laser treatment, the doctors make sure that the natural look of your toenail is not damaged, and you can retain the shiny toenail.
  • It is the last resort, when no other medical treatment such as creams and medicines are working.
  • It is a painless treatment, unlike the topical creams, or surgeries that may cause pain. So, it is the most recommended one for the older people and kids.
  • You do not need to go through the liver-enzyme tests, which is a pre-requisite for other fungal removing treatments.

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Cleaar Fungus Appears To Be Skin Gets On You What Kind Of Light Does Laser Light Therapy Use For Toe Fungus

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Doctors Weigh Best Treatments

The best treatment for fungal nail infections is a prescription that your dermatologist can prescribe that you take every day for two-to-three months. The pill is not for everyone, since oral antifungals can interact with other medications and can affect the liver.

Fortunately if you dont want to or cant take a pill, there are topical solutions to treat nail fungus. Although topical medications are desirable because of the low risk of side effects and interaction with other medications, they have much longer treatment regimens. Generally, topical medications have a lower clearance rate compared to oral pills.

Newer topical antifungals including Efinaconazole and Tavaborole have better penetration of the nail plate and so they work better compared to older topical medications, says Dr. Ng. She says the topical medications work best if you only have partial nail involvement.

Lasers are approved by the FDA to temporarily increase the amount of clear nail. However, the cure rates are lower than oral medications and topical solutions.

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Laser Treatment For Toenail Fungus Faq

Is the procedure FDA approved?

Yes, the GoLaser PL-1064 is FDA cleared for use by physicians who diagnose and treat onychomycosis.

Is the procedure painful?

The laser treatment is painless to most patients and has no affect on healthy tissue. Some patients may feel a temporary warming sensation during the treatment, which is often described as nothing more than a minor discomfort. There is no anesthesia or injections are needed for this treatment.

Is the toenail damaged or removed during the laser treatment?

No the nail is not removed or damaged by the laser. The laser penetrates the nail and tissue to use focused and precise heat that is absorbed by the pigment within fungal organisms and destroys the fungus while keeping the nail intact.

Is only the infected toe treated during the laser treatment?

If one toenail is infected on each foot then all 10 toenails will be treated. This is done to prevent future outbreaks as fungus can travel easily between toes.

How long does the treatment take?

Each treatment session should last no longer than 30 minutes.

How soon after treatment will I see improvement to my toenails?

On average, the big toenails will re-grow completely in about twelve months and the smaller nails in about six months. According to Dr. Goldbaum, the initial signs of improvement can be seen within the first two months.

Can I walk after the treatment?

Yes, there are no bandages or special shoes needed after treatment.

Can I still paint my nails after treatment?

How Do Fungal Nail Infections Spread

Toenail Fungus Laser Treatment

Fungal nail infections spread through direct contact with someone who is infected, or through coming in contact with the same surface they have been in contact with, like floors, showers, socks and shoes. As fungus thrives in warm and moist environments, public pool and shower areas, gyms, and changing rooms are the most common places to contract a fungal nail infection. Once you have the infection, it can grow and spread to your other nails inside your sneakers or work boots. You may also contract Athletes foot in the same way.

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Laser Therapy For Fungal Toenails

Now, by many requests from patients, WE HAVE ACQUIRED THE FDA APPROVED LASER THE HYPERBLUE 1530 SYSTEM. This is approved for temporary clearing of fungus of the nail. The laser light penetrates through the nail and soft tissue to both kill fungus in its path, and promotes new nail growth. Once the living fungus is zapped by the laser, healthy nails begin to grow from the cuticle of the nail. This utilizes infrared radiation which is not painful and it is safe to gently heat the base of the nail. This area of the nail is where the fungus survives.

This system eradicates the fungus. It will require repeat visits for treatment over a 3 month period. The treatment is typically 5-15 minutes, spaced 30 days apart for 3 months. As the nail grows slowly, it can take approximately 6-12 months for the new nail to replace the old infected nail. It is VERY EFFECTIVE.

Clinical studies show that the laser kills toenail fungus and promotes clear nail growth with a single treatment in better than 80% of cases. The laser treatment is safe, effective, and most patients improve usually after their first treatment.

There are several advantages of applying laser treatment to toenail fungus. They are:

  • Safe, painless treatment

  • No side effects or drugs

  • No liver enzyme test required

  • No recovery time – just walk in and walk out

  • Only 15 minutes required to treat the toenail fungus on both feet, if all 10 nails are being treated.

Types Of Toenail Fungus With Pictures

There are four different types of toenail fungus, each with its own symptoms and treatment options. Deciding which type of toenail fungus you have is easier if you know what to look for. These pictures act as a visual guide.

The most common type is distal subungual Onychomycosis, which accounts for as many as 85% of cases. The fungus is easy to distinguish because it causes thick, discolored nails, scaling underneath of it, and nails that easily crumble.

Onychomycosis, better known as toenail fungus, is a common ailment that affects millions of people every year. Characterized by changes in the color of the toenail, such as looking white, black, or yellow, the fungus is an infection underneath the nail that is caused by yeast or other bacteria. They attack the keratin found in your nail to survive, and if left untreated, toenail fungus can cause an embarrassing, foul-smelling odor that prevents you from wearing sandals or otherwise feeling comfortable being barefoot.

Some people suffer from white superficial Onychomycosis, which occurs when the nail turns white and begins to crumble.

People who have ailments that suppress their immune systems may suffer from proximal subungual Onychomycosis, which turns the nail white near the cuticle.

Finally, candidal Onychomycosis is a type of fungus that causes the nail to separate completely from the bed.

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Vapor Rub And Toenail Fungus Home Remody For Nail Fungus

What Do I Di With My Shoes If I Had Toe Fungus Podiatrist Suggestion To Cure Nail Fungus Bleach Bath How Much Does Laser Toe Nail Fungus Removal Cost. Pin Point Laser For Toenail Fungus Reviews Spiritual Explanation For Fungus On Toenail What To Use For Skin Fungus. Fungus And Skin Discoloration Can Still Go To Salon With Nail Fungus At Home Laser Treatment For Nail Fungus.

nail fungus topical cream

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How Much Does Toenail Laser Fungus Removal Cost

Can Laser Treatments Cure Toenail Fungus? What the ...

At our clinic, we include laser fungal therapy and treatment as a covered benefit.

  • While it is true that laser therapy is needed, it may require an in-person evaluation, as there are other options if it is decided that it is not worth it.
  • In most cases, laser toenail fungus therapy treatments can be in the range of what a standard co-pay would be anyway.
  • Visit us for a no-obligation consultation to see if laser toenail fungus therapy is beneficial for you.

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Complications And Side Effects

According to Park Plaza Foot Specialists of Houston, the laser procedure is not painful. It reports no health or age restrictions for having laser treatment performed on fungal toenails. It says there have been no clinical reports of any side effects or adverse reactions, and that shoes and nail polish can be worn directly following treatment. The primary physician should be consulted for advice before undergoing laser treatment for toenail fungus 12.

  • According to Park Plaza Foot Specialists of Houston, the laser procedure is not painful.
  • The primary physician should be consulted for advice before undergoing laser treatment for toenail fungus 1.

Zo Skin Normalizing System

The ZO® Skin Normalizing System is a complete selection of therapeutic products for the treatment of red, sensitized skin.This system features Rozatrol, a daily treatment serum which works to normalize skin by reducing excess oil, which can lead to inflammation. An enzymatic exfoliator provides ultra-mild exfoliation, while amino acids support optimal microcirculation to prevent the signs of premature aging.

This product is available at Dundrum Clinic. Call us on or email us for more details

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At Home Laser Treatment For Nail Fungus

If you have been dealing with nail fungus, you may be aware of the growing popularity of the use of lasers as a useful treatment option. What you may not know, is that now you dont have to go to a doctor or medical spa for a laser treatment. There are new, small, hand-held devices that you can use to kill the fungus yourself from the comfort of your own home. These DIY lasers rely on a particular type of intense light to kill the fungus, which is a common cause of painful, unsightly toenails. They are part of the new wave of at home laser products that can help with pain relief, skin care, anti-aging, and hair removal.

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Nail Fungus Spot Actresses With Toe Fungus

Laser Treatment of Toe Nail Fungus

Nail Fungus Treatment For Fingernails Athlete S Foot Fungus Cures What Kind Of Light Does Laser Light Therapy Use For Toe Fungus. Using Essential Oil On Fungus On Toe How Ling Does It Tske Vicks Vapor Rub To Kill Nail Fungus. Toenail Fungus Laser Treatment Colorado Springs Ozone And Oregano Oil For Nail Fungus. Apple Cidar Vinegar Vs Tea Tree Oil For Toenail Fungus Can A Foot Fungus Cause Sores On Breast And Leg.

Cephalexin Use For Foot Fungus New Treatments Toenail Fungus. Nail Fungus Toe Swallowen Pain Rubbing Alcohol For Toe Nail Fungus Black Under Fingernail Fungus. Apple Cider Vingar Toe Fungus Will Anything Cure Toenail Fungus.

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When Do You Need A Toenail Laser Removal

There is no specific time for the laser treatment, you can either go for it the day your realized you have toe-nail fungus, or you may wait for the medicines to work.

The toenail fungus laser treatment is a must when your toe is about to crack, and the fungal growth is making it painful. You may lose your if it will not be treated.

Go for laser treatment if you have Diabetes

If you are suffering with any contagious diseases like diabetes, which can not be treated properly. you must immediately think of a laser treatment.

Sometimes people think that taking supplements and using creams will help, it will not supplements already contain sugars and it can disrupt the effect of the diabetic medicines.

Similarly, if somebody is confronting issues with their digestive systems, they must also seek the medical advice for the laser treatment.

Lastly, the pregnant women, a pregnant woman must be very careful about her health. Her gut is responsible to feed the growing child, when there would be this toe-nail fungus, it will disturb the digestion.

So, in such condition it is better to have a laser treatment to remove the fungus once and for all.

Operating Instructions Of Nail Fungus Laser

1. Place the device on the infected nail and press the operating button2. Treatment light will begin to blink and the device will emit visible blue light.3. The device will operate for 7 minutes and shut off automatically.Note 1: Device may not be used while charging the battery. Please allow the battery to be fully charged before use.Note 2: All nails should be fully cleaned before treatment.Note 3: No more than three times treatment per day for the same nail of a person.

Frequently Asked Questions

Treatment duration may vary between individuals, depending on variables such as age, the severity of the infected and so on. Estimated treatment duration is 3-6 months

2. Can the laser burn me?No. It is a class 1M laser device, pure physiotherapy, no pain, no side effect, no trauma.

3. Does Laser Treatment for toenail fungus covered by Insurance?

It depends on your insurance company, but the laser therapy device is one-time investment, no side effect, easy to use, portable, we supply full one year warranty, even though it doesn’t cover insurance, it will help you save much money, if you buy the nail fungus laser therapy device to treat at home.

The Box Contains:

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